March of the Cross
Nov 24th 2009 Anthony Abdo Band/Album Reviews

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Greetings, my name is Anthony Abdo, I’m a guitarist/composer, I play bass and drums as well. I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the Lebanese University. Music and medieval history are my main interests, I’m a Metal fan and I appreciate all type of arts.


March of The cross” is a song that I wrote a year ago, its one of many Symphonic Metal songs that I composed, my passion toward the Medieval history encouraged me to write it, the idea behind it, is the constant fight between different religions over a place called “The Holy Land“. March of the cross is a 10 minutes track, divided into several musical sections which place you in different moods, I tried to make it as dynamic as possible, using multiple scales with a lot of time signature variation.Due to the lack of material, I had to record it in a “RSE midi” format.

My main project is to form a Symphonic Metal band with these influences, I’ll be aiming for Live Performances and Demo Recording.Concerning the members, I’ll be searching for a Female and male (Growler) vocalists, a Drummer with a strong “Double Pedal” Technique, a Creative Keyboardist, and a bassist. I might be looking for a Violinist and a Cellist too, so anyone with a strong musical background is most welcome to help me out.I will be happy to answer any questions related to this matter,  just contact me at

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Anthony Abdo

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March of the Cross
  • ma7fouz

    good luck with the band!
    i adore the theme too !

  • Mike

    (Y) and i agree with ma7fouz, nice theme.Still in Lebanon, bands lack diversity regarding genres like Folk and Gypsy…

  • RogeR

    nice song! stay heavy \m/

  • RogeR

    great song

  • Anthony Abdo

    Thanks to all of you.
    Someone told me that this “Theme” will be offended, especially here in Lebanon, especially by religions other than Christianity, since I’m talking about the Crusades and religion in general. Well, I hope audience in Lebanon will try to comprehend the idea behind the songs or at least read the lyrics before judging, because I’ll be describing the good work and the dreadful work done by Christianity in the Middle-ages.
    I personally feel mortified by some of it acts and decisions. Despite all that, we can’t ignore the power and the might of the Crusades, and the Fear conferred to all. Besides, my personal opinion will be excluded from my songs, I will talk history and I’m ready for any sort of discussion in this matter.
    Thanks again for your support and IN HOC SIGNO VINCES …

  • Charbel Kareh Nocturna

    nice music bro 🙂