LebMetal Night at La Cite on December 26th 2009
Dec 14th 2009 admin Events

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After a great success on “All Hollows Eve”, LebMetal.com presents “LebMetal Night” on Sat 26th Dec at La Cite, Jounieh.

Tickets Sold @ The Entrance for only 10$.

Like the name might suggest, our event will be centered around as many metal sub-genres and varieties as possible with six bands:

  • Line-up

Alan Azar’s Band – Progressive Rock/Metal
Oblivion – Heavy Metal
Engraved – Death Core
LeVeL 7 (ex-Overload) – Groove
Vritian – Black Metal
Victims Of The System (V.O.T.S) – System Of A Down Tribute

Band selection was achieved following a thumb rule of gathering as much tastes from as different geographic locations as possible ranging from Hamra, Berj Hamoud, Jounyeh, all the way to Byblos with a criteria of the event location being almost at one distance from all.

This event is hosted by Randi From “Rock on Radio” – Radio One.

LebMetal Night

LebMetal.com will set a draw on a “FREE STYLE BIKE” & a Lebmetal.com t-shirt, you just have to share a comment on the LebMetal Night link: http://www.lebmetal.com/2009/12/05/lebmetal-night-at-la-cite-on-december-26th/, the draw will be Live at the concert by the host. (prizes are separate aka we are going to have 2 winners).

LebMetal.com is recruiting new talented writers, reviewers, graphic/web designers, so just go and sign your name and email on the LEBmetal.com stand at the concert, plus check: http://www.lebmetal.com/submit for your own article submissions.

961 Beer will be sold at the bar, 1 for 3000L.L and 2 for 5000L.L


The event would be properly announced on both “radio-one”(Rock on Radio – Interview with the Lebmetal.com Staff included) and “mix-fm”(Nemr abou nassar) rock shows, allocated for rock and metal music which specifically addresses its message to a long left behind category of music lovers.


Gates open at 7:00 pm, the bands Will Start At 8:30 pm sharp. Lebmetal.com will be also covering the event (interviews and photos will be posted on the web later on)

Thrash Storm will be selling their demo at the event!

This event is sponsored by :961 beer || Perla Printing Press || BYBLOSRock On Radio – With Randi Stephan from ‘Radio-One” || Riff Grill – BYBLOS || “Moonphase” – BYBLOS – will be selling amazing shirts and gadgets, make sure you check it out http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=739610404#/group.php?gid=120118782036&ref=mf

For transportation from Saida contact MJ: 03930269

For transportation from Hamra (beyrouth) please check this link http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=351639385292&ref=ss.

LebMetal.com needs your support!

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  • Rollercoaster

    that’s pretty interesting 🙂
    AM IN

  • Elie Da32our

    hope it will be a blast:D

  • Patrick G


  • claud

    that will b so fucking crazy \m/

  • Yeghig

    This Concert is gonna be awsomee ! 😀

  • Hisham Sharafeddine

    i hope leb metal keeps up the good work and provide us with more bands, either local or international. Anyway, hope it will be a blast 🙂

  • Karim Nassar

    Looking forward to see VOTS!!! its about time someone played something for system!

  • dana Nat.

    im commenting for the draw on the concert on the 26th. Hope the concert rocks and hope we all have a good time /m\

  • Mazen Faloughi

    will definitely be there
    I hope I win the free style bike too 😀

  • RawadAN

    oh it will be a blast :D!!!!

  • Mj Malulein

    Alan Azar , Engraved and VOTS \m/
    I hope that Vritian wont disappoint us .
    lookin forward to hear the other bands.

  • Steven Rizk

    Cant wait :D:D:D \m/

  • Nizar Hawat

    hehe… i am a lebmetal staff and i still wish i could win either one of the prixes :p

  • SerJ Panossian

    me 2 😛 hahah kiddin 😛

  • lucid

    hah freestyle bike nice , im in right?

  • Ramy

    dammit first of all awesome site,,, !!! 🙂 ,, Great web Designing ,, keep up the GR8 Work Guys 🙂

  • hihihi

    wil khasr yhezz

  • hawat giscard

    bade amis lol!! fi 3ala 2yese hehehhehe….
    btw Nicely done guys … Hope to bee a bless !!

  • dana Nat.

    you know i just reread what was writen for the concert and all i can do is imagine how awesome its gunna be . i hope VOTS play “CHOP SUEY ” i love this song x] owh and “chic’n’stu” im geting more excited by the second =D rock on people, rock on -saluts- xp \m/ /m\

  • Roy Naufal

    serj,ma tensa l man2oushe 😛

  • Alan AS

    good luck ! peace

  • dana natout

    7addidlo ya bjibni aw za3tar aw … saj wala 3ade? w pepsi 3ajanab xp sry etda5alit bs zaha2

  • Mohammed Malulein

    Just putin my real name for the draw

  • SerJ Panossian

    Dana: vots will cover songs from toxicity – system of a down – steal this album —-

    Roy: Mech nesse 😛 (cheese+7ar*armane*+ khedra 😛 )u better show up bakkir 😛

  • Rishar

    Baddi bike ^^ “insert comment here”

  • Patrick Awad

    AWESOME !!!!
    keep up the gd work lebmetal , i really appreciate how u make the metal scene here becomes more and more developped !

