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May 31st 2010 Patrick Saad Event Reviews

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  • Kult

This death metal band (with members from BloodOath) had some sound issues in my opinion (being the first band and all, that couldn’t be avoided) but still they performed with full throttle throughout their set list. Kudos for guitarists’/bassist’s technical musicianship and for the vocalist’s powerful growls. On the other hand, although the drummer was impressive, the sound didn’t help him much (the sound engineer was still trying to “calibrate” the sound at this point so one could hear the double pedals sounding too high at one point then totally going off at another). Overall Kult’s show was pretty good but it still wasn’t something out of the ordinary.

  • Level 7

I’ve got to give some credits for this band’s energetic show. Although I’m getting less and less interested in groove/thrash metal nowadays, my opinion was overshadowed by the crowd’s reaction to this band’s performance! Regarding the sound, I’d say it was the best this night offered, although that can be considered as mediocre. Level 7 put on a decent metal show; I’m looking forward to hearing their original work.

Level 7

  • Engraved

These guys are one of the main representatives of the Lebanese Core bands and they make sure that fact is known in their live performances: people jumping and head-banging to the multiple breakdowns in every song. Still, some would argue about the repetitiveness of such patterns in a certain song (those are mostly non-core fans), but I shall give Engraved credits for their good musicianship, aggression and finally their solid live performance.

  • Venemy

The other main Lebanese Core band played an impressive show as well! They appealed to me more than Engraved since their songs had more melodic parts rather than full scale aggressive riffing and breakdowns. I personally wasn’t impressed with the vocalist’s crowd-interaction (saying “F#$% Me” repeatedly to the crowd was a bit childish and unnecessary), but I admired the guitar work (both melodic phrasings and solos).

  • V.O.T.S

V.O.T.S went on stage with their new lineup and were welcomed by a less than full attendance (time issues were catching up with the event organizers at this point). Nevertheless, I enjoyed this break from breakdowns while they played interactive songs such as S.O.A.D’s ATWA and Psycho amongst others. (Scars on Broadway and Rage Against the Machine). I personally enjoyed the guest performance by Alain Abi Sleiman on V.O.T.S’ cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in The Name Of”: that was a killer! I do have a little remark regarding their setlist: it requires good lead and backing vocal skills which many attendees commented on during Vots’ fun performance!


At this point, I’d like to apologize to Primal, the last band in this event’s lineup, for not sticking around to watch them perform. As I pointed out earlier, I didn’t like the organizers’ time management! The event started out late, which isn’t good for a +4 band event! Usually no event ends past 1 AM, but VOTS finished their set after 1 AM and I couldn’t stick around to watch the final band (which I guess ended their show at 2 AM?!). Anyways, for those who stuck around and watched that final band, please do give us feedback regarding their performance!

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  • Elie Da3kour

    nice review guyz

  • y3rvant0

    we did play 2 original tracks “demolition mission” and “natural born killer” for the second time live … and u can also find them on our official myspace :

    Yervant M

  • y3rvant0

    btw we r not groove/thrash .. we r more of a new wave of groove metal combined with some hardcore influences

  • Steph


  • Patrick

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
    And thanks for the clarification Yervant (originals); and let us overlook the genre naming dilemmas.

  • Mr.BK

    benej ana fakhour fik!:P

  • SerJ

    Oy, enjoyed playin along side my brothers *lvl 7 / engraved* … was fun, bten3ad i guess.

    (Ps: workin one the vocals / backup vocals) cheers guys

    sweet review … *5*

  • Apo “Primal”

    hey, i’m sorry but ur giving ur ideas and sharing it proudly with everyone, but isn’t an amatuer wrk to present an article or oppinion without finishing ur job completely, and waiting for someone, anyone to give his oppinion about other bands?! And when ur covering a show time shouldn’t be a matter 😉 just for info. thanks

  • Patrick

    I guess you’re a member of Primal, the last band which I couldn’t review.
    I appreciate your comment my friend, but show time does matter, especially when it’s past midnight and I live a bit way too far (had to share a cab with friends > if I stuck around that cab fee would have been all mine and I’m not that wealthy).
    On the other hand, it’s not a matter of professional vs amateur. I was a representative of LebMetal covering the event while no band / organizers offered any press pass so this review would be called volunteer work.
    Yet I’ll apologize one more time to the band and after all it’s not Primal’s fault nor LebMetal’s fault, it’s the organizers’ fault (and I guess you noticed than more than half of the crowd had left by the time you were about to play …).
    Best of luck …
    Patrick Saad

  • Fady Abourjeily (Bass Player – PRIMAL)

    Well I Assume One Of Two Things:

    1) PRIMAL Wasn’t Expected To Be Good Enough For The Crowd, Hence The Metal Scene And This Particular Review… Thus No Coverage, Not even At The Minimum Requested Levels!

    2) It Was Just A Non-Professional, Yet Unintentional Act From This Particular Review’s Writer Due To Technical and Time Related Issues…

    PROFESSIONALISM Can Be Hard.. But A Professional Always Finishes What A Professional Starts…

    Let’s Hope Future Events And Gigs Can Prove That My Current Opinion Is Wrong! 😉

    Everyone One Was Awesome, Especially LVL7..

    And Btw.. Yeah.. We Rocked The Scene Too, Should You Know!!!

    For More Info About That Night Plz visit Wall, Photos’ and Videos’ Gallery At:

    \m/ PRIMAL \m/

  • I liked the “Primal” comments.

    I think review is not easy and i have done it several times. Honestly its exhausting not always appealing to all readers. As for Primal review I think Patrick could not do it, but would not miss the chance on reviewing the event.

  • He eventually reviewed what he saw and politely appologised for not reviewing Primal.

    I sam sure there will be another review for another gig.
    P.S.: the work is professional when it is official.My fello Patrick presence at the gig was not as reviewerbut as attendee.

  • Apo “Primal”

    thanks alot for the clarification Patrick and Rami.

  • Patrick

    Dear Fadi, again it’s not a matter of professionalism! They do finish what they start since it’s their job and they are paid to do it (not doing it = getting fired!) O.o. I didn’t underestimate the band or anything, I just couldn’t stay until the show was over and go back home at 4-5 am O.o Anyways, there’s this one thing that I always wanted everyone in the scene to understand about LebMetal. We want to encourage people to comment (especially in these concert reviews articles) so that the bands themselves can get a variety of opinions from different ‘types’ of attendees … I wrote that in this article “Anyways, for those who stuck around and watched that final band, please do give us feedback regarding their performance!” to further stress the ability of attendees to review the bands themselves. After all, I’m a music fan and attendee myself, and I consider my reviews as personal effort in a plan to encourage people to talk about the reviewed event. Therefore, me being an author here isn’t a job … And finally, as you noticed, NOONE stepped up and mentioned a word or two about your performance … that proves that the scene is usually non-cooperative which is really sad given that the local sites have given all the fans a chance to express themselves (as you are now).
    I appreciate your respectful comments btw …

  • Fady Abourjeily (Bass Player – PRIMAL)

    Thanks Mate.. I Appreciate That Honest Reply.. But As You Probably Know An Opinion Must Be Stated No Matter What!
    I Do Agree Abt The Non-Cooperative Fan Base.. And If Any Help Could Be Provided, PRIMAL Is And Always Will Be Ready To Assist!