Agathodaimon are back!
On: Apr 4th 2009In: NewsBy: Maurice Andary

After their disappearance from the metal scene for 5 years, the famous German Gothic/Black metal band Agathodaimon is back with its new yet best release “Phoenix”.

The album Phoenix was released in March 20, 2009 with a new lineup for the band after Frank Nordmann (Vocalist/ guitarist from 1998 to 2007), Matthias R (Drummer) and Jonas Iscariot (Vocalist) left the band. Agathodaimon’s current line-up consists of Sathonys as guitarist and clean vocalist, Jan Jansohn as guitarist, Felix Walzer as keyboardist, Manuel Steitz as drummer and Ashtrael as vocalist.


Agathodaimon’s “Phoenix” is a Nuclear Blast record. The album consists of 12 songs:

01. Heliopolis02. Devil”s Deal03. Decline04. Ground Zero05. Ghost Of A Soul06. Winterchild07. Time Is The Fire08. To Our Ashes09. Amongst The Vultures10. Oncoming Storm11. Throughout The Fields Of Unshaded Grace12. Grey Whisper

This album is highly recommended for black metal fans. Agathodaimon’s discovery has always been one of a kind due to their creative melody, riffs and technique in making black metal music ever since their career started in 1995.

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  • scorp

    Old albums were interesting , and much creative…

    Lineup has changed a lot . Is it still like the old Agatho ?

  • Maurice

    Mostly yes.
    In my opinion they’re better now

  • Sammy

    This is definitely a band I want to check out.
    And the album art is very appealing and hopefully their Music is what their art reflects xD