BTTR3 Interview | Saint Vicious
Mar 23rd 2009 Patrick Saad Interviews

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Saint Vicious will be participating in the upcoming Back to the Roots 3 with several other bands. This is an pre-event interview with some questions about the concert and the band itself:

Etienne Chlala (Vocals) replied on behalf of the band:

  • How are you guys preparing for this concert? Any changes due to some observations from your last gig?

We’re practicing weekly, added more heaviness to our choice of covers as well as concentrating on the stage presence.

  • What are your expectations from this concert? Sound and audience wise…

We expect something really decent, Rockring have a reputation for that… Audience wise? hmmm well no idea really ; I’m just hoping for a sick moshpit! I guess there’s a good number of people attending , heard they’re preparing buses to pickup those who live far away πŸ™‚ sounds good.

  • For how much time will the band be playing onstage / how many songs to be played?

Around 25-30 minutes , 6 songs that is.

  • What’s your goal as a band in the future? Perhaps recording some originals?

Strengthening our fan base, as well as reputation, then we might consider brainstorming for originals.

Elie Daakour: (Guitarist) Yeah to have a large fan base, to introduce people to bands that they don’t listen to as much as others, like for example In Flames which i think that not many people know their stuff, but they are very popular around the world… As for Arch Enemy they need no introduction…maybe later bands like At The Gates, Carcass and other not so popular bands will be covered. Its all about being a bit different and bringing something new to the scene.


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  • Ritzass

    ramy πŸ˜€

  • Elie da3kour

    hehe cool:D

  • Freak french

    Well in the end , that’s good to know.

  • how about some originals..i think covers started to lose their essence…we need something new guys…

  • Mario Mansour

    Saint Vicious!!!!!!!!!!

    best of luck! b7ebkon πŸ˜€

  • Mario Mansour

    btw expect a fuckin WICKED AND SICK peformance by these guys! u will surely not be disappointed!

  • elie semaan

    am trying to attend the concert but i don’t think that am going to stay till u start guys kenet 3am betmanna esma3 some bands covering in flames hope u start early :p gd luck\m/

  • Aram Henry Gyragossian

    good luck brotherss!! wish ya the best!!!

  • gd luck guys

  • Ramy Vicious Daakour

    heheh 10x everyone ! πŸ˜€

  • lek ehhhh Arch Enemy !!! xD
    prepare to get ur ass moshed people (6)
    Angela Gossow FTW! πŸ˜›

  • SerJ .Lebmetal

    cant wait to c u guys perform πŸ™‚ hail |m|

  • Sammy

    We already established it Maurice. Mish Angela Gossow, Angela “bit missow” :-P. Or so is every metal-head’s wish lol.

    May you deliver one heck of a vicious show xD

  • sAKO

    afkham band asetzeee.!!! brothers!! we gna fuck the stage again right??? hahahahahaha long live les vicieux!!

  • Elie Rassi

    lak mwah la elkon

  • Wiss

    Glad there’s finally some In Flames being played over here. Hope you won’t disappoint on friday πŸ˜‰

  • Elie da3kour

    Wiss be assured ! u wt get dissapointed ! ;)sako b7ebbak ! πŸ˜€