  • KiT0

    Great Event … Support lebmetal 😛

  • Mazen Bloodlust

    V R I T I A N \m/ HAIL !!!!

  • adel hamra

    can’t wait…

  • jad

    cant wait to destroy :p

  • samer medakka

    Samer Medakka

  • Dana Halabi

    Am I eligible for the draw? 😛
    I want the shirt :P…3al 7altein here’s my comment.
    Wish I could be there and good luck to the bands 🙂

  • SerJ Panossian

    dana if u won,ill send it DHL 😛 HAH dont u worry 😛

  • Charbel Kareh Nocturna

    Good Luck 🙂
    Looking Forward For Alain Azar and VOTS !
    see u

  • kevin assaf

    akhou manyouke XD

  • dana natout

    only from that album ? o.o pf very as long as it rocks ^^

  • Hassan

    Gd luck!

  • Jad S.

    \m/hope i win:P

  • Nizar Hawat

    akhou man 😛

  • Maroon Haykal

    real name also for the draw 😛 rock on guys it’s gonna be a blast \m/

  • Nassab Radwan

    keep it metal i’m in for the draw btw :p \m/

  • Georges Roukoz

    rock on crazy bastards \m/ i’m in for the draw 2 keep it heavy keep it metal \../

  • Maroon Haykal

    i’m in guys keep it metal let me in the draw 2 my little sis needs a bike :p rock on \m/

  • Patrick Gemayel


  • Avigo

    Best of luck!


    n ur gonna perform too serjio soooooooo comiiiiiing 🙂

  • Joe Choufany

    I Really need a freestyle bike!! Like seriously 😛


    serj ma 3melet comment la fut bl sa7eb 😛 3am bshaji3 eh??? 😛 ba3den ekher marra tlo3et 3a bicyclette fakket ra2bete 😛

  • Terry Chalouhi

    I knw u guys worked soooo hard for this soo i wish u all the luck and i have a gd feeling that it’s gna be fkin awsome!! \m/
    As for the bike…yeeee im in the draw too y not:P?? Haha:P

  • This is comment to enter the draw 😛

    hehe just kidding, good luck guys, i’m gonna try my best to make it 😀
    Serj you’re playing without me eh? hehehe

  • Mario Saliba

    Riff Grill \m/ lol
    *steps into the draw*

  • Drako FOG

    I could use a shirt since the syrians in Our neighborhood are begining to steal people 😀

  • Rudy Fares

    kewl…gd luck 2 all

  • Sixpounder

    I would like to enter the draw!

  • bla5 bla5

    wezz 3aynak wezz !

  • Joe Choufany

    I know the concert is gna be awesome! but just one question what does rif grill have to do with it ?:P

  • Maroon Haykal

    cool \m/

  • claud

    i would like to win !! hope i will !

  • oliver darwish

    lookin forward to this concert

  • Nizar Hawat

    Rif Grill is a supporting sponsor joe… supplying food material for the LEBmetal staff and covering some expeneses of the performance.

  • Samer Lakkis


  • Steph Saliba

    Best of luck !

  • Steph Saliba

    c yew all there!!!!
    Vritian!!! m expectin much 4m yew ^^

  • Serj Panossian

    Maher, essmak 3al beb (simon,elie and u) and YES im playin without you 😛

    Mawiwi 😛 OK 😛

    Samer, ok ana kamen b7ebbak -.- ?! 😛

  • Dory Rizkallah

    Nic =)

  • Steph Saliba

    and 1 more thing…m sure gonna enjoy V.O.T.S ^^
    and another thing…m out cz m talkin too mch XP

  • dana natout

    everyone is excited bout VOTS and they have the right to ^^

  • Patrick Gemayel

    I’m excited about all the bands!


  • SerJ Panossian

    im glad that you guys are excited about VOTS 😛

  • Tareq fleyfel

    cant wait till the concert!! \m/ and winning! (Y)

  • Lebmetal unites the divided Scenes…
    Good Luck
    Green Pepper

  • jeanclaude khalil

    God Bless u LebMetal \m/

  • claud kanbar

    hope that i win this bike !! thx lebmetal

  • Antoine Abou JAwdeh


  • Riwa GHAWI

    Hoping for a great concert.. Hope VOTS play chop suey, it’s one of my favs for SOD.. Gona b a great night, i feel it!:P

  • Nizar Hawat

    comment # 72 Respect \m/

  • Mark Safiti

    Good luck !!
    cheers !!
    c u there !!

  • jad hani

    the bands performing are really great, i think its gona be a wild event

  • dana natout

    i just turned down 200$ to go to ur concert hope its up to my expectations >|


    \m/ METAL \m/ let’s MOSHPIT

  • chris S.

    \m/it was a fu*** awsome concert!! \m/

  • Jeskar

    2iyem … 😛