Review | Eruption Live at Mon General
Jul 30th 2010 Patrick Saad Event Reviews

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Mon General, this “recent” (publicity wise) small events location which LebMetal hosted the “Beer Rocks” event earlier this year, is a cozy pub/restaurant with a capacity of almost 40 people. Everyone sat around the tables, ordered their meals, pondered about the impressive collection of Beer (although eventually everyone know they’ll go for Almaza) and waited for the band to presumably start at 9:30 (do they ever start on time?). After the place filled up with musicians, some supportive family members and the ever-so-popular girls’ scout squad cheering to their definition of a rock star, like young groupies waiting for attention and time to pay them a visit, the band kicked off the night with the time-defeating Hotel California, which melted the hearts of the elderly along with the youngsters as well. Aside from small remarks we had concerning the vocalist’s skills, I found the band to be enjoyable to listen to, especially in this “have a meal and listen to a band pub” atmosphere where one wouldn’t be just standing there watching a show and potentially getting bored. The next few songs took us through the 70’s and 80’s with acceptable Pink Floyd covers (we couldn’t hear some solos, along with the vocalist missing the ever-so important scream in “Comfortably Numb”).


A number of breaks were spread throughout the show, with the cheering squad electrifying our ears with each one, and we found ourselves in the late 20th century again, with Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” and Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” which showed improvement in the band’s performance as we moved to more modern rock territories with Placebo, Limp Bizkit and 3 Doors Down covers which appealed to the crowd as they rested their bellies after the satisfying meals.

Eruption - 2

And after the band finished their set, there was a really unexpected and unplanned surprise! It turned out that Frozen Flames, the neighboring Iron Maiden cover band were watching the show and were allowed to entertain the crowd with some Maiden classics. Honestly, I just saw some people leaving at that point, others cheering Frozen Flames regardless of their unimpressive performance (the drummer needs tons of work you guys, and the vocalist should take a step back from the microphone and spare our ears from loud volume ear damage!). Sometimes you feel like rock / metal music has become a fake business when you hear average performers with an above average ego as they ignore their poor performance to settle for some applauding hands that don’t know any better.

Frozen Flames

You might have gotten a band together in a couple of weeks, found a local gig and earned a few bucks, but you’ll soon be faced with experienced critics rather than over-excited young listeners who do not care if the band progresses! There you go, one of the Lebanese Scene’s biggest issues.

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  • Karine

    I’m sorry but if you do remember about yesterday’s evening it was an unexpected surprise for Frozen Flames to perform as you said 🙂 They were not supposed to do anything superb or perform beyond expected at that night. I find them the best Iron Maiden cover band from the rest of other other bands 🙂

  • Karine

    the rest of the bands out there. This was Eruption’s night to perform and to show the crowd what band they are. 🙂

  • hihihi

    You find them “the best Iron Maiden cover band from the rest of other other bands” ?

    That’s funny, have you even ever seen any other Maiden cover bands?

  • djeje sawda metaljiye

    karine are u as naif as believing that they werent supposed to do anything ?! it was a coincidence enno keno kelloun honik and suddenly they went on stage the vocalist took a paper ?! and they opened a setlist hahahahahaha ur cute 😛

  • djeje sawda metaljiye

    as their interview on lebmetal shows : we practice coreogrpahy which leads us to a conclusion those guys practice to open the fridge …so no wonder they practiced and planned yesterday’s scenario and come on lets try to stay realistic without living the denial of the huge mistakes the drummer made and mafi shi esmo the best FLEN cover band they are covering one of the most covered bands throughout history while they started performing 2 months ago …if u can name me 3 other maiden cover bands u really prove me how not ignorant u are and discuss what makes frozen flames better besides the gr8 catchy name and the awesome t shirts 😀 peace 😀

