Dream Theater’s tenth studio album | ‘Black Clouds & Silver Linings’
Mar 23rd 2009 Patrick Saad News

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Dream Theater have set Black Clouds & Silver Linings as the title of their tenth studio album, due on June 23 via Roadrunner Records. They began working on it in October of last year. Produced by Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci /mixed by Paul Northfield.

Black Clouds & Silver Linings track listing:

01. A Nightmare to Remember
02. A Rite of Passage
03. Wither
04. The Shattered Fortress
05. The Best of Times
06. The Count of Tuscany

-A three-disc, special-edition CD that will include the album itself, another CD of instrumental mixes of the album and the 3rd CD will contain 6 cover songs !! (NO they wont reveal their titles at the moment !)

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  • Sammy

    It’s amazing that after all these years they are still producing the best Progressive Metal Records. I haven’t heard this one yet. And I’m glad they sell their records here in Lebanon.
    Thank you Patrick =)

  • Youssef

    ahh can’t wait!

  • Patrick

    I do like progressive music , although I’m not a DT fan simply because i dislike the vocals ; Still, the actual music is marvelous of course.

  • The previous album was awesome too so i guess this new album will take progressive metal into a higher level!! DT FTW!

  • Lord Patrick

    The previous albums sucked compared to the other masterpieces.

    Anyways, no need to talk about Dream Theater, they are the gods of progressive metal, no doubt about that. I ve searched for so many progressive bands, and no one ever impressed me as much as Dream Theater ( discography wise off course). So much variety in music, so tasteful, i never get bored listening to every single track. I had the fortune to listen to one of their tracks on the new album BCSL , didn’t really like it. Hopefully the other tracks will be better. ( count of tuscany \m/ 😛 )

  • Lord patrick

    There you go progressive noobs !!! ENJOY MY BRETHREN