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Oct 20th 2009 Patrick Saad Event Reviews

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Metal Injection Concert, at La Cite Jounieh on October 17th 2009.

Reviewers: Serj Panossian and Patrick Saad.

Venemy played their energetic show with full enthusiasm and spirit, as La Cite was divided into 2 parts, the front rows consisting of hardcore dancing people and the rest of the people enjoying the show from afar, which shows the local support of the bands out here. Although the sound was noisy, Venemy kept going with originals that appealed to the masses. Patrick Saad
The evening’s opening act, the songs were admittedly occasionally overpowered by the guitar work. But there was no stopping tracks, depending of course on how you look at it. But the thing that we noticed is that Venemy is one of the best death core bands in Lebanon, sadly they arnt getting any credit for there work. – Serj Panossian

Dethroned went next with their opening set including a dressed up bride who comes in and puts a crown of thorns on the vocalist’s head, which was quite the interesting thing to watch. Their set included numerous originals which fitted the Doom Metal criteria, capturing some headbangers in the front rows while some moved out to the backends of the place. They are good at what they do and thumbs up for that. Patrick Saad

Amazing introduction when the dying bride marched towards Nour (vocalist) and brought the *a cry of mankind scene* ALIVE. Nours’ voice as usual was absolutely superb – clear and powerful, full of emotion. It’s a shame when some trouble makers subdued this evening; while Dethroned was playing, all the crowd took off to see what was going on – Dethroned really have never been ones for massive crowd interaction, but tonight they seem to be in an especially “no-nonsense” mood. – Serj Panossian


Element 26 showed up as a quartet, which kinda puts an big X on the position of a bassist in a band, nevertheless they did deliver their usual energetic set which pleased fans of thrash metal and the Lamb of God fans. I liked their originals, riff wise and vocals wise, but I always thought that they could spice things up a bit more, since their work resembles the exact criteria of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. I was bumped to witness another tragedy at this time, which consisted of seeing 60 people attending the show, while a hundred metalhead were outside the venue, giving their kind of support by fighting in the parking lot. Memorable times! – Patrick Saad

Playing a set of selections from their most recent originals, with a nod or two towards some cover material, including the fan favorite, “Angel of death – Slayer,” Element 26 used their hard-edged riffs and even harder-edged vocals to cut a swath through the eager crowd.It was the 1st time I see Kamal (voc) playing guitars … pretty amazing setlist. Botom Line: The complexity of Element 26’ music appeals to people who like technical playing, but the arrangements are not so extreme that they fly over the average listener’s head. It’s a good balance.- Serj Panossian


I would say that Kimaera owned the night in terms of capturing multi-moods at the same time, since their set included atmospheric moods along with the agression and the emotional agony expressed by the leading man’s vocals. I personally admire their drummer for his creative style of playing, which sets the spotlight on him at times. I was surprised when they played an original which had pure death metal riffs and speedy drums, as Kimaera truly expanded into the atmospheric death metal zone for a while, which was the highlight of their set along with their song from Ebony Veiled, “Among the Dead” – Patrick Saad

With their ever so powerful stage presence did not disappoint. Another band that played a playlist consisting of just originals, Kimaera’s band members’ specific talents were blasted out through a sound-system not adequate for the range of their music. I very much enjoy their fusion of death/doom elements – Serj Panossian

Humanity Failed were last but not least, as the band executed one death metal song after the other with strength and spirit of a tight band. At 12:30, it’s no wonder that few people remained to watch the band, but that gave them a certain room to be a bit more relaxed and to enjoy the set with their friends chanting BloodBath, Hypocrisy and their cover of Anaal Natrakh. Waiting to see the band’s own work in the future, surely not to be missed. Patrick Saad

Humanity Failed, a band that brings a great death metal! Instead of raw minimalism in music, Humanity Failed played with extreme intensity. The music is fast, heavy, and well executed … Special salute to its Vocalist *Etienne Chlala* – Serj Panossian

So the event wasn’t a total letdown, but the kind of support that the locals are giving nowadays makes you wonder just where the scene is heading in these next few years. But with ongoing efforts to organize worthy events, we might just expect big stuff from the bands who are getting more and more motivated to get out of the Cover zone and into the Originals zone. – Patrick Saad

I was kind of expecting more of this concert,the sound and lights were *OK*, but the security staff were BAD, I wouldn’t hire them for a million buck. The overall night was good, perfect standards on the bar; very well organized. I would like to thank The Trinity Corp. For letting us cover this event. – Serj Panossian

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  • Elie Da32our

    New wave of american metal tejj rass!!