  • Roy

    Hello Patrick, youve been known for your unlogical critizing:)but honestly, i dont give a shit man:).
    You put a review, on a band-that rocked Tantra venue not once, but twice, and did the same thing at nova(we have witnesses dont worry:)-that wasnt even in the line up!!We decided to play 2 song hek faj2a bala ma 7ada yi7ke 7ada, and u come with your pitiful review, thinkin that youre the “analitycal\logical scanner of events”.
    Lets begin shall we:)?
    1)Average performers???Chaklak mich 2are reviews, aw enta keteboun w nese chou ketib ma ba3rif:P.Aw lech ta rou7 la b3id, chaklak mich cheyefna live ba3ed.
    2)You need tons of work not the drummer.I would like to remind you of a words:warm-up.
    3)Anja2 ken fi matra7 netnaffas
    4)Not progreesing?? If we’re not playing our original\other than maiden stuff live, doesnt mean were not progressing.Ma 7ada bya3rif chou fi bi bet l tene;)
    5)Reread 1,2,3,4.
    Hope next time you will be more aware about whats happening in front of you before presuming. thx:)

  • Roy

    ya djeje, and yes we were all there, cz our guitarist wissam was playing with eruption, and i was photographing the event,jad and john and gerard came to watch alex cz hes our friend(jad and john and wiss and me live in the same neighborhood,men rou7 mache 3al mon general badde 3 mns) ta3 kamen 7esebne 3a hay

  • Patrick

    Well thanks Roy, I appreciate your reply. You’re right my friend, I have never seen nor written any review whatsoever, I have never heard of the term “warm-up” nor did I ever watch Frozen Flames live (which many would praise the band’s performance) and I understand that being in a tight place can cause breathing problems. I reread 1,2,3,4 several times and my review stands: you might have played a thousand gigs, you might have been applauded and praised, but you messed up this time. Now don’t take personally, if Dream Theater showed up at an event and were asked to play, I’m sure they would have messed up as well (by comparison to their prepared performance). You’re teaching me the word ‘warm-up’ while you didn’t consider it! No one forced you to play without warming up first, or having a decent sound check right? I’m sure that if you would have been prepared to play, we wouldn’t be having this conversation and you’d have deserved a good review which I’ll be glad to put out for you.
    Playing that night was an amateur choice, considering the band wasn’t prepared at all. If you were at a bigger event, one with a decent adult crowd (or good experienced music listeners), I’m sure you wouldn’t dare going on stage unprepared, you know you’ll be bashed!
    Excuse my honesty, and I invite you to review the above, along with some 100+ articles of mine on the site, before degrading yourself with words such as ‘pitiful’.

  • Amer Alameddine

    Well Roy if you really “don’t give a shit” then why did you bother and waste your time trying (miserably though) to justify the band’s errors?

    Patrick’s reviews aren’t illogical; they just lay the facts without sugar-coating anything. You also didn’t really “rock” Tantra or Nova. It’s the kids that cheer for you regardless of whether you played well or not that put you in an illusion and make you think that you “rocked” a show and create this invisible aura (also known as ego) around you. And as Patrick said, you didn’t have to perform that night if you were unprepared.

    Last but not least, it doesn’t make a difference to anyone “chou fi bi bet l tene”, as you phrased it. They only care to see what you have to offer in a live situation.

  • John

    Hey Patrick..Im John the drummer lol 😛
    anw thanks for your constructive review, but i just want you to keep in mind, and to clarify anyone’s point of view lol, we wer not at all prepared..and no it wasnt by coincidance that we were there, we just happened to be supporting Eruption mish aktar..we didnt have the slightest thought of playing..dont u think we wouldv prepared at least a bit? 😛 Seriously guys lol..
    the second song, trooper was the shittiest since we havent played it for over 3 months so i guess that kinda counts..
    another thing..put urslvs in our shoes..if we were looking for publicity, we wouldv played between the breaks..we played henne w felleen l 3alam..we were just having fun with it
    Thanks again

  • Roy

    Dude, i told u, hek tlo3na tesleye mich aktar, ma ken badna wala tez2if wala praising, wala 7atta ken fer2ene ma3na eza ken fi 3alam walla la2.
    Halla2 kel ma tol3it band 3emletla sa7be bteje enta w btektoub review, ma aslan ma kenna bel line-up, so ma ela me3na 7atta tjib siretna.
    W website me7terim 7alo metel lebmetal ma bi mari2 aseme like djede w hihihi.

  • Jad

    hello im also a member of Frozen Flames … and I agree here with patrick … we were actually unprepared and we played just for fun(no sound check, no space)… and we didnt play well … 100% right.

