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Mar 29th 2009 admin Event Reviews

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Though there has been no major change in the Lebanese metal scene with the anticipation, attendance, and aftermath of Back to the Roots III. Now in its third installment it was the BEST of the trilogy. Though attendance compared to last year was marginally less it was all around better organized concert it included; an improved sound system, more bands that play my personal taste in metal music, and more organized placement of attendees.

In retrospect the concert was one of the best of the past few years, cheer to the organizer RockRing. I personally feel sorry for those who were unable to make it, sorry guys you missed out on a damn good set covering a large majority of genres quenching almost any one’s thirst for metal.

Now let’s divulge in to the bands.

  • Overload

“Sound mix was very nice ; the drum set mics were well set ; guitar was a bit low : nu metal/groove influence ; Destroy… had a nice coordination; Pantera cover >> really nice intro; while the vocalist growled (respect). Chaotic last track- Thrash!. Territory started well but wasn’t good enough for Sepultura fans ” – Rami Rouhana

“We’ll start off with a Thrashy touch thanks to Overload, playing a Sepultura cover “Territory” (a favorite throughout Lebanon for obvious reasons). And most notable was the improvement of the vocals (from previous performances) most clearly portrayed in their cover of “Blood Fire War Hate” for Soulfly. Only thing bad to say about this band was the fact that the lyrics were being read off a piece of paper.” – Rishar

  • CommUNION

“Great start , really nice guitar sound. Manowar “Valey of the Kings” ! Well played clean solos , “Hail and Kill” and the crowd reaction… good vocs (Bassem). Bass player was amazingespecially in woman be my slave ; interresting bass solo” – Rami Rouhana

“Then in quick succession came Communion, with an expected solid performance from these veterans of metal. Playing classics we all know such as: “Pleasure Slave” and “Hail and Kill” both Manowar covers among numerous others. Soulful vocals provided by Mr.Deaibess made their performance all that better.” – Rishar

“Communion played a solid heavy/thrash metal performance covering Metallica , Maiden , Manowar.. I thought that the sound system didn’t give them justice, although the vocals were highly impressive as high pitches broke the glass of multiple ‘wine tasters’ up at the cozy Vip section. I have much respect for their bassist since he manages to fill the gap of a single guitarist in some songs. ” – Patrick

  • Kimaera

“What a strong performance from the veterans of the scene; songs that flow smoothly and gracefully from the powerful doomy riffs to the violin parts straight to some technical and headbanging parts as well (I might have noticed a bass lick there!). Jp’s vocals were powerful as always, passionate and diverse. An epic professional performance from the band, clearly appreciated by those who notice the band’s musical knowledge, mixing diverse styles and moods, to create an ambience which satisfies listeners of all kind “ – Patrick

“Kimaera with their ever so powerful stage presence did not disappoint. Another band that played a playlist consisting of just originals, Kimaera’s band members’ specific talents were blasted out through a sound-system not adequate for the range of their music. I very much enjoy their fusion of death/doom/and progressive elements. Also, two thumbs up for J.P’s deep vocals.” – Rishar

“Oriental intro , great violin play loudly mixed. 2nd guitar was low (goes up later ), key was low. Few drumming mistakes , 1st guitar had high treble and too much overdrive…Nice keys solo ! Lacrimas Profundere sound , Sins of thy Beloved > nice solo (not much heard ). Great vocals , they were really variant. Keys and violin had nice ins and outs. Great mix of subgenres.Marching drum rythm > long track but still had nice arrangement of all instruments , really coherent… !” – Rami Rouhana

  • PostMortem

“Death metal at its best ! I loved the drummer >Double pedal machine orgasmic < ! , the show was flawless > huge moshpits (requested by voc). Progressive intros ,tireless band with huge stamina!” – Rami Rouhana

“PostMortem is the best local technical death/thrash metal band. Does this need futher explanation? Their great sense of destructive riffs, death metal vocals, technical wizardry and overall energy did keep the mosh going in several places. The sound system was acceptable althought some minor guitarist-volume problems were spotted.Deadly performance by PostMortem. ” – Patrick