  • Patrick

    It’s not about that, bass alright thanks for the comment.

  • RawadAN

    i agree with everything said especially about the security thing. i came late to see the bands and esp Humanity Failed, and when i saw the fights between the security staff and the metalheads, “2erfit 3ishte w falayt” :D.

  • SerJ Panossian

    the security’s job is to stop a fight … not to start one -.-

  • Chriss 26

    Yi that’s me bel soura fo2 (A) hehe ..
    Very nice review guys …
    “while a hundred metalhead were outside the venue, giving their kind of support by fighting in the parking lot” Nicely said patrick 🙂
    Enno w 2er , ken fi 3alam barra aktar men jouwwa …

  • SerJ Panossian

    100% … wer kinda sick of talkin about support,and peops nagging about why our metalscene is so fxxxx up !
    a lol, talkin about change ?! IRONIC !

  • Elie Da32our

    i doubt yi sir fi change…law bado yi sir change ken sar men zamen;) going to concerts these days is becoming least of my interest…Hail is around the corner what we should do is show our support w nenzal kelna to show them that we r here to stay maybe we will see more international bands coming to Lebanon…we tried our best to support local bands but all i see is too much talking and egoness w kel wa7ad bi faker bi 7alo w 3a ayro el support:)

  • fadi bk

    ya3ne mini7 ma nzella
    zabzaba zabadoura


    Awal shi security ktir 3am bi zedowa!! ma bi sad2o yle2eo 7ada bara l concert 3am ya3moll mashkal bi balsho badon yetdakhlo w medre sho w badon ya3mlo mashekel! ana yali ba3erfo inno hinni ma 2elon shi barrat l concert!! ghir jouwa iza sar fi shi bas barra ma dakhalon bi shi!!

  • roy naufal

    the event was simply not advertised enough , so lack of ppl
    the event wasnt very well ‘rated’ by people so they werent too excited too come,
    the gropu organizing the event dont have such a great reputation (specially after the failure of their last event)
    so i think that’s the reason many people didn’t come,
    it’s not just about support…there’s alot of other issues
    i think the scene is much better than it was some years ago (commenting to daakour), and there’s alot of change going on

    and u can expect more international bands , specially if hail works out
    there’s already 2 bands gheir hail being planned
    so let’s hope all goes well and be numerous to show the bands that we have fans here and to at least be able to fund such COSTLY events

    regarding ur last line…i think the new generation of bands and people is much different
    and we’re (rockring) trying to work on that, just needs time
    there’s already alot of new people in the scene, which is good

  • SerJ Panossian

    roy maybe your right … maybe ur not !
    lack of promotion?! well yeh kind off
    but when you see more peops outside then the accuall crowd inside … thats not,to see bands coming to the event — playin — pack their things and just leave,kamen thats not supportin,and theres more…but we’ll be out of topic so i wont talk more … but the thing is i agree with elie daakour,but u kinda do have a point there

  • Elie Da32our

    “to see bands coming to the event — playin — pack their things and just leave”

  • roy naufal

    well i think alot of the ppl there werent encouraged to go inside – probably bcs of the lack of ppl, and mainly bcs it probably didnt seem to them the event was worth it (since u can more or less see things from outside and judge) – not everyone can support since not everyone exactly has money to spare, people would like their money’s worth at least

    i do agree on what u said regarding the bands though

  • SerJ Panossian

    (about the lack of money issues*) you think that events and concert should be 1 huge event / month ?!

  • roy naufal

    no, i think that’s too much
    too many events = it’s not longer interesting/coo/special
    people get bored of it and think “yalla menrou7 next time”
    that’s interest in finances in 1 issue
    i think 1 big event every 3-4 months is more than enough

  • Ashley

    Wish I could’ve been there! Sounds like it was pretty good!

