Review Of Bandage and Moonlight gig at Nova Pub
Oct 20th 2009 Mary Maksoud Event Reviews

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Bandage and Moonlight at Nova Pub October 17 2009.

  • By Mary Maksoud

The anticipation of everyone for the event was a good sign… It made the bands come up with more life on the stage and more energy to give out!I would like to point out that The Ring did not play due to some last minute problems but that was very disappointing because it made Moonlight and BandAge a bit frustrated since they had more time to fill with their own playlists and the plan was changed only minutes before the concert.

However, seeing the circumstances that they had to face, both bands managed to set the night on fire! The event was overall successful with a relatively good attendance considering the event that was taking place at La Cité at the same time. The only thing that was truly annoying about the night was the air conditioning which felt like some prehistoric ice age freezer!



The band’s start off was with with a guitar solo that merged into Smoke on the Water where the audience was so happy… and then to their surprise, songs started merging into one another in a very very creative and well organized way. From Smoke on the Water to RoadHouse Blues and so on… The band offered a variety of set that was perfectly harmonious.Despite the couple of technical problems they faced that made the girls a bit tensed they managed to deliver a good show and very good first performance.The music was covering up on the vocalist’s voice sometimes but I’m so glad with the choice of style because it suits her voice perfectly, she gave the songs quite the nice feel.


Well this is the band that I don’t know where to start talking! Flawless, perfect, feelings, all of these fail to describe their show last night. I’m pretty sure this was the band’s best show yet, with Roland Azar back on keyboards and Issam Abdel Nour the band is just so harmonious that it makes your neck skin crawl! And Nathalie as usual never fails to bring her own touch and essence into the songs!I really cannot say more than PERFECT job.However we will have a short interview with Nathalie soon to have her reveal the couple of changes the band will be undergoing.

  • By Rami Rouhana


Moonlight, the all girls band is a starting band. Their first performance was good. They faced some technical problems and mixing problems. As for the vocalist; the volume was low at first and the second guitar was off probably due to connections. The Vocalist is talented and her voice suits the music. Drummer is good with a consistent beat, few mistakes and an apparent blend of music genres especially with a reggae ending. Lead guitarist shows technical abilities but needs to master the solos. They all need to practice more with each other and with a metronome for better synchronisation. They have chosen some difficult material for a start and added a personal touch which is good. They are promising!



While thinking about reviewing Bandage performance i found my self unable to talk about anything , barely any comment to say but here is a few I managed to extract from my brain. Bandage performance was beautiful with the new lineup. The performance of bonjovi’s shot true the heart is definitely beautiful and exiting but i find it barely fitting the rest of the playlist. The new guitarist Mr. Issam Abed El Nour performed every track of pink floyd amazingly,I have never heard such performance before.Light my fire by the doors was an unexpected track well played, I was surprised how Nathalie’s voice was perfect for it. I find it great that Bandage are broadening their scope of bands to cover reintroducing the new generation to the old great bands. Come together by beatles is another good example with the added solo it turned out far better than the original.Two Pink floyd tracks ended the gig. Confortably numb last track played showed Issam’s HUGE talent that reminded me of an amazing long solo recorded in PeakHall for the same track probably 15 years ago.(Maybe it was Issam himself )


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  • PS

    too bad i missed the concert! though i wanted to attend it! never mind! im pretty sure bandage would be perfect 😀 though they will never sing my fav. Pink Floyd song :S

    Keep singing 😉

  • Kaiser

    Regarding the review about Moonlight, I didn’t like it one bit. The girls did a great job and the only problem faced was a technical issue as usual in every gig -_- And theres no way in Hell that the Lead Guitarist needs to improve her solos; she solo’d better than the original song that’s a fact. I wonder who writes these reviews jeez…

  • Rami Rouhana

    Easy Kaiser. I am one of those who write the reviews as clearly mentioned. Some things in the reviews are arguable and some are not. There is nothing personal in what we write,we comment objectively.

  • Somebody

    I would like to clarify that Moonlight played smoke on the water after the inro and not Black Night ! Reviewers should pay more attention next time ! Too many grammar mistakes in the review !!

  • Rami Rouhana

    Thank you for your feedback somebody.

  • Kaiser

    Sorry I didn’t mean to attack but I thought someone from the crowd wrote the review I just dubbed it unfair with those errors.
    I’ll be looking forward to more on Moonlight if you guys don’t mind! It’s beautiful having female musicians playing beautiful music and not to mention hopefully it will encourage more females to take part in the Rock/Metal scene. Again, apologies if I hinted any attacks =P

  • SerJ Panossian

    hehe,trust me kaiser we dont mind listenin to your oppinion.Now even though i wasnt there (i wish i made it) but i think 70% of the moonlights fans are interessted in this band cz they are seeing in front of them somethin really rare here in lebanon,somethin called *100% female band*,lets just say you gave this same playlist to a *male band*,no one will get much like seein moolight … anywho that they wer great,but wer talkin about “NOVA” here, the sound is *OK*,plus the guitarist is pretty gd,saw her perform once or twice …

  • Rami Rouhana

    No Serj . Nova has changed most of the sound system (the decoration to). The sound is “good”.

  • jackob

    I think serj cleared a gd pt there my friendthe thing is that the lebanese peops are gettin attracted by the “1st female band”,i think its overated,they are just gd as anyone else in this style,saw the show,the guitaris,t “cynthia” is amazing.

  • SerJ Panossian

    I know that they changed the sound system rami,was there with u and the gang when alan azar played with along side with the ring … bass ba3do *ok*
    and yeh jakob,that a fact …

  • Rami Rouhana

    NEIN ! *Good*

  • Omar

    I’m sorry but i have to say that Moonlight isn’t like any other band ! they mixed songs together they also added a bass n drum part and a reggae part from their own ( Starstruck – Rainbow) which showed creativity ! they ddnt play covers metel ma henne. The sound bel nova wasnt very helpful for the musicians also..they are a very special band and we should start thinking of supporting everyone ! cheers.

  • Rami Rouhana

    I wish people would read the hole review before commenting .

    Please note that moonlight is reviwed twice not once . so when you read “Bandage ” its no the end of moonlight review …

  • SerJ Panossian

    I wish people would read the hole review before commenting . <—-

  • BandAge

    Thank you Lebmetal crew for the reliable reviews and stunning photos!

    Moonlight did a great job on the their first appearance.
    I am so proud of every one of them 🙂

    I would also like to thank Issam A.El Nour and Roland Azar for their spectacular performance, and for becoming a part of BandAge’s line up.

    Keep up the good work guys!
    Support the Lebanese Rock Scene!

    Nathalie J.