“This next band is quite essential to setting a serious mood to the concert. Blasting out their great originals they received great acclaim from the crowd. Bring together two of metal’s most aggressive genres (Death and Thrash, for those who didn’t notice) Postmortem are a highly unique band with the ability to capture the interest of the crowd. Each band member has more than average skill on their instruments come together to pull off a highly energetic performance.” – Rishar

  • Weeping Willow

“Weak melody > actually none due to the weak sound mixing. Unique vocals, not expressive enough, kind of monotone as the drums fills it all.
“The third band out of the complete set was Weeping Willow. Now what can be said about this band that hasn’t been said before? Brutality, Brutality, and yes you guess it Brutality. One of their best performances to date and for those who were unable to attend, you guys missed out.” – Rishar

“Weeping Willow is still delivering their well-known powerful riffs, blast beats and extreme-grind songs, aided by the vocalist’s remarkable growls! Elias Njeim surely adds a new dimension to the band’s playing which elevates the band to a higher level, performance wise, since spectators like to see some decent virtuoso solos from the veteran. As usual, moshpits were highly preferable at this time, as the air became… mad” – Patrick

  • Kaoteon

“I got to say that the sound system clearly deteriorated when this band came on ! I even asked my friend if they planned a fade out with the sound guy since the sound was clearly… not so voluminous… Even so , Kaoteon never fail to please their fans , as blast beats roared alongside Walid’s vocals and continuous riffing from Anthony and the ‘small’ contribution of the bassist who indeed wasnt heard at all in the midst of all the chaos. Extreme show from an extreme band.” – Patrick

“Next in the list comes Kaoteon (and my personal favorite performance). Their set was started with their single “Anthem of the Dead” complete with a provocative gas mask worn by front man Walid “Wolflust” Shougary. We witnessed the new addition to the band a bassist. He brings a new dynamic to the band completing the line-up and giving the performance a sense of unity. Now on to the drums, Ziad Alam blast beat-ed all their songs along to perfection. Last but not least we have Anthony “Kaos” Assaker who’s a fundamental part of the performance his emotion escaping through fingers unto his guitar strings. Extreme Metal anyone?” –

  • Saint Vicious

“Last in the order of performances was St. Vicious. Predominantly a melodic-death cover outfit. They most memorably played some decent covers for Arch Enemy. Great things can be expect from this band in near future. Keep up the good work guys. “ – Rishar

“It’s the first time I watch these guys playing and hell yea they got the talent! Lovely energy these guys have, although the sound was noisy at first , and later on developed into this melodic atmosphere with both guitarists sharing melodies, the bassist providing the lovely fills and the vocals…hmm impressive vocals that’s all 😛 Looking forward to seeing the band working on some originals , preferably within the melodic death metal genre. ” – Patrick

“Arch Enemy…. dont know… I’m tired by now! Hit me with  redbull…” – Rami Rouhana

Serouj’s review:

Good things about BTTR3:

-The bands performed very nice, especially Kaoteon, they were sick.

-Moshpits were sick one of the best I’ve ever seen in my life.

-New faces in the scene (ignoring the kids).

-The announcer is really good at what he was doing.

-The organization and the work each staff/stage crew member did was great.

Bad things about BTTR3:

-The misfitting accessories stand.

-Too many kids in between the new faces.

-The sound system could have been better.

-Too many fights.

-The crowd can be seriously disrespectful especially when Etienne (vocals from St vicious) spoke on the mic telling that the people coming by bus from Beirut had to get out after 5 minutes when St vicious still haven’t started yet.

Mike’s Review:

Unfortunately every time I attend a metal concert I notice the disrespectful metal scene increasing by time. Understand something a metal concert equals a Christian ceremony for metal heads, in fact it’s being considered a place for complete deterioration and fights. Lebanese metal heads the so called “metal heads” immerge in an obscure idea of total chaos that is being totally misunderstood. I have nothing to add about the excellent performance, music-wise and sound system.

We should unite and never cause problems, we have been silenced for long here in Lebanon and still we don’t understand that. Hope that some of you people stop pretending to be anarchists rebellion, and start thinking how to improve our metal scene and prove to all Lebanese people we are as normal as they could be.

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  • Lou

    Well I think there was some sound problems at sometimes but all in all it was good. Great performances, great bands! It’s Back To The Roots…no comments needed 🙂

  • my first comment goes off to “though attendance compared to last year was marginally less”,
    last year’s attendance was exactly 100 people less than this year…last year the whole VIP section was totally closed off, it alone had an extra 70 people.

