Interview | Nocturna
Apr 6th 2009 Maurice Andary Interviews

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Hey Charbelfirst of all I would like to thank you for supporting and congratulations on Nocturna’s single “A Cannibal Rose”.

I would like to ask you some questions about Nocturna.

-When was Nocturna formed and how did you join the band?

Let Me Start By Thanking You For This Interview And For This Amazing Website 🙂

The Doom / Death Metal band Nocturna started during summer 2006. The Former members were Georges Abi Khalil ( Vocalist ) Charbel Ghamchoul (Rythm Guitarst) And Me As a Lead Guitarist…

– What are Nocturna’s influences and what bands do you mostly cover?

In The Beginning We Used To Cover Lake Of Tears , Crematory , Tristania , Nightwish , Eternal Tears Of Sorrow…Lately We Are Mainly Playing Only Originals.

Well Our Main Influences In Composing Are Moonspell And Kimaera… yeah It Sounds Weird But Since Kimaera Is One Of My Favourite Bands And I Really Like The Way They Make Their Music…

– How many events has the band participated in?

To Be Honest I Don’t Remember the precise Number Of our Live performances but i think they are around 16-17… Our First Performance Was @ Nova On The 9th Of February 2007.


– Nocturna’s single “A Cannibal Rose” is a unique and amazing song: Whose idea was it to make this single and when did you start working on it?

Thanks for ur comment about the song 🙂 Well “A Cannibal Rose” was our first original and it was composed around 1 year ago. I Was The Main Composer Of This Song…

– Are you currently working on any album project or originals? If yes, when will this project be officially released?

We Are Now Working On Our First Album And I Hope That It Would Be Released This Summer…

– Would you like to add anything for the readers/fans?

Finally I Would Like To Thank You Again For This Interview And Thanks For Making Such An Amazing Website 🙂 Keep Up The Good Work… And To All Our Friends And Fans I Promise That The Album Will Be Something Unexpected And Our Next Performance Will Be Really Soon 🙂

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  • Sammy

    Haven’t heard the song yet. But knowing Charbel’s love for Kimaera and the genre they represent, I have a good feeling about it…

  • Aram Henry Gyragossian

    To Maurice and all interviewers, u guyz are pro on interviews!!! and I mean it ..
    the questions are well organized, so supportive to the band and interesting! good job!

    To Charbel, keep the good work man.. hope to hear more from you guyz!! cheers
    HORNS UPP \m/

    – Aram from Overload –

  • Maurice

    Thanks for the kind comment Aram 😀 I really appreciate it man 🙂
    Cheers to Overload xD

  • Patrick

    i saw Nocturna playing live about 3+ times .. i liked the song and i would surely support them in case they get an album out .

  • Fadi Eid

    Nocturna one of my fav bands
    amazing cannibal rose song
    keep it up charbel

  • Fadi Eid

    keep it up nocturnaaa
    amazing cannibal rose
    can’t wait for the rest

  • Michel Kammouj

    amazing song brothers, i’m sure the album will be a blast can’t wait for it 😀 see u soon \m/

  • charbel kareh

    thanks a lot for ur comments 🙂

  • Helen Tayar

    Kareh..Ghamshoul..Johnny ..and the guys im so proud of you i wish i was in lebanon to share all this with you 🙂 i wanted to be there for the release of A Cannibal Rose but ive seen the video and i loved it!! i know that this song is dear to your heart Charbel; u did a wonderful job!im proud of u! i cant wait to see u guys again and u better not release the album before i get back to lebanon in the summer 😀 i love u guys so much \m/

  • tareq

    a very deep track great work guys
    charbel u rock \ml

  • anthony sakr

    Impressive Song !!!

  • Ramzi A. G.

    Aireh bil ahbal illi byi6la3 ma3 Nocturna 3al Zahle xD


  • charbel kareh

    el 7a22 3layna ne7na yalleh talla3nek ma3na 3ala zahleh
    thanks for ur support 🙂

  • Maurice

    Please note that the article got edited
    (Second answer – added the missing part)
    I apologize for the inconvenience

  • Ramzi A. G.

    Hahahaha 7abeeeeeb albi Kareh =D

  • Lord Patrick

    Great band guys, with lots of potential. Hard Workers.

    Keep up the good job ! Respected musicians