  • Elie Da32our

    well roy has a point..3am ten7alab kel jom3a concerts w not all of us could attend every concert and blame the pple coz ma feto w i didnt is an issue in this country its a fact..
    plus roy u ct blame the organisers on this event…lots of factors come in place…the whole idea hiyeh: “we dt go to concerts anymore coz 3am bi arafouna mich la2ano ne7na ma bedna na3mol support” nough said:)

  • roy naufal

    i didnt get ur last point
    i didnt blame the organizers in anything specific except lack of promotion, and choice of security
    whatever u said bel ekher didnt make sense :p

  • Elie Da32our

    hehe the whole scene isnt making sense at all asslan these days…eza badeh e7keh i can go and on w tchouf li 3a bi sir bi osset el bandet bein ba3ed…
    all i know right now is Hail! honik bi bayen eza 3anjad fi support w eza 7adan byistarjeh yifta7 temo;)

  • roy naufal

    trust me i know all the stories :p

    w yeah, hopefully hail works out
    if not, i/we might simply take a totally different approach and apth


    ana ma3ak bi hayda shi yali 2ilto Elie!! mazbout kill jem3a 3am bi seer fi concerts inno akeed l 3alam ra7 tezha2 w ybatlo yenzalo concerts!! w yali bi himne aktar halla2 bi nov 20 ma 7ada yeb2a bi bayto lezem l kill yenzal!!!

  • fadz bk himself

    ya chabeb 7ebbo ba3ed serj 7eje tayyib lal kil ennta:P man ktir dimoukrate bi ara2ak w roy ana bweff2ak l ra2e 100 100

  • contractor

    well i must say abt the last topic between roy nd elie abt having a event for 2 or 3 enough ? well i dnt thinks so making the scene biger is abt having more activity..if we have 1 event evry 3 month means 4 big events in a year ? nd as we all knw in these 4 events u will see the same bands most probably.. having more events leaves a chance for other bands to get their chance….plus the main prob was the charge of the event 20 000 was a bit expensive nd thats why not many people went in…
    ant abt the fact that earlier the scene was stronger yes it was i agree with elie the different now is we have a more professional sound..nd roy yes there is new people in the scene but where are the old ones?
    nd abt the event it was gd for their second event the 1rst 1 was not gd..

  • jackob

    Well,the thing is u cant make 1 concert \ 3 or 4 months,plus could i add somethin ?! roy <– umm dude,dont u think when u said : 3/4 months .. it sounded like – back to the roots – summer fucion – tribute hall – breack the cyle – ?! i think its not fair that rockring takes over the metalscene (events) … we all agree the team is makin a deffrence in our metal scene and doin an amazing job but, may i ask u a question ?! y dont u support other events, to get their support later on !

  • SerJ Panossian

    contractor: for the love of god write your real name … u gt nothin to hide for …
    anywho .. jacob,well dude,i dont agree with you mate! rockring supported us, but the thing is,who is supportin rockrin ?! besides the fans ~

  • Elie Da32our

    well RR is proving that your money is worth the gig and the quality and thats what we need to show international bands that we have high quality gigs…i for instance wont play a gig if the sound isnt high standart..but on the other hand Roy said that the scene in much better well its not…eza bel nesbeh la RR the scene is better its coz they have more and more pple coming to their events for THEM its better but there were times were i use to go to events were we didnt had to pick sides…and lets face it and not hide behind our finger the scene came to a point were its this or this sadly:/

  • SerJ Panossian

    finance is one of the bigest prob in our scene !
    but elie,do u think that people wouldv came to sats event if the title was RR presents?!