    As for Djeje … here’s some names for you … Oblivion … metamorphism … Armory … Anarchy 😉 … w they are all great … and you can see our previous performances … and now about u thinkin this was a set up … well actually i dont give a shit … i only care about the opinions of some … well mature people

    and to amer … the hole place was cheering … maybe bcz they love maiden maybe bcz we play them well … as u know kids are the coming generation 🙂

  • Lello

    djeje sawda metaljiye, ohhh honey! spelling mistakes.. naif? NAIVE ! coreogrpahy= choreography fi shi esmo google:P I can’t stand when people try to speak English and fail miserably. As to the review, Patrick your job as a reviewer is to review the band who was actually supposed to play yesterday night. The dudes were just there to have fun and go crazy with no intention of being judged whether they were playing good or not. This was Eruption’s night, if you plan on bashing bands just to get some attention to your lousy review. Then I mean.. well.. that’s just desperate and sad. I didn’t mean it wasn’t completely ineffective, but it is really sad  Anyways, let’s move away from your lousy writing and look at what you presented. You said people started leaving at that point. Dude, haven’t you noticed always when what was planned is done people start to LEAVE? They have other plans, work university etc.. doesn’t necessarily mean the band is bad. I have left a couple of times before a band has finished playing due to prior engagements. You say they are average performers. You also admitted never seeing them play live and actually prepared, right? Then do you really think youre the only wisest and blunt critic out there to be capable of giving an honest (which I have lost hope of seeing on this website) and proper review? You do realize they have performed quite a few times and were praised HIGHLY for their performance? Also why were they invited to perform tomorrow night’s event?

  • gerard

    If you have any problems against frozen flames, come and talk to us face to face and don’t hide yourselves. Thank you
    If you want to know the bands which they were covering Iron Maiden: Communion, Anarchy, Metamorphism, Oblivion and Revelations (I’m sure you were a kid when this band was covering Iron Maiden).

  • Alex

    Desperately I shouldn’t be involved in this, but there’s just one thing: I think the comments, the critics and the review should be referred to ERUPTION. Furthermore, about Frozen Flames, as I was managing the event, I’d like to inform all of u that FF’s Jam wasn’t planned; can’t be recalled as a SURPRISE. They were just having fun, fooling around; nevertheless, I don’t think Such Respected band as ‘’Frozen flames’’ deserves such review (there shouldn’t even be a review about them) so0o guys please do me a favor, and cut up the subject. Let the comments be about ERUPTION thank you!

  • Jad Jawhari

    I can’t really understand how some people don’t accept criticism, and btw an advice to “Roy” it’s illogical not “UNLOGICAL” please know how to spell words before attempting to make a counter-argument. A reviewr’s job is to review what he/she is seeing, the band’s ” history of performances” isn’t important when the band is being reviewed. If the performance is bad the reviewer has to be objective and say it’s bad. You guys need to take things, whether they are positive or negative, in a professional and respectful way. So i guess we all saw who is being “unlogical” here.

  • Consciousness

    i agree with hihihi, a metallic black chicken, patrick, amer alameddine and lello.

  • ma7fouz

    nice review patrick

  • John

    To Jad,
    Man if it were any other concert trust me we would have taken it more than reasonably..But wer just clarifying that we were merely having fun mish aktar..fashet khele2 if you may call give it a break

  • gerard

    Bravo guys 😀 bhannikon really 😀 … really ya reit ma de2eyna ,2olna netsalla shway wl shabeb yallaaa reviewet nezlin 3aleyna 😀 haha ,,,just wanna say again and again we don’t need ur reviews …we just have FANS u should GO AND ASK THEM WHO WE ARE 🙂 its better …and also i wanna add something that im not showin off myself that im the best iron maiden singer in leb or anywhere else BASSEM DEABESS TEJ RASKON KELKON 🙂 and ofcourse i respect the other bands too whom they respect me :),and if i see someone is not goin further ..i directly go for helpin that person not to crush him or her down and destroyin their hope to play such metal music…3anjad 3ayb 3aleykon…and patrick let me talk about u also … i think it was better to come over and introduce urself instead of talkin shit about us 🙂 go ask ur friends hassan and orphi about whom u were talkin about…this is not review ,but this is a way of declairing fight !!! 3ayb 3aleykon really ka 2enno u were waitin for us to do somethin wrong even thou we didnt know that u were ass holes gonna write about us also :)we are so close friends to ALEXY,and u’re talkin about dream theater ?hahaha lesh fi 7adan bi lebnen 2addo la Dream Theater?…and words for ALEXY (U WERE GR8 MAN 🙂 ) u need a lil more practice on ur power voice and everythin will be all ok 🙂 ( and another thingy 🙂 UR NOT TALKIN WITH A KID OK 🙂 SO JUST BEHAVE )

