Interview | Overload (BTTR3)
Mar 23rd 2009 Patrick Saad Interviews

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Overload is the opening band at Back To The Roots 3, and they had a little something to say about being part of it:

“We prepared some new songs for about 30 minutes of non stop METAL… some real heavy shit… I m talking about some Pantera, Machine Head, Soulfly and Sepultura.

We were hoping to play some originals but we decided to record them 1st and then reveal them to the public hoping to release and EP album this summer.

We have practiced very hard for this one!! Its our 1st gig outside “Nova” (not to mention that we played in Terra Cotta Monot once) and its a big one so we are damn fucking ready to burn the stage.

We are sure that the sound system and organization will be great as usual, we have seen Rocking events before.

Sharing the stage with such bands as Weeping Willow, Postmortem, Kaoteon… and of course our brothers St.Vicious is going to be a new experience… a hole new level for us.Expecting a lot of crowd… all the friends and fans… and hoping to see some new faces also!!

See you all on the 27th! Be there at 7! Cheers!! – Yervant and Aram (Overload’s guitarists)

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  • Maroun Kady

    Can ‘Back to the Roots 3 ‘ wait for me till i come to leb 😛 ? .. like change the date to july hehe ?
    or else,,,can they do one.. specialy for me in july ? ” Back to root 4 maybe :P?
    Anyway .. wishing all the BEST For Over Fucking LOAD!
    let the 2etfa2iyyeh take a night off 😛 ..burn the damn stage!

  • Ralph Moussa

    O.V.E.R.F.U.C.K.I.N.L.O.A.D full supports best of luck !

  • Hey guys … all i wanna do is wishing u gd luck …
    i’ve changed my mind abt attending … i guess ill be there but i may be late :S so ill try my best to show up early for u guys
    gd luck

  • rodrick freifer

    2a5ou manyu*eeee… best of luck for the event..
    hopin ull blow the stage sky high

  • SerJ Headstones

    jibo et2tafi22yeee 😛 mni7a

  • Sammy

    It would’ve been nice to hear some originals for the first time. Would be good EP promotion.

  • etfa2iye?? dude badna l dife3 l madane kello sawa..! … guys gd luck 🙂 \m/

  • Mario Mansour


    best of luck my brothers! 😀

  • We’re gonna burn the fucking place down
    yeeehaaa 😛

  • Aram Henry Gyragossian

    thanx everyone!! Back to the Roots III will be totally unforgateble!! destruction will take place anyway \m/
    ehh jibo atfa2iye!!! hahayy cant waitt fuckerss!

    P.S: be there before 7 PM, so u dont miss a hell of a show by OVER FUCKIN LOAD!!!!!! Cheers Borthers!!


  • y3rvant0

    metel ma 2al aram ! 😛

  • Carlosfilth

    hahahah jibo 2atfa2iyeh eh>?> haha ma hek ARAM? lol bala 2atfa2iyeh .,khalli el stage wel3an 😀 go OFL! overFUCKINGload!

  • Mel :D

    dudesss ur gonna rok:D:D:D \m/

  • Sakko333

    OverF00kinLoaddddddddddddddddddddd……jst wanna thanks a really to Serj yekhpayress and Benejjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj c u there brothers!! Hail N Fuckin Kill!!

  • Harout Dostourian

    aire bi hal band 😛

  • Elie da3kour

    yalla gd luck to overload that we consider them like our brothers in the scene!!! cant wait!! cavaleraaaaaaaa

  • Nat X Riot


  • no otfa2iye allowed at the event :p
    the point is to burn things up ! (dont take that literally :P)
    best of luck

    guys, if u wanna get in time to see overload
    you have to be there MAXIMUM at 7, 6:30 is better
    because getting in will take some time, lots of ppl…so not to miss anything

  • SerJ .Lebmetal

    roy .. respect … 6:30 it is .. and u will get ur interview.. 😛
    overload .. full support … st.V .. cant wait to hear u guys … full support …

  • Aram Henry Gyragossian

    thats fuckinnnnnnnn A!! 😉

  • Roby

    Just wanna thanks a really to my brothers !

    We’ll burn the stage for sure
    no doubt!

  • Ramy Vicious Daakour



    BEst of luck brothers ! It’s an honor to share the stage for the second time with our brothers of Metal in such a short period ! 😀

  • elie ma7fouz

    we are always here to support u guyz overload a2wa 3alam 😀

  • sAKO

    wen jhonny??:p ma7fouzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Elie Dj-Alpha Sakr

    Overload of course!

  • lory

    BTTR tomorowwwwww cant w8 😀
    21 hours to gooooooo ;D

    OverFuckinLoad Rulesssssss 😀 \m/ full support 🙂 :p

    bass bala atfa2iyeh w difa3 madani…keep the stage wel3an:P 🙂 of luck 😀

  • SerJ .Lebmetal

    LOL LORY .. HY 😛