Lebanese Rock Censorship
Nov 15th 2009 Patrick Saad Miscellaneous

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Metalheads are always considered among many as the outcasts of society, and that’s because we always to speak out against injustice, oppression and retarded social bullshit.

Still, most modern societies have accepted the fact that you cannot silence millions by oppression, imprisonment, or intimidation, and have respected the right of freedom of speech and the right to pursue your own ideologies.

I would like to address this certain matter which occurred some days ago in Lebanon, and which involves an official statement from the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools concerning the final day of the Beirut Rock Festival 2009, which involved these bands: Tristmoon, Weeping Willow, To/Die/For and Anathema.

This is a screenshot of the actual statement:

General Secretariat of Catholic Schools Statement

General Secretariat of Catholic Schools Statement

First I’d like to tackle some naming errors, mainly the title of the event, which translates to The Beirut Rock Dancing Festival which is rather funny since dancing was attributed to the 50’s era Rock n Roll > Elvis. Another error is “To/Dye/For” which is actually “To/Die/For“.

The main issue to be discussed however are the ridiculous accusations of satanic rituals, “spreading the death culture” and the masterpiece “no cameras allowed because of their fear that someone witnesses what will happen”. The first argument I’d like to make is that hundredsof men and women had cameras (professional/cell cameras), as well as the OFFICIAL & PROFESSIONAL shooting of the event, to be broadcasted on LEBANESE LIVE TELEVISION. Therefore the argument of ‘no witnesses present’ is wrong, and I won’t even bother to talk about the satanic rituals idea, since that is utterly absurd, unimaginable and simply outdated.

The argument that drugs are going to be distributed during the event shouldn’t be even mentioned here because the risk of that happening is the same during a local basketball game, an Arabic pop concert or any large gathering of people, and we don’t see any statement from the Secretariat telling parents to prevent their kids from going to a basketball game. Parents should trust their kids to make the right decisions, since oppression will only push them to do bad things.

Any real Rock fan would also know that both these international bands are far from the standards of ‘extreme’, so any speculation that they might be involved in any ‘dangerous activity’ is simply hilarious.

Finally, I would like to say that the Secretariat has an opinion of its own, which we should respect simply because we believe in Freedom of Speech, but opinions which involve accusations should always be backed up by facts, or else everyone would accuse every organization in this country of corruption simply because of some few bad apples in the bunch.

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  • Elie Da32our

    Retarded country!!
    besides aoun or geagea ma byofroz rasson!!

  • Jad Jawhari

    Because of this letter sent to the parents i have reached a conclusion that can be summed up in two statement: “You can’t change the ignorant you can only ignore them.” and ” The worst sin of them all is Ignorance”

  • Avigo

    Perfectly said!! I think its just the ignorance of the lebanese that is driving them into the accusations , if they atleast knew the meaning of the word “Goth” they wouldnt talk about satanic rituals!

  • SakoS

    Such an UNEDUCATED fool !! Such a pity that he has been assigned as the head of the Catholics, I can honestly say FUCK YOU with all my heart to him who wrote this note !!!

  • Mary


  • ma7fouz

    they are preaching this statement in our skools, pat u should have mentionned drugs that occur in other events notably trance events, with respect to all genres of music because distribution of LSD, xtc , pills and lots of other drugs is always present and in excess during these events . a pitty how spiritual guides see the music that we listen to with all those whores running around in the arab music industry.
    and satanic rituals ? pfff their arguments are weak and thoughts simply limited by the corrupt system they are following

  • Great article there. To me, it doesn’t come as a surprise, it’s been like this since ever, and as always on a proportionally equal amount of retardation. Trying to rationalize with those people has always been a waste of time

  • Anthony Tannous

    Well, i just hope one day and asap these peoples and specially the Big Dogs in this country, could just take a look from our side and just try to realize what are we going threw specially with our society. Anw, that piece of statement is just crap and Bull Shit. When you wanna complain about something, bring evidence with it or just shut the fuck up !