  • Roy Naufal

    id like to object on the fact of seeing the same bands
    there’s always at least 1-2 new acts, and there’s no way u can suddenly put a list of new bands in a big concert, because it wont get enough people (those bands dont have enough fans/dont attract enough ppl yet/name not too known)
    that’s why we do some smaller events like break the cycle (where 4 out of 5 or 6 bands are quite new)
    and i did say clearly before 1 big events every 3-4 months – not refering to smaller scale ones

    where are the old ones? everyone keeps talking about old ones, but face it people, most of these people are now 25+ and are mostly working outside the country, and alot are not too interested in local bands that much or going to concerts, because in the past most the concerts were very low quality, and they got sick of them – me included
    that’s the main reaseon we pushed our events to a higher level, and several of those ppl at least have more interest to come to a concert nowadays compared to before
    so what i say is get out of the idea of ‘where are the old people’, they wont come back
    and those few ‘old people’ that are still in the country , i do see them on occasion
    at least i know im one of them

    jackob: we’re doing our events, others are doing their own….yes 3-4 events refered to how dated are the events we do, exactly bcs of what i said (since that’s what i think)
    u talk about support?
    i dont skip a single concert – the very few out there
    tell me how many people are actually doing concerts?
    i can only think of 2-3 people who do, and im on a very very good basis with them
    and we support each other and i help them many times
    for example, last concert, i helped them out a bit with sound the day b4 the event and the day of the event…i couldnt stay long bcs i had to do an interview
    so, please, before throwing out nonsense words, know what ur talking about
    w u talk about support? at least buy a drink in the concert instead of saving 1000 LL to get an Efes from the nearby supermarket,
    or complaining why an event is 2000 LL more than a nova crappy gig

    few years ago the scene was split BIGTIME
    that has changed
    few years ago , there were barely any decent events, that changed
    few years ago, no new bands emerged and all were underground, that changed
    not wanting to take any credit for that, but at least see what’s going on before talking
    if u dont like what yoru group of 20 people talks and what goes around ,at least see the big picture

    and elie,
    no im not saying the scene is better because there’s more people coming (that’s one of the reasons), but read what i just said
    secondly, most of you have barely been in the scene for like 2-3 years maybe
    when i talk, im talking on what’s been going on since 2000 when the scene peaked and crashed big time, and then everything went ‘off’ (2005-2006), a year later or so, we did back to the roots 1

    so now, if everyone is saying the scene is bad , comparing to what? where is it not improving?
    at least do mention facts, dates, and good ideas w mesh just tzetto 7ake…put some basis and facts into what ur talking if u want to actually discuss the subject – every point must be followed by a valid arguement at least

  • Rami Rouhana

    Roy we are Nag experts … !
    The scene is improving , but it cant go much far due to a simple fact that the hole population is 4 millions and the surrounding countries are much oppressive to the music.Most of metalheads leave the country seeking somewhere were there is more concerts and bigger bands 😛

  • Roy Naufal

    u dont have to have a huge scene to have a good one
    + we’re barely 0.05% of the population
    u wanna tell me these are the only people who are into this music?
    how did u start listening? u got randomly exposed to it then got interested…so more events, bigger events (bya3mlo dajje aktar) will get more people curious, and these would find themselves discovering something they didnt know but end up loving -> scene gets bigger
    of course it takes time
    but that’s what i refer to when i see “new generation is good”, because they spread word more at least
    when i was in school, in whole my section, there were only 2-3 people into metal…compared to day, it’s double at least
    that’s 1 step forward

    gheir hek,
    u wanna tell me dubai is much more open and has much more fans? (dubai desert rock fest)
    they’re selling 20,000 tickets
    and they started off at way crappier events
    i dont find that impossible in leb
    not necessarily 20,000 tickets, but at least someone has to take a step w things have to start 1 step at a time
    no one gets to the top of a ladder in 1 leap
    if i wanted to use ur ideology, nothing of what we’re doing would be happening
    when we started off with 500 people events, getting to near 1000 only with local bands
    and expecting even more in the future

    u tell me…is it a lost cause?
    let’s stop this now then
    bcs i dont think so
    at least im doing smthg i believe in and hopeful for and doing some change instead of ranting online about random stuff and talking how miserable the scene is without nudging a finger (not refering to u, just general thought)

  • Rami Rouhana

    No. Never a lost cause. Am just saying that there are limits due to the current situation. We shall breack through some , but will still be bound to other.
    I am although working on improving the scene and exposing it to the world.

