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Mar 10th 2010 admin Event Reviews

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  • Review by Jad Jawhari

I was looking forward to this event because the idea of it was new and it was a creative one. However, the event lacked the “karaoke”. I didn’t see a lot of people singing or choosing what to sing, there were many bands going up and playing 2 or more songs. However, the event gave a chance to newly rising bands to experience the stage. Some bands showed some potential and others sounded really annoying, the “Iron Maiden” tribute band was impressive, they managed to decently play some of Maiden’s best songs like: Fear of the Dark and Dance of Death. There was also a guitar performance by Fady BK who proved to have good talent.


The only bad thing about the event was the sound; sadly we have to accept that the sound at every Metal concert is going to be bad, organizers always fail to install a good sound system or even a decent one. There was also an important announcement from Elia Mssawir (from, he is currently filming a documentary about the Lebanese Metal scene and from what the teaser showed us the documentary is going to be a great one.

In conclusion, the event was fun and it was a new experience and it gave hope to new bands and made them feel that they aren’t left out.

  • Review by Rami Rouhana

As already mentioned by Jad there was not much Karaoke as there were bands filling most of the time. Well maybe because it’s the first Karaoke of its kind in Lebanon, not many people participated or even understood the concept the first place. Still the solution is simple; less bands and more promoting for the idea. Still the event was successful from some points of view:

1) People organizing (Jad Joubran and all who volunteered to help him) are not experienced in event organizing and still too young to handle such big responsibilities. Still they managed to come up with a decent organizing.


2) There was not enough money to efficiently fund the event so a hybrid mix of sound equipments was used to come up with the best sound possible… I noticed several channels used in amplifiers which caused some speakers to fail. Sometimes the sound was only on the main right channel (Jacks…). We could hear the music playback but not the performer.


Still Mr Roland Azar did a great job with what was available. Definitely a good sound engineer; tuned the sound frequencies/feed back / Reverb… at best it can be done.


3) The Idea was new and not much people were expected to attend. Still the number of attendees was good; I can estimate about 150 but I will leave it to Jad to give us the real number if counted.

As for Bands’ performance I can only mention few things that I mostly noticed: Frozen Flames Performed good… but all the time I was hearing “Are they copying Rock in Rio “. Many commented on the vocalist’s attitude on stage “So much Bruce “… Whatever the comments were, Frozen Flames made the crowd move!

Fadi BK performed good, still the sound of his guitar was low especially when he was giving it the best of what he learned in Kamasutra!

A couple soprano /Tenor sang Phantom of the Opera! The female singer had an amazing performance ! Amazing !… Amazing !

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  • Roy Naufal

    i think you guys should have mentioned a bit more details about the performers, only a couple were mentioned…for example the duo who did phantom of the opera did real gd, monarchy, eventhough last and when the sound kidna ‘gave up’, did quite well as well
    there were some 300 people there, not 150…

    i dont fully support jad’s over generalization

  • Nizar Hawat

    haha (Y)

  • soulforged

    Can i get the name of the female performer who covered phantom of the opera.
    If anyone can help me out, i’d appreciate it.

  • Jad Joubran

    Thanks guys for covering the event..
    just a quick reply:
    as roy said, there was 330 attendees.. if you combine all people working there it would count more than 400 people.
    The lack of `karaoke` was due to 2 major facts:
    -we had to start after 1 hour (lack of time)
    -and also there was only 11 songs registered and people left at 12:00-12:30 (we wanted to continue to 1:30) + I didn’t have time to download all the 220 karaoke song requests (there should have been lyrics on the LCD)
    The sound problem was related to funding (as Rami said)
    only 330 attendees for an event in a big location: Tantra… so the sound problem wasn’t from Roland Azar, but from the relatively cheap sound system.. but I couldn’t afford more, and I would like to thanks Roland Azar for giving the best out of this sound system and for Joseph el Hachem who installed the sound.
    Thanks for your support guys=D

  • Roland Azar

    The reason that I participated with Jad and shared my experience as a musician, sound engineer and a metal head at this concert was that I wanted to prove that the key to a successful concert is about musicians from the Rock/Metal scene working together as EVENT STAFF which include: organizers, sound engineers, sound system, light system etc.. All provided and approved by “US”
    I have recommendations concerning this subject for future events as to avoid mistakes
    *bands members
    *musicians (Rock/Metal scene)
    *organizers from groups such as: RockRing, Lebmetal and Lebanese Metal and LYC etc..)

    Should unite so we can form a standard list of minimum requirements to successful future events.

    Here is an example:
    The least we can do is to prevent probable events that might be organized by some business man out there using us to fill his pocket!
    We can unite by joining a music club such as (RockRing Music Club) that has already started his campaign, workshops, and meetings for a similar purpose.
    Thank you guys for your support as well. I enjoyed the performance of all the bands and artists that played at RMLB.

    Good luck!
    Metal Rules 

  • Jad Joubran

    soulforged she’s called karina shamseddine from Sayda.

  • Karina

    Hey, thank you guys, for complimenting my singing, feels great to hear that =)

  • Jad Joubran

    hahahha(6) intruder 😛

  • hihihi

    some band/performer reviews would have been nice

  • SerJ

    well, 1st event was okay … was expecting more karaoke .. bass meche l 7all , (the phantom of the opera DUO was amazing) cheers