  • It’s about time for a decent reply to those ignorants..
    Well done guys, respect

  • Rishar

    It seems such a shame those who anointed social position of respect (priest, cardinal, nuns, and ect…) seem to take stances of ignorance. This is not say that all religious representatives feel the same way. But a sad thing I see occurring is because of their social status this ignorance becomes widely accepted (the norm). Those who claim knowledge and have the power to spread it should at least look up terms they are using ex – Satanic and “Death Culture” (to my knowledge there is no Death Culture, if someone could enlighten me about this please do).

    In summation, ignorance is the only sin.

  • Jad Jawhari

    In addition to that. Let me just say that the idea of fearing death is to some extent an idea brought by religion. Hypocrisy ?

  • Rami Rouhana

    “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sens,reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use ” Galileo Galilei

    A msg for some People : Please use your sens,reason and intellect ! whatever God Intended !

  • Nizar Hawat
  • rayan aziz

    man,i am soo dissapointed.Who would hire such an ignorant human being to represent catholics.Rock/metal is real music and anyone who opposes that is ignorant.But we need to accept the fact that some people have no intelligence or sophistication.Also what the ignorant parents do not understand is that if their kids really wanna do drugs they will find a way and not in a freaking heavy metal concert.

  • Rami Rouhana

    We should not hide that there is alot of antichristian music in Metal and anti religion in general … but that is only a small part of Rock/Metal … same as there is anti christian poems … Does that mean that people should not write poems? …. there is anti christian movies … does that mean that we should not make movies nor whatch any ?

  • sam

    the only think we can say for those who are attacking us is:


  • Nizar Hawat
  • mario

    Good rational answer to this stupid and somewhat childish accusation.

  • Patrick Ziade

    Very well written article pat.
    I Liked the Aristotle approach , and I specifically enjoyed the Jesus Christ quote.
    It should be a reminder to everyone, that most of us christians do not follow Christ’s teachings,
    and that even priests are humans, and are bond to make errors. Most priests I know aren’t like that,
    and I really love to make it clear to people , that perhaps this is a common thought among the school priests,
    however it isn’t for others.
    The problem is simple : Lack of education and knowledge. They are not to be blamed.
    They don’t know what rock/metal is…. Why don’t you guys show them ?
    Bashing some school priests will not make our image any better.
    Ever considering taking this case to the media ? Ever considered making a special tv show, where
    you could raise the awarness ?
    The internet is not a solution. Tv is.
    Again, thank you pat for that greatly written article , always a pleasure to read them.

  • SchizoBoo.

    i strongly agree with Rami Rouhana, anti-christianity is found in every form of expression, it’s sctually funny how “they” choose to attack this particular one, and druggs can be obtained at any given place from local basketball games to metal concert to trance events, where about 10 people bi rou7o fia overdose!

  • Patrick

    Thanks everyone for your comments, I appreciate them. Hopefully we can come up with some actions to answer these accusations publicly , actions supported by everyone in the metalscene.
    Oppression should be fought; it’s our right as human beings.

  • Rami Rouhana

    From Wikipedia ( Goth subculture) “Al koutyiine” 😛

    Goths, in terms of their membership in the subculture, are usually not supportive of violence, but rather tolerant. Many in the media have incorrectly associated the Goth subculture with violence, hatred of minorities, and other acts of hate. However, violence and hate do not form elements of goth ideology; rather, the ideology is formed in part by recognition, identification, and grief over societal and personal evils that the mainstream culture wishes to ignore or forget. These are the prevalent themes in goth music

  • Ashley

    Very well argued Patrick!

  • Steph

    what can i say….we live in a f***ed up stupid society!!

  • Mia

    Great job Patrick !!!

  • Patrick Saad

    Thanks, still I would have liked if ‘serious’ and direct actions were taken in this matter, such as a press release of some sort, something official, not to remain underground among us music fans …

  • Patrick Ziade

    Where does Rockring and the likes stand on this matter ?
    Come on Roy , use your connections

  • Hady Naal

    ignorance is a disease … nicely done !

  • Sammy

    I rather enjoyed the rituals (a)

  • a metalhead from lebanon

    kess o5t hl balad ba3d na2ess tniko l mousi2a they said : you should be proud and love your country _l_ _l_