  • contractor

    well the changes ?? well i think if any1 had the financial support will do the same…wht lebanon needs more organisations other than rockring (no offense)bcz they will be more events *(cheaper ones perhaps)nd abt the 1000 efes well wht do u expect ? am paying 25 000 to enter a rockring event if i have to buy 2 drinks that will add a 6000 if nt more nd plz dnt frgt that not evry 1 lives near the location so serna hone bel 40 000 nd since not evry1 is working nd most of them have schools nd stuff they cannot pay for such an event (plus abt the 1000 efes i read that on the cherry’s topic)dsnt make sense… nd abt the scene i agree the old ones are gone but eza fi 3alam 3am trouh w 3alam 3am teje 3am ndall mahalna..honestly ive been goin to events since 2001 back then there was more activity..than now be ktir all the bands that ur putting in ur events now ma keno chi law ma ken fi activity back then.. nd since now ur pointing that 4 events te2riban bel year ya3ne the chance for a band to get started is like 20% te2riban eza mech a2al since there is alot of bands…

  • Elie Da3kour

    “when i was in school, in whole my section, there were only 2-3 people into metal…compared to day, it’s double at least
    that’s 1 step forward”

    i kinda agree on that…

  • Roy Naufal

    i seriously doubt anyone can make events any cheaper, bcs we’re not making any profit and i get very big discounts on some stuff…if someone can pull such a thing of, i would be more than glad to attend such events
    and btw, we dont have any financial support either

    summer fusion was 25000 and that included beach access (which alone is usually 10$, so that’s 10,000 for the event)
    comparing last event which was 20,000 to 25,000 of summer fusion – u tell me if summer fusion was expensive
    most people go out and pay more than that on average…if u wanna go out for dinner u have more or less same cost, u just have to save some 5000 or 10000 more at most…if u actaully want to go to an event, u can save that
    and if u still cant, im sorry, but we cannot make tickets any cheaper
    find me a location in beirut that’s affordbale, and we would be more than glad to do an event there
    if wanted to do business and money, trust me, we can easily save 3000-4000$ every event and lower ticket price some 3000 – but then the event wont be good, and that’s our aim
    if u cannot see this reality, sorry but i cant do anything about it

    more ppl are coming than going, in the last 3 years we’ve had an average increase of about 15-20% in attendance /event (talking about the big ones)
    w talking about new bands,
    every big event we do, we’re putting at least 1 new band
    and we’re doing small events (of high quality) specially for new bands – which no one else ever did in the past
    and on average we’re doing over 6-7 events per year – that’s an event every 2 months…keep in mind we also do have our jobs to take care of , bcs the events we do, we’re not getting anything out of it…u might not believe that, but u can ask anyone close enough to us, and i personally am not willing to lose any money for anyone’s sake…but at least giving it an effort to try to do better
    if u think it’s not good enough,then start doing events urself , ur not any different than us, nor do u lack anything – we started from absolutely nothing
    w about the bands today la ma keno shi law ma men l activity back then
    i didnt stay we started everything, but i can give u a few examples of bands that mainly boosted up and started due to our activities: element 26 , tristmoon, anarchy, romantic sin, blood ink, silent anthem
    and we got blaakyum to london, and took silent anthem, blood ink, farewell, adn roswell to jordan
    all past activites were restricted to rockfest & rocknation, which looped the same bands for 4-5 consecutive years – the main reason attendance dropped down to barely 500 people in their last coupel of yrs adn production level dropped too low as well to try to keep revenue out of it
    w with those events btw, the chance was barely 5% to get in those events…i know that, bcs that’s the reason i started doing my own events, to get my own band to play, and some friend bands (we started off doing things in 2002 with void- mahavira back then- at la cite…)

    anyway, enough with the talk nag and complaints
    post suggestions please

  • Rami Rouhana

    Well i think we need new ideas … I dont think that metalheads should only attend concerts and “download music” .
    Metalheads should preach music … discuss it …inform… support by spreading the word …

