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Sep 15th 2010 Jad Jawhari Event Reviews

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Placid Buzz was the first band in the event. This band plays psychedelic/progressive rock and I was really impressed with their performance! They played Porcupine Tree in a great and professional way. Too bad there weren’t a lot of people, relatively speaking, in front of the stage while they were playing. The band nailed every song they played, especially the Porcupine Tree covers. I can’t wait to see more of them.

Frozen Flames was next in the lineup. The band was well prepared and they had a great set-list. Now some people already know what I think about covering Maiden, but this band is actually an exception. They played each and every song, including an original, in an amazing way. Too bad the sound was starting to deteriorate and the band faced some technical problems on stage. However, they didn’t fail to excite the crowd and give them a great show. Kudos to the vocalist, I actually closed my eyes at one point and I was able to imagine Bruce Dickinson on stage!

Frozen Flames - Live Nova 2010

The next band doesn’t really need any introduction. The old school heavy metal band, Oblivion was next up on stage. What’s really rare about this band is that people actually get more excited when the band plays originals and not covers! The band was able to satisfy all the heavy metal maniacs out there. It was also nice seeing the chemistry flowing not just between the band and the audience but between the bands as well, since Frozen Flames’ vocalist shared the stage with Oblivion on the Iron Maiden cover song.

Oblivion - Live Nova 2010

Ataxia hit the stage after Oblivion. This band plays thrash metal with a Brazilian twist to it; they had a lot of chemistry with the crowd and people were banging their heads to their music during all of their performance! The band covered songs such as: Refuse-Resist and Roots Bloody Roots. The overall performance of the band was a good one.

December Dies Alone was the last band to hit the stage. I wasn’t able to get what was happening on stage, since the sound was really bad and it won’t be for their best if I reviewed their performance, because I don’t want to accuse them of something that they didn’t intend to do.

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  • SerJ

    I agree with you jad, Gerard ktir m7assan …

  • Jad Jawhari

    Rolling Stones approval :p ?

  • nareg\m/ ~ataxia~

    Thx For Thx review=]!ma3 2nno thepic of theband is missin:P

  • Nareg pics are gona be in the gallery soon …

  • Jad Jawhari

    As a matter of fact they are in the gallery :p

  • Frozen Flames

    Thanks for a great review … and it looks like you enjoyed the concert … glad you did 😀 … and a thank you for all who attended and for all the bands and staff.

  • gerard

    thx for the review ..i appreciate what u guys sayin about me ..

  • Andy

    i enjoyed the concert to the max it was so awwsome \m/ <3

  • Alex

    that’s a gr8 Review!! and it really was a blast!!

  • SerJ

    eh jad, u gt Rollings stones w metal hammers approval 😛

  • Joway

    whatever nareg is.. its a much better name than ataxia :p
    GREAT FUCKING CONCERT!!! I hope I’ll have that much fun at nova more often 😀

  • Joway

    btw.. Y did ataxia say they were brazlian w tol3o bye7ko 3arabe? :O

  • nareg\m/

    k Let me Clear Things Up !:P Nareg Is my name (Vocalist of the band ATAXIA)
    *Brazilian Thrash metal Is a Sub-genre of Thrash metal =]!If You need more information abt this Sub-genre Visit This Link =] thank you!

  • Roy Naufal

    good review…you should also mention that the attendance in the event was pretty good, about 200 or so as i recall
    also, u should generally point out & be able to tell the difference between “sound deteriorates” and band equipment issues
    we (as sound engineers) get alot of heat when it’s mostly because of band equipment/setup issues, specially that in most cases only the negative aspects are mentioned
    just thought that was worth clearing up

  • Jad (Frozen Flames)

    roy’s 100% right and thanks roy btw for the sound 😀

  • Antoine(December Dies Alone)

    thanks for Roy Naufal who cleared up some unnoticed details!
    first our guitarist was facing a few problems with his jack cable wich made him unable to perform on stage!
    second for the blind sighted,…..i guess vocal,lead guitarist and bassist did more then perform!i guess u didn’t see that part!
    anyway thank you for ur incorrect review!
    and again i would like to thank all whom supported us,such as Nareg(Ataxia’s lead vocal),Roy Naufal,Jad Yousef,Frozen Flames members..and all whom satyed and watched us even though our act was postoned 2 hours from planned!

  • Patrick

    Antoine, it’s not ‘incorrect’ because as you can see, we encourage everyone to step up and clarify what was going on, since as reviewers, we’re just like the rest of the attendees, clueless of the technical issues that might have been going on. For that, thanks to Roy for clarifying.
    Indeed I have a question about the Brazilian thrash metal band since I’ve been told that they covered Lamb of God? I guess it’s the American Continent Thrash Metal 😛
    Care to explain Nareg?

  • Roy Naufal

    i forgot to mention, on last note, i found dda to be a band that has alot of potential to give…they’re on the right track

  • nareg\m/

    We Did That one Song! And thats because all of theband members liked that song!so we did it! and now were focusing on Soulfly/sepultura Stuff! For now were nt gonna play anymore LOG stuff!=] And December Dies Alone Did a gr8 job and they deserve better review than this! They did there Best..and we must encourage Them !=] Masalan the vocals of DDA was superb! better than other vocals in local ‘core’ bands;) !

  • Charbel Q

    Ektemorf & lamb of god ? dude, seriously, when u started to play walk with me in hell, ba3d shi 1 min ta3refet enno hayde yeha ! plus your drumer, ROFL on ur drumer !

  • Jad Jawhari

    Just as Patrick said, we always encourage the readers to submit any info related to the topic that is being discussed. In addition to that, I made it clear that I wasn’t able to review DDA and I wrote that, how can a review be bad it if it’s not a review ?

  • nareg\m/

    ill take what u said into consideration =] ! and rathen than rollin over and laughin on our drummer ,Encourage new talents 🙂

  • Charbel Q

    Bro the thing is, if u aint prepared, just dont go on stage … easy task

  • nareg\m/

    Ya thats ur opinion!nd i respect that=] !For u ..we werent prepared good enough! For others we were perfectly prepared=]!i respect ur opinion !

  • Da32oor

    Well Mr. charbel Q i found ataxia a band that has potential..first couple of gigs are always the hardest we all played our fist gig and werent at our best..give them time and then judge later