    As for comments on sound, we will be delivering a stronger sound system in our next events…but we tend to try to keep things a bit “low volume” for the back side of the event for those who want an ear-break. Such sound is actually ear damaging in less than 5 minutes up front 😉

    And you seriously need to add a scrollbar to this comments box (firefox)…
    keep up the goo work on the site

  • PS: i already have Kimaera’s album, don’t include me in the draw :p

    PPS: forgot to mention, we did face some technical problems, a couple of the stage equipment connecting things to the mixer got damaged on Kimaera’s time..was a pain to fix, but eventually worked out…that caused a small delay in hte event schedule (25 mins to be exact)

  • Adel Bou Younes

    it was truly an amazing event! nthg further to say!

  • ok too bad i wsnt there
    but i heard alot of wt happened
    thumbs up for Kaoteon and PostMortem

  • maurice

    The event was amazing…but ffs next time try getting some good quality vodka 😛

  • and Roy Naufal … update ur firefox to firefox/flock xD

  • Adel Bou Younes

    while Saint Vicious was performing i think the rythm guitar’s sound wasnt heard at all at some points! =\

  • serj

    RE….SPECT … roy ill be interviewing u in couple of days 😛 …

  • ma ele jledtak :p
    i dont wanna update anything :P, site should work with firefox 3 =D
    maurice, we had smirnoff at the upper bar :p

  • maurice

    i know…ma ana fetit vip kermel el bar :p bass kenit madroube..u can ask whoever brought me back home 😛

  • serouj

    learn not to drink next time



  • Roy Naufal

    maurice ur just a wimp,that’s y ! :p
    kelna shrebna =D

    expect something much bigger in the next concert btw 😉

  • serj

    ROY … no more ayre for u 😛

  • freddy SAAB

    hey guys,
    i really like the concert, til’now it’s the best concert i have been to, btw it was the first i saw communion, i had heard of them but never seen them live!! and kaoteon, postmortem, overload, weeping willow they were really great, good job guys!! but there’s a problem that happens in every concert in Tantra which is in the sound and amplifiers, and micros and stuff!
    btw guys, congrats on your grp on, spread the METAL \m/

  • scorp

    Great concert ! A lot Better as sound for drums.

    Treble was much too high for few guitars.

    Light effect was really amazing, added chaos to the moshpits !!

  • Nat X Riot

    Screw everything that went wrong, it was awesome listened to some fucking good music by great bands and the crowd was good.
    3a2bel el tenye guys!
    \m/ ~Nat



  • Jado Nz

    yup! it was awesome Overload stole the show honestly ! and St.vicious were gd 2 🙂 …the ambiance was awesome the bands were great the music was amazing !

  • maurice

    wimp eh ? 😛 teb as u wish roy…
    anw can’t wait for another well organized gig, and plz no more nova. Tantra/la cite are the best places for metal gigs

  • Karl Hairy Pussy Dagher

    Ana ekher hamme el concert i just wana win the free shit 😀

  • serouj

    tantra/la cite? what about mocean 😀

  • elie rassi


  • y3rvant0

    postmortem tej raskon w bass !!! 😛


    e w err tayab l drummer!!!!mesh tabi3e ya3ne!!

  • Georges Bchara

    First i totally agree with mike in his review on the concert,though it was an excellent event!
    And of course Postmortem nd Kaoteon were the best that night!
    Keep on the gd work guys!

  • maurice

    replying to serouj: mocean is a great place but it looks pretty expensive to put a stage there and stuff…

  • Roy Naufal

    it’s feasable…we did it last year, we’ll do it again … just need to see if the location is up to it…they said they’ll be doing some redecoration this year…so depends on that

    expect huge ass sound and light for this yr!

  • y3rvant0

    we need concerts like bttr more often !!!! not once or twice a year !!!! roy kelna ma3ak !! 😛

  • maurice

    i was there, summer fusion…hopefully this year people won’t get bothered and call the authorities to cancel the show -_-
    Good luck =]

  • Patrick

    ROY man .. look at what happened last year … mocean = trouble (Y)

  • Elie da3kour

    one word: awesome!!
    total destruction!! pure metal!! it was hell on earth! the line up was killer from melodic death to death and black and thrash..thats how events hould be organized! good job roy!

