Peter Murphy | ‘Dust’ (2002)
Nov 4th 2009 Rami Rouhana Band/Album Reviews

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Who is Peter Murphy ?

Peter John Murphy (born 11 July 1957, near Northampton, England, raised in Wellingborough, England), is the vocalist of the rock group Bauhaus who later went on to release a number of solo albums, such as Deep, Dust and Love Hysteria.

Dust is one of Murphy’s best albums released in 23 april 2002. Murphy collaborated with the Turkish artist Mercan Dede on the album Dust and have mixed in this album alot of oriental music influence. It is mainly considered and oriental ambient music definitly with the dark lyrics and ambience.

The album was released through Metropolis Records.Metropolis Records is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based record label, distributor, and mail-order store specializing in the electro-industrial, synthpop, futurepop, darkwave, and gothic musical genres. (

You would ask why article about ambient music on a rock/metal website. There are two reasons for posting this article.

First: Most of metalheads with various tastes of music like to broaden their knowledge and discover new artists that take music to new boundaries. In a former post I have discussed Karl Sanders from Nile side project and the Ex-Black metal band Ulver.

Second: Peter Murphy was vocalist of Bauhaus gothic Rock band which was one of the pioneering bands in goth music which led to todays gothic Metal and then symphonic metal.


The Album contains 9 tracks lasting 74 minutes.


I will not say each track is unique , they are not! I find each track a continuation of the other but in a new mood, mostly a dark one. You will be taken into a spiritual world reflecting the orient’s old relms and culture. Some tracks seems to have a religous influence and mainly an islamic touch as Peter converted to Islam in the 1990s and moved to Turkey with his wife.He has somehow grasped the oriental spirit and learned about us middle easterns and maybe discovered alot of things we dont even know about our selves.

The lyrics are all with much mystic and philosophie. Peter’s personal favorite track is Your Face.

In few words Peter describes deep emotions and a state of mind , an obsession by his lover lily. He seems to imagine her existence and she seems to be a representation of lust and love.

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  • Nizar Hawat

    Peter Murphy’s music and composition is great however i do find the tone of his voice a bit “genante” [in french]. I enjoy the mood of his songs (new style not widespread and common yet) and lyrics from what I have read in this sample are also deep, meaningful and differ form the pool of today’s commercial love music and lyrics (or whatever they are called) and as RAMI mentioned a bit philosophical. Listening more to it or even attending his live performance (Beirut Rock Fest 09 – I guess) would help dissolve the little bitterness in his voice.

    Keep those article flowing guys!

    PS: i was introduced to PETER MURPHY in the “lebanese gothic rocker” weekly band recommendation as well as the LEBmetal Grapevines talking.

  • SerJ Panossian

    the rock group Bauhaus <— ts2 ts2 … its post punk or goth rock u might say

  • rassi

    yeh you should’ve mentioned the punk influences in the music.. good review though

  • rassi

    or technically post-punk like serj mentioned.. kello byerja3 lal punk bl ekher ;p