  • innocent bystander

    Good review.

    Frozen Flames, grow up, so you got a (deservedly) less than good review, take the criticism and next time just don’t go on stage unprepared instead of bashing the reviewers who actually did a great job with this article.
    And if you’re arguing that it wasn’t a premeditated decision to play and you guys were just fooling around, you could have just said that politely and/or not cared about the article in the first place.

  • Faby

    Gr8 performance ERUPTION, specially U Alex!!

  • DinGo

    kelo k***a w 2*r.
    mni7 li manno 3am bi fanter 3alaykon Patrick.
    Law wa7ad ghayro 3am bya3mol hal review ken sharsha7kon.
    First,2ana ble2e Frozen Flames byel3abo 2akhou s*******a,bas eh layleta ken shi te3tir w betsir.2eno next time, ma tel3abo 2ento w mesh m7adrin 2eddem bunch of girls jst to “have fun and chill”.
    Second,Patrick 3amel review 3al event kello w ken objective w 2al l mazbout fa 2ad ma l 7a2i2a btejra7,bet2awwikon. shou hal waldane? feto l members kellon la ydef3o 3an 7alon ka2eno badda justification? 2eno ya ma fi bands 2akalo bahdale w shaddo 7alon,kouno shwe rational w 7ejkon metel wled.
    Gerard,ma twozza w ta3melle batal 2abtal.bel 3akes halla2 jarraston lal band bi hal 7ake.
    Alexy,”mr.”i wanna get some attention” guy, ma bestaghreb hek post mennak “pleaaaaaaaaaaase 7kou 3anel eruption(A).
    Roy,wa2ef na2.sar li sar, w kel shi byerja3 byetzabbat.2ento shr****t w 7aderkon b4, w se2abit layleta k****o w betsir.mesh hal msibe.
    John,stop loling.
    Jad,2ana nbasatet menak bayyadet wej ma3 Patrick,hek for next time,bya3melkon review 2akhou ma****ke bas tde2o 2a7san(3amelo metel Jad ya jame3a).
    2ekher shaghle,tene marra khalle wa7ad menkon ye7ke bi 2esem l band,ha l waldane w kel members feto ydef3o 3al review ma 2ela ta3me 2abadan.

  • hihihi

    Guys (Frozen Flames, Gerard specifically), you need to deflate your ego bubble. The review only mentioned you guys in one sentence and you think they’re out to get you and want to ruin your musical careers. Contrary to what you might think, the world does not revolve around you.
    Gerard, given that post of yours, implying you’re older than most of us here only further highlights your idiocy and immaturity.

  • gerard

    i guess we were not among star academy TEST SHOW as ur sayin(innocent bystander ) aslan im not gonna waste my time here anymore 🙂 just one word I RESPECT RAMI ROUHANNA …and its better for him to write ALLLL THE REVIEWS on lebmetal website instead of u ALL …

  • Jad

    i agree with lello and alex a 100% … and i repeat i agree with patrick … review 100% right … if u were actually performing … but a reviewers job is to review the bands playing the concert … in this case Eruption, and not Frozen Flames … and if u say dnt get on stage unprepared … well its just not ur business and we’ll do it again if we want to … we know what we’re capable of …

  • Jad

    if we were*

  • Jeff

    in case my commment wasnt “moderated” … i repeat patrick plz dnt talk about performance all u do with kaiwas is stand around with the bass up to ur neck as a tie … how dare you taslk about fans as groupies … and did u realize that only friends stayed for FF … maybe bcz theyre just havin fun and not part of the show ? :O … and u chickens with the nicknames … grow up … kids … they need there play time … Frozen Flames … well u dnt have the right to talk about these guys with this disrespect after the previous performances … worst review since the beginning of this website