  • Roy Naufal

    thanks =D

    patrick, dont worry about that 😉

  • maurice

    Thumbs up to Mike’s review in particular.

  • scorp

    how about bay 183 … could a concert be arranged there …?

  • Diva ~

    i heart RockRing :PP

  • Karl Dagher

    Stage should be darker with more spotlights on band members

  • Karl Dagher

    And what’s up with the stupidest pics on the left of every comment?! ^o)

  • admin

    You can have your custom Gravatar here .

  • Georges Bchara

    I agree with scorp abt the bay 183,it’s big and an event could easily be arraged there i guess,plus it’s in jbeil^^

  • KiT0

    Postomortem and communion !!! ouffff !! great show !! Hail !!!

  • roy thanks for such an event lal marra el malyoun 🙂
    i personnally enjoyed kimaera the most but the sound was really bad on their turn …
    but on the other bands the sound was really really good 🙂

  • Rishar

    am here for the kimaera albums ” POST “

  • Patrick

    i already bought one

  • Mike

    Patrick was a fifteen year old guy from Nebraska
    Gypsies were passing through his little town
    They dropped something on the road, he picked it up…
    And cultural revolution right away began!

  • Nat X Riot

    Omg major spam in here :P!
    I want Gogol !

  • All I wanna Say is That I enjoyed The Concert but didn’t like the kids trying and pretending to know abt Metal 😛

  • scorp

    Bigsam !! who cares what you think !! fi neess 3omron 5 years byefhamo akta minnak !! take me for example !! 😛

  • Elie Rockring :P

    3anjad shou elkoun jlede 😛

  • bassam

    great concert that all i want to say.
    extreme METAL FTW!!!!!!!

  • silo

    agree with bassam (y)

  • Assaad

    great event guys
    thx really for all the hard work
    and i would like to apologize to roy and all the rockring team if i ever caused them any trouble because of the fight that happened keep on the good work \m/

  • Ryuzaki

    (previously posting as “.”)

    great show everyone
    high quality metal from start to finish
    big thanks to the crew that made the event possible (you know who you are)

    w serouj
    enta dinosaur

  • Aram Henry Gyragossian

    oww yeaaa?!

  • reaper

    communion was .. DAMAR ..
    the show was brutal , the moshpit was (Y) .. as for next time pleaz NO GIRLS IN THE MOSHPIT 🙂
    as for the fucker who stole my jacket 🙂 i will hunt u , rape you 🙂 and make a jacket out of you 😀

  • Nat X Riot

    No girls in the moshpit?
    LoL !

  • Ryuzaki

    reaper had this to say, #55

    the show was brutal , the moshpit was (Y) .. as for next time pleaz MORE GIRLS IN THE MOSHPIT


  • reaper

    lol .. enno .. are girls trying to get killed in the moshpit :/ .. keel ma kenet 3am shouf we7deh kenet 3am botla3 , cause i can’t hit a girl :/ .. me ou i got : black ear / black back / 2 ribs msha3riin

  • Ryuzaki

    la2 ma tkhaf
    they can take it
    it’ll make them stronger too

  • LoL!

  • admin

    The next poll should be :
    Should girls be allowed in moshpits ?

  • Mike

    hahaha admin :p

  • Ramzi A. G.

    “Weak melody > actually none due to the weak sound mixing . Unique vocals, not expressive enough, kind of monotone as the drums fills it all.”
    >_< Man…I hope you’re not serious. If you are then I’m pretty sure you should get your ears checked. First of all, since when was WW about melody? They’re a groove-based old school Death band…ma khason bil melody. Second, drums were filling everything? Do you even know which instruments drums are? =/ Ka2eno anybody can write reviews nowadays…
    WW kicked ass, thanks 🙂

  • Patrick

    It’s his opinion man , gotta respect it . Not all people have the same musical tastes i guess .

  • Ramzi A. G.

    ^lol…airy bil habal. Jealousy or bitkoon mish fehim shee 3an music…or both. lol.

    Patrick: Yeah bas if it’s his opinion at least make it an informed opinion…ma yu6ru2 7aki about melody when WW ma khason bil melody…that’s just bad press for the band for people who haven’t listened to them yet.