  • Roy Naufal

    one good reason we’re working hard to get that show going on radio one as step 1
    step 2 to get into those talkshows and try to clear the image of ‘satanism’
    step 3 is with big quality events which attracts more ppl (compared to low level underground events only fans would think of attending – and not much these days)
    step 4 online campaign with online zines
    and any other idea that comes to mind

  • Mario Mansour

    my suggestion, is to find a location for bands to play 😛
    we’re simply out of locations (cherry’s closed down/nova not accepting metal events anymore)
    La Cite/Tantra etc is too expensive for us to make an event on our own
    just saying if i want my band to go live we just need a place to play in 😛
    kinda off topic but yeah 😛

  • contractor

    not gettin profit ? then how did u get hail ? for free ? i doubt that..abt finacial support we all knw u dnt need any..nd abt summer fusion well okay maybe nt that expensive for this event but the events in nova 20 000?mafiya logic since in nova u dnt have to rent the place nd u wont get the bar nd u have a sound why 20 000 ? i understand that summer fusion u had to set up the stage nd the sound the bar the location the flyers so 25 000 its nt that much…nd abt the support that u are giving well i think most of the bands that are goin live in the big events bcz they have gd conections with rockring (wasta)we all knw that rockring nd the lebanese rock society are in gd i see that rockring only helps the big bands nd proffits of the smaller ones..a BIG example..HAIL are cming to lebanon rockring brought them so its logical that a band that is men rockring or friends with it to play nd at last btotla3 blood ink(no offence i think ur a gd band)bes am making a point..\\ maybe another band deserves it ? but didnt get the chance.bcz maybe they are nt in gd terms with rockring…..

  • Roy Naufal

    no we’re not getting profit, w in hail, but im putting all my personal money into the event 🙂
    and i took money from a friend to get their tickets(w eza bi hemmak ta3ref adde, 4000$)
    w eza kattaret btalle3le shi 500
    ive lost more money than gained in the last 3 yrs doing events
    and what do u know about my personal finances?:)

    in nova they take 14000 per person so that’s the rent, and we do get our own sound system there (which is extra cost just so we can improve the quality, we could svae money there and make profit,no?), and we pay the bands fixed fees (mesh 3al shakhes like usual), and the new bands we cant afford to pay, we offer them free recording and vids (which is extra work for us me/us, or extra cost, wa7de menon…)
    and sorry to object, but MANY of the bands that play with us wala kenna na3refon wala sa7be ma3on (still to date, most of them ktir 3ade, and we always are looking for new bands and actually bother and check bands practicign to see what good bands are out there), so abel ma tzet 7ake shmel yamin, know what ur talking about
    w regarding lebanese rock society…how many of those bands have u seen in the events we do? less than 1/2 of them, so ma khas “wasta”, we try to put good bands

    and about hail, yea, b2ellak yeha 3alana, i put my own band la2an ma badde wa3jit rass other bands “leh henne tol3o w mesh na7na” w hail only requested 1 band ablon, w i have all the right to my own band, that’s the least i can do to myself + we’ve only played once in the last 1.5 years, so kamen we do have the extra oppportunity considering every other band in the country has played more than us
    w we have no problem whatsoever with any bands, we work equally and neutrally with every band out there


    w again,read what i said above lsat sentence
    check your FACTS before talking

  • contractor

    well ur right abt ur personal financial i dnt knw…
    but i knw that nova a normal night is 15000 the orginaser takes 4000 LL 3al chakhes w 11000 for nova thas a 20000 thats 5000 plus so rockring is taking 9000 for the person nd i recall break the cycle ken fi chi 150 chakhes so rockring made 1 350 000 LL(te2riban) nd i dnt think the bands got paid..nd the extra sound didnt cost chi arib 3layon am sure so again ill tell u fi an amout of gain…
    abt the lebanese rock society : kaoteon (back to the roots) blackyum (back to the roots nd summer fusion) postmortem(back to the roots) trismoon(summer fusion)hole this year lets nt forget the last year w eli abla =]i dnt think hole 1/2 maybe fi other bes not on my mind now..
    and finally abt hail bala waj3it rass ? u could have made a competition by voting on bands eli fiyon yde2o ma3 hail so the bigest band with votes will nt saying that blood ink is nt up to it or smth bes am making a point abt leaving a door to other bands…
    its seems that rockring’s priority is rockrings bands..

    sorry for making a mess on the wall…

  • Rami Rouhana

    Contractor if you have worked for years to improve events and worked hard to get a band like Hail in Lebanon … the least thing you deserve is your band opening.

