When Electronic Music Meets Metal
Oct 19th 2010 Jad Jawhari Miscellaneous What do you think?

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  • Yes folks, the title implies what is going to be discussed in this article. For the past week I have been listening to a lot of Electronic Music, specifically Dubstep and Breakcore. I never thought that I would enjoy it, since I had a misconception about it; I thought it was unprofessional music and that it sounded bad, I admit that I was wrong!

    First of all I want to say that this music isn’t the same as the mainstream trance and techno! It is actually very different from it, in the sense that there are a lot of Metal influences in it, I know it sounds weird but this actually is the case. Bong-ra for example, a Breakcore EM producer, fuses a lot of different music styles to create his sound, turns out that Metal is one of them.

  • Bong-ra is out of many EM producers that are influenced by Metal. However, the band that mostly caught my attention was Whourkr. This genius of a band actually integrated Death Metal/Grind with electronic music. The combination sounds like a recipe for disaster but it is actually the opposite; the band succeeds in delivering the weirdest and best sounding death metal, electronically!

    Their second album Concrete is a masterpiece, it will take some time to understand it and to accept it but if you get past that, this album will satisfy you in ways you can’t imagine. From beginning to end, the duo puts you in an intense atmosphere full of mood shifts, and let me say that the music is FAST, the songs are chaotic, full of anger and extremely aggressive just like real Death Metal!


I am perplexed and amazed to see how electronic music can actually sound fantastic. I am still true to my metal and truer than ever, but this music sounds not-so-far from Metal and at some instances sounds exactly like Metal. This article is only an introductory one – more articles on the subject are yet to come.

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  • hihihi

    nothing good can come out of the fusion of 2 very annoying genres ;p

  • FD

    I guess industrial metal fans should like this style … but I did notice lots of metalheads who got interested in this music just for its energy.

  • SerJ

    I like this style man … cool stuff …

  • poizhxovfdfs

    haha, the whorkr shit was pretty cool, but bongra is pretty normal and nothing special 🙂
    but the second band is reeeellly enjoyable, im putting that shit on my ipod (Y)

  • rodrigue k

    Drumcorps and Cardopusher are my personal favs gotta respect Bong-ra and Whourkr . keep it up

  • Ludwig

    cool stuff 😀