  • The Phoenix (Dany Deaibess)

    sry 3al tadakhoul
    1st: el review 3a frozen flames ma 2ello ma3na dude, plus its not a major event w kill 3omra enno bands tetla3 ta3moul jam be event la as7aboun be matare7 zghire w even be cherry’s kenet tsir. KEEP IT METAL KEEP IT REAL that is what we stand for.
    2nd: I really walla marra 3refet adde 3omrak patrik w adde be 7e2ellak tkoun critic bcz you are a “commenter” not a critic. A critic should be mature enough not to reply to the feedbacks of his review bel tari2a le enta raddet fya.
    3rd: plz guys ma ba2a 7adda ysale7 lal tene English ktir high school el tassarof.
    4th: frozen flames 3melto men el review a very big deal ma kein fi de3e.

    I wasnt bel event I dnt know eruption’s performance so I hope to see you guys soon (according to partic you were good, so I’ll try to make it next time :P)

    for FF’s drummer even in nova I had a similar comment such as patrics bass akid be tehzib aktar you need to work on ur tempo (3am ba7ke 3an the last appearance bel nova)
    eh w btw Patric a critic mich ya3ne be 7atem bel 3alam you can be more polite tnx
    and as for gerard he have the same Dickson’s tone which is good for a maiden cover band, and he needs akid to work on his vocals skills
    the band is a new band and they have potential so work on it guys 😀 cheers
    we are “Rock ‘N’ Roll Children”

  • Ray

    HAHAHA what a review … hahahahahahahaha and as if Ff were part of the show … this review (N) … FF tej raskoun kelkoun hon and eruption … great performance too … FF are always great and beyond that when needed … but that night it was act crazy and we DID enjoy what they had to give us

  • Jad

    Ray, Jeff, Dany thx for ur comments … rly appreciated and Dingo ma 3am bayyid la2an i dnt care about his good review … he can write whatever he wants … im ust givin my opinion … fi tari2a more polite to review … metel ma fi 7doud lal review (review the concert and bands actually PERFORMING) na7na ma 5asna bel event aslan ta ya3moul review 3anna

  • DinGo

    haha wled. la2 3anjad, 7koulkon 7ada ykeb shi kelme ba3ed? seriously, w3ou w ndajo.
    Gerard seriously, 2enta 2aktar wa7ad lezem teskot li2ano officially 2enta jorsa 3al band.
    ana bi ra2ye jad ye7ke bi 2esem l band li2ano 2aktar wa7ad 7eke bi mante2 w ken reye2.
    Ray w dany…well ma bloumkon,jarroukon ma3kon hal FF.
    please,nasi7a menne.wa2fo waldane w khedouwa dares for next time w li 3emlo patrick was very objective w mazbout w mni7 li mesh Elia Msawwir li 3amel comment wa 2ela ken 7attamkon 3al 2ekher. w Jeff,seriously,shou jeb Patrick ka bassist 3a hal review? 2al shi 2enon ma bya3erfo yde2o Frozen ? la2, 2al 2eno bi ha layle,ma keno m7adrin,keno 3al 2yere.w kholsit l 2ossa. ba3ed byeje wozze be3tinon FF,se3eta 3anjad hal band is not worth playing anymore. w 2er shou hal immaturity li 3laykon.2ad ma tde2o 7elo next time w 2ad ma tkouno 2ekhwet sho7ta,iza betdalkon bi hal waldane, no way 7ada ytebe3kon.jarbo ma tjarso 7alkon 2aktar men hek ba3ed my post.thanks.

  • Freddy

    shou hal review man … ok i was there wel review 100% sa7 bass shou 5ass yeketoub 3an FF … ma 5assoun bel concert aslan … w everyone knows they kill the stage bel performances … this website is slowly turning to an unrespected one … sry guys … this review … a failure and as for euprion i hope u keep it up dudes … u were great …. alexy n the guys

  • Jad

    (dingo) shou 5ass 3am menjarjeroun man … ma tballish te5fou2 metel ma fi nes liked the review fi fans agreed anno ma ken elo 3aze review 3an FF … so accept their opinion too

  • Freddy

    ma7ada jarr 7ada dingo my friend … review 3an FF ma elo 3aze … ma keno 3am bi de2o 7atta la ya3moul 3announ review w er!!

