Review | The Final Call
Mar 8th 2010 admin Event Reviews

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Ahmad Awad


Northern Winds

Before We Drop Dead

  • Jad Jawhari

Many people had high hopes for the event and many people also thought that it would be a success. Unfortunately, the event proved to be way below average because of its dysfunctional sound system and because it was badly organized. The sound system was horrible it was annoying at times, each band had to stop 2 or 3 times during a performance in order to get the sound “working”, at times the bass was too high at others the guitar was too low to a point that it couldn’t be heard! This happened with Oblivion and Thrashstorm. I, in my eyes, saw Oblivion’s guitarist go near the sound monitors and lowering his head in order to hear his playing! Another thing that was hilarious is when someone, a staff member, put music while Oblivion where playing which seemed to be extremely rude. I can’t judge the bands’ playing or their performance since there was no appropriate sound in order to do any judgment or to make any comment. Event organization requires a lot of planning and a lot of hard work and organizers should try their best to minimize any sort of error, and to foresee what might happen in the event, and they should pay most of their attention to the sound! No matter HOW good the concert is and no matter how it was planned, if the SOUND isn’t good the event will lose all its value and the organizers hard work would go in vain. It was sad to see such event head for a free fall, I hope the organizers learned from their mistakes and hopefully they will prepare for another and a much better event.


  • Rami Rouhana

Yes the sound was a Major issue at this concert! It was hard to enjoy any band’s performance. Takween’s performance seemed very short although it was the main band and the band behind the event’s organising. There was a good and somehow expected message said by Mr. Emile Moussalli (Takween’s vocalist and event organizer): “I know we are singing Jesus and I know we are not all Christians here, but there is something that unites us Christians, Druze and Muslim and its GOD”. The most interesting and catchy thing at the concert was a young year old baby, Emile’s daughter dancing on the Bass speakers next to the stage and headbanging!

  • Amer Alameddine

Along with the other fans and activists in the metal scene, I had anticipated this event for a long time with high expectations because the concert involved diversity. There were bands playing black metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, melodic metal, instrumental rock, and metalcore. However, it was a bit disappointing and a lot of people left unsatisfied. People have different motives to go to concerts, but what they all commonly want is to hear decent music. The sound was terrible taking away from the quality of the music. There was too much bass most time which got fuzzy and annoying to an extent that the guitar solos were generally unheard even by the guitarists themselves. This limited the bands from sounding the best they could. I personally couldn’t hear the music well enough to give an opinion about it. Another downside of the event was how someone cut the sound when Oblivion were playing and put music instead which was very unfair and offensive. Many people complained about this issue. Another bad thing I noticed was the disrespectful attitude that some of the security members treated the fans with, even the ones that were’t doing anything wrong.

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  • Jad Joubran

    I loved Rami Rouhana’s review…
    ma2o 7a2 100% about Emil mousalli’s message…
    enno despite the sound issues.. I was really impressed by the words he said…

  • Bahaa Zein

    gr8 article
    i hope the organizers learned from their own mistakes ,and go for better once


  • Nizar Hawat

    haha… l3ama hal2ad !?

    rami addeh 3omrah el benet (there is something missing) i guess.

  • Nizar Hawat

    min ken el sponsors , assistants w main organizers behind the event, anyone knows ?

  • Nizar its mentioned ” Year old baby ”

    As for organizer “Mr. Emile Moussalli (Takween’s vocalist and event organizer)”

  • Roy Naufal

    the organizers were takween themselves
    i believe this was “final call 6”,
    personally what i was most disappointed by was the fact that they setup a really high end and professional sound system but it TOTALLY went to waste ! so hopefully in the future things will work out better,
    i was also bothered by the fact of having the baby in the concert , it’s not a place for a baby (way too much smoke in a closed space + too much loud noise for a baby’s sensitive ears, i have previously comented about this so i hope it will be taken into considedration , for the baby’s sake)

  • Nizar Hawat

    young year old baby chou ya3neh ? ma fi chi fiya zabet lal jemleh.

    if its really young it should be called a fetus not a young year old baby and if she can walk (dance) than you must include a number before “XX year old” got it ?

  • Nizar : “Is this a “day” old comment ? ”

    I thought you read , speak and write in english …

  • Nizar Hawat

    i do !
    bass ba3dneh la halla2 ma fhemet addeh 3omra ?

  • Nizar Hawat

    btw min ken el sound tech. mr. aazar or someone else ?

  • Jad Joubran

    no nizar.. it wasn’t roland
    roland was for the sound engineer for the RMLB Karaoke event.. but sadly there was no budget to get a good quality sound so he tried his best to fix the sound..

  • Nizar Hawat

    then who was the sound tech. of the final call event ?

  • Ludwig Chelala

    Hey, i just stumbled upon those reviews and i have a couple of things to say.

    #1 The basis of all the problems was the guy we rented the sound system from(whose name i will not disclose). He was also supposed to set up an awesome lighting effects, but unfortunately he showed up with half the sound system, and no lighting!

    #2 The so called “Sound Technician” had no clue what he was doing, and refused to listen to us. He set up his gear at the right end of the stage with 2 monitors next to him, and how the heck could he hear what he’s doing?

    #3 About Oblivion’s issue, what the “Sound Technician” told us was that the wireless mic that Nigol was using had run out of battery, signal was going very weak, and the weird part is that he played music during their performance! i personally didn’t believe him but didn’t ask more about it.

    #4 Even though we were the main band of the night, we wanted to all the bands to be equal, with time and all, but unfortunately, we had to deal with a million “Ba3sat” that we got from various places…

    Anyhow, I would like to apologize for disappointing everyone, and we have definitely learned from what happened.
    Either do it correctly, or not do it at all.

    God Bless

  • Thank You for your comment Mr. Chelala

    Hope the next event will be better and I think it will.

  • these guys will never learn unfortunately. they made their money, now they’ll just appologize in the name of jesus and say that they learned from their mistakes and “hopefully, next final call will be much much better”
    sadly, if all that was true, they would’ve learned from their previous gig and made this one great. but they didn’t and they’re giving the same old excuses we all read in “excuses for dummies”, EXACTLY just like they did LAST time

    I hope this’ll be literally the FINAL call, because bands AND audience members are getting sick of getting screwed over and ripped off.

    thanks to takween, the self-proclaimed fake messiahs, for spreading lame and counter-productive religious propaganda

  • Ludwig Chelala

    #1 our profit goes to needy people
    #2 Jesus is always capitalized
    #3 try organizing a concert hopefully ma 7ada byeb3asak
    #4 more final calls are yet to come
    #5 show me any concert ticket for 10$ as we take
    #6 still haven’t recieved any negative comments from the audience saying they didn’t enjoy it, except you, so speak for yourself
    #7 we aren’t not a religious group, we don’t deal with religion, I personally am anti-religious, but we deal with real live faith, and we only spread what we have be blessed with.

    so much for supporting you metal scene.
    Simply, if you don’t like it don’t come. It is clear you wont accept our message so there is no reason for you to attend.

    All is not important, but just don’t forget that we love you and accept you as are, as He does 🙂