  • Evil

    most probably a good news or bad i dont know !!
    but ANATHEMA may be a part of TO DIE FOR’s SHOW , thats 99% for sure…!! but i dont know about the other 1%
    the question is , HAIL or Anathema and To Die for ???
    both may be kasra 3al 3alam yali mtle …and it may seem so cute to others who have extra 60$ daddy pocket money , and they also have 30$ to just chil with HAIL’s members so thats 90$ , if he went to the 3 concerts !!
    So back then we will see , i want from the organizaion of Lebmetal to open a discussion board on November 21 , to let us see , how is the metal scene in lebanon Devided!!!
    my personal opinion is , giving 30$ for Anathema and To Die for and one of the 2 BIG bands in lebanon who really worth it sharing stage with international band and not share it just because they have the money! TRISTMOON and WEEPING WILLOW will be a part of this show and its in Forum de beyrouth and a guaranteed international quality sound system is installed (checked the organizors other events ) he never failed in any of his concert organizing , bl 3akes He was the best at them all !!

    Hope you enjoy the weeek of metaaal lebanon will live!
    hope you support the true and not the one made out of money !
    i dont like to support FAKE PEOPLE , even if im only paying 30$ and im nothing but a 1 person plus in their events , they need each and every one of us!

    and for those who knew what peakhall was about will shut his mouth and not talk about improvement cause no one from this present generation was part of that community meanwhile!! except some people whom i respect as people!

    Thanks ,
    best regards ,
    lebanese metal fan from sweden!

  • contractor

    ramy rouhana wht u said dsnt make sense…(a band should be measured as their materials nd their stage capabilities)opening for an all star band is big..nd eza blood ink sarlon 1.5 year mech tal3in fi bands sarlon aktar mech tal3in..
    the point to get smwhere in lebanon is with ur strenght nd love of the music jst that nth else..(since u said wht u said u mean by it : roy bi he2elo yotla3 opening bcz he worked on improving the metalscene?(nt bcz his band deserve it on musical standarts ?hone betbayen el wasayet)

  • contractor

    plus i frgt abt the summer fusion part well blood ink stopped for 1,5 years then went on summer fusion with a playlist 1hour(te2riban) since all the bands tole3lon 30minz(te2riban)

    ROY:w we have no problem whatsoever with any bands, we work equally and neutrally with every band out there

    kay equally ? when blood ink had a crew on stage ma ba3ref kam member the fireworks nd the sound w the playlist…perfect line up..

  • roy naufal

    about nova i got the numbers wrong, betzakkar it was 5000 or 6000/person for organizer w u said 20,000, here’s the fact:
    break the cycle entrance was 16000, we got 5000 per person
    so 150 ppl * 5000 = 750,000 = 500$
    we paid the bands 300$
    we rented 4 martin audio speakers and 2 double 18 inch martin audio subwoofers + their amps
    u tell me how much these cost to rent
    which leaves barely 100$ profit
    w hayde not considering phone costs w fuel costs and even time cost…
    and we’re a group of 4,
    u find that profit?
    hala2 eza 3am betshere3ne w jeye t2elle eno we’re not supposed to make any money w hayda l shi ghalat, i have nothing else to say

    about tlrs,
    last yr w li abla ma ken fi tlrs nor were we friends with most of the bands w mtal3in alot of new bands , so if u wanna argue about that w cant see it , kamen i have nothing to say
    gheir hek, if we want to make a big event mafroud ykoun fi enough known bands ta yeje 3alam,those known old bands are in tlrs…w btw, in tlrs mesh ya3ne we’re friends and hang out everyday, which eitherway is irrelevant
    in summer fusion the 1st 4 bands, are those tlrs? no

    a competition is a waj3it rass and needs time and preparation
    w hala2 jeye tshere3ne 3ala this 1 event we’re playing in ?
    and i also think we’re of level to play
    look shwa at a broad angle, not a narrow one
    w if rockring’s aim are rockring bands, then how come we’re always looking for and seeking out new bands? aw kamen kellon hol rockring bands we dont know of
    w in that other event fi tristmoon w weeping willow, both are in tlrs
    there wasnt any competition or anything…why don’t u ask them why didnt give chance to other abnds?