  • Jeff

    Dingo ma 7ada 7ekek 3am ba3te ra2ye w ma5assak bi what i have to say

  • Alex

    CONCLUSION To everything :

    Li sar sar, li n7aka n7aka! So can we end it up now ?
    W Dingo: makhass get some attention. But What U’re all doing is superficially wrong! Hayda Review la ERUPTION, w nezlin fight w arguing… LAWEN badkon tousalo??
    mara7 tousalo ma7al iza bidalo hek! khalas 2touchouwa! w let’s talk about smthn else:
    Gerard Said: I should work on A POWER VOICE! Does any agree with him?? U think a soft-rock alternative vocalis needs an Iron maiden powered voice??

  • hahaha

    Dany, Patrick is entitled to say whatever he wants to say. What wrong statement did he mention ?
    “above average ego ” ? > Check the posts above from band members
    “wasn’t a good performance? ” > Perhaps it wasn’t such a good performance

    Btw isn’t there an international band called Frozen Flames ?

  • Jad Jawhari

    Your attempt to counter-argue, FF defenders ( FF = Final Fantasy??), is going in vain, you think you are getting what you want by talking trash and by being sarcastic, but this isn’t happening at all. Just admit that the performance was bad and that is that, we shouldn’t bash each other and call one another names. FF members please next time be mature and comment in a professional way because now many people have seen how rude and disrespectful you guys are. You should expect these kinds of reviews inno iza you don’t accept them and reply to the reviewer in a respectful way then I think you are still far from being a “band”.

  • Mark

    Frozen Flames have alreaDY proven Themselves in Previous Amazing Concerts , and we all know that they are a Great Professional band..!
    and About Eruption, U also Rock dudes, and keep it Up Alexy!

  • My comment comes late … Its great that it did …

    Frozen Flames are great performers considering their short history.

    After all I read the conclusion is :

    Patrick reviewed FF as a performing band which wasnt the case.

  • scratch

    hey fina nwa2ef hal tari2a l lebnenieh, review shaghelto yfarje l 2aghlat ta ma ba2 yotla3o bandet “hardabasht” yde2o w yfakro 7aloun 2weya bi kafina hayfa 3al television kel l nahar li byenkatab bel review men patrick aw men ghayro bado yen2abal 2eza fi meshekle btendaras mesh bi hal tari2a l sa5ife w 2eza l band toli3 ma3a 7a2 bi adim 2e3tizaro l zalame li katab l review bel niheye ana kenet 3am sawir video w ma 7ada fi y2oul 2eno ma fi video ta terja3o to7darou w tederso wade3 l concert aw l gig 10x.

  • mouhaha

    hey patrick nothing was expected then at all so they dont give a shit 4 anything anywayz if u have ever went to a frozen flames concert b4 u may have noticed tht the drummer pumped up the crowd

  • Da32oor

    pple/members get over the iron maiden bands cover thing for christ sake

  • t-l-z

    da32our how the hell are u asking for such thing man bibattel fioun ya3mLO MOSHPITSSSSS 3A IRONZ MAIDENZ cz they actually dont know smthn else 😎

  • gerard

    kl wa7ad biyesma3 ou bi de2 3a zaw2o guys c’mon ya3ne :D..we are already turnin to originals shway shway ..we started with the maiden covers so that we show ourselves that we’re heavy metal band thats all ..

  • Da32oor

    last thing i wanna hear is newbies playing maiden yi oulouleh tej rassak FF:P ive been around 6 years and played like 20 concerts including BTTR so dt start with ur rockstar attitude:P we all started with iron maiden bass dt go and say tej rasskon el band and wont accept critisim…u guyz have a long road u havent seen shit in this scene yet:P anywayz gd luck with ur originals

  • Jad Jawhari

    Kalem Jawhari ya Da32our, not joking.