    in summer fusion we played 40 mins, 10 mins more than the other bands
    if any other band sarla that long time mesh tal3a, we would have given the same amount of time…mesh wasta wala shi, there’s a valid reason,
    and for the record, i dont make decisions alone, we’re a team
    w about what we did on stage, we did all that on our own effort and cost, ma khas wala rockring wala l event, and we paid for it…every band ela 7a2 ta3mol l badda yeh…last yr blaakyum put fireworks on stage masalan
    and we had a shitload of sound problems, 1 guitar ma ken masmou3 abadan , sound setup ken metelna metel ghayrna,mesh eno ken fi shi extra…ya3ne maybe the only advantage eno im a sound engineer w our guitar sounds are pre-fixed men abel l event…is that wrong? no

    regarding the forum event,
    i hope it works out…both events came in tight w last minute w neither can be changed bcs of contracts signed months ago…it’s not that easy
    w if ur talking about money, the organizer of the event owns forum and his monthly salary is probably equivalent to all my savings

    so again, get ur facts straight !
    i would like to take this discussion on the side instead of messing up this wall,
    at least maybe u have something u could suggest if u find what we’re doing is so wrong
    we’re fully open to new ideas
    but stop putting in wrong facts as ur arguements, at least get them right first
    then suggest something to do about it
    u can msg me on facebook if u wish

  • Dr.Dre

    wow nice comment guys but u didnt even bother talkin about the event why?
    u just kept on fightin Contractor and roy what the fuck is wrong between u too guys werr?
    and btw roy in ur last comment u told contractor to msg u on facebook right but i dont think he is going to do that cause he doesnt want anyone to know him right?
    zake el sabe….
    peace….btw ma7adda ma3o 7a2 both of u have fun….

  • Roy Naufal

    well it’s his choice

    he’s stating assumptions
    im stating facts

  • contractor

    again MR.dre if u called this a fight .. then u know nth abt having a discussion abt smth abt my nickname well chu rah tefro2 eza 3eref or not min ana ? nd plus fo sure i wont msg him on facebook this topic could never end maybe my assumptions were right or wrong we could never know the facts if they are right.nd abt his work hes free to do whtever he wants its his organisation its his team…


  • Lucidity

    roy ma te7ke 3anel choice of security 😛
    because in summer fusion you got this group wearing “marines” shirt checking if we got razorblades under our tongues 😛
    gher heik yeah i actually didn’t know about the metal injection event, i think each person who thinks about promoting an event should consider not promoting it ONLY on facebook, because most of the people who would actually attend are those who don’t enjoy pressing the “Attending” RSVP

  • Rami Rouhana

    Well Lucidity you can keep checking Lebmetal … you shouldnt miss any big event !

  • Lucidity

    one more thing roy, do you know that the 20 000 tickets sold for dubai rock fest are all foreigners,aslan do you actually know that citizens form only 20% men dubai’s actual population? ino that was a bad example gher hek full support to you , nigga.

  • Hello everyone…

    been reading the reviews around here and very very surprised how the general atmosphere is.
    Used to be part of the Four Season party attendees the scene was very small and there were issues with the government. Been away for a while from the scene and actually going into more electronic/extreme electronic sounds. Part of the local crew called Kaotik System who organized Drumcorps event during the same day of the the above event.
    By reading the above, i say the only problem you guys have is internal. I wonder how things would work with such attitudes towards each other. The middle eastern mentality is not helping you to cooperate and help each other and make the scene grow.

    You guys should thank that you are able to attend and do concerts, back then they used to bust our apartments looking for posters/ cds… is that improvement?
    Just put aside your egos and all will work…hopefully

    Good luck

  • roy naufal

    thank you!