[Revealed] Who is Dream Theater’s new drummer?
Oct 21st 2010 Rami Rouhana News What do you think?

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After Mike Portnoy’s announcement on September 8th ’10 to leave DT, there has been lots of discussions on who’s replacing the giant! There are many good candidates for that position and it has been stated on Pettruci’s twitter that auditions will start in October. After browsing the web for good candidates, you will notice many forums talking about talented drummers and arguing about each drummer’ skills and style.

There are five good candidates: John Macaluso, Bobby Jarzombek, Mark Zonder, Mike Terrana and Brann Dailor. I will briefly mention the background of each but my personal choice would be Jhon Macaluso hence his story will be highlighted.

  • Bobby Jarzombeck


Bobby started learning drums when his mother bought him a cheap drum kit at the age of 10. He played drums on albums, live performances and as sessionist with Riot, Sebastian Bach, Halford, Spastic Ink, Fates Warning, PainMuseum, Demons&Wizards, Iced Earth and Juggernaut. His most impressive works can be considered the album “Ink Complete” with Spactic Ink and all Halford albums recorded.

In 2003 Bobby had an instructional DVD called “Performance & Techniques” released and he was voted the number one drummer of 2000 by readers of Japanese metal magazine Burrn! for his work on “Resurrection” with Halford.

That’s not all! Bobby is although endorsed by by Drum Workshop, Pacific Drums and Percussion, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, and Evans Drumheads.

Having a long record with major bands, an instructional DVD and being endorsed by several companies makes Bobby a great candidate. Another good condition for Bobby joining DT is living in the US and currently not being member of any band.

  • Mark Zonder


Mark is currently busy working with the band Ten on their new album “Stormwarning” but that cannot stand in his way. If he was given a chance to join one of the major metal bands in this era and lavish in its aura, I am sure he wouldn’t refuse. Mark has also lately reunited with former Fates Warning (same members in 1991) for a 2010 reissue and several live dates.

Mark also has an instructional DVD “Mark Zonder – 2 cameras , 5 drums and 13 tracks”. He is endorsed by Zidjian, Remo, DW, Toca Percussion, Metrophones, Vater Percussion, SKB, Spectraflex and Steinberg.

He currently offers drum recording for “affordable prices” thus we can assume that Mark has spare time to record and maybe later tour.

  • Mike Terrana


Mike is today (2010) a fifty year old man with a huge musical history. A lot of people suggested that Mike is suitable to join DT but after researching Mike’s current activity and lifestyle, it was clear that that would hardly be possible. Mike is an American native but currently lives in Germany and works with Masterplan as recording member, as well as Axel Rudy Pell and Tarja Turunen. He has a very broad drumming style but his progressive drumming can be heard on Masterplan’s latest works as well as on Artension’s albums.

P.S: Mike owns a cattery in Germany and I doubt that he is able to leave that to be DT’s drummer.

So although Mike is technically a very good candidate, his other engagements can be a big reason for a NO.

  • Brann Dailor


Brann is mostly known for being Mastodon’s drummer. Mastodon achieved big success in the U.S and their material can be considered progressive. He is relatively young (born 1975) but age should not be related to music. Although Dream Theater vocalist James Labrie stated that in the search of a new drummer, one of the major points to look for is chemistry with the band (I am not sure if age would be a problem).

Bran is currently still active with Mastodon (with long touring dates) therefore I doubt he would leave Mastodon which has still bigger success potentially. Having his extreme and hardcore drumming style might also make him a least favorable candidate unless DT decide to go into ProgHardcore. Let’s ask Labrie about that!

  • John Macaluso


As I have noticed in the websites and forums discussing DT’s new drummer, John Macaluso is not much mentioned but when mentioned it’s done with total confidence.

John was born in 1968 so he is close to the age of DT’s members at 42 years old.

To simulate how would John would sound on drums with DT, you can check this track below “Heal the Waters” by Ark, the band with which John showed amazing talent as well as receiving endless good reviews.

He has released a drum method book named “Repercussions”. John’s book is endorsed by Joe Franco (Twisted Sister), Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) and Bobby Jarzombeck.

He is endorsed by Vic Firth, GMS, Paiste, Factory Metal and Evans.

John also released his first solo album entitled “The Radio Waves Goodbye” with James Labrie performing on the track “Soul in Your Mind”, another track that can give you an idea on how John would sound like with DT.

He is regarded as one of the best drummers today because he has created his own drumming style and has clearly stated it and recommended it for every drummer in his book “Drum Playing is a lifestyle” (I don’t know if Portnoy had such a philosophy).

  • Who do you think is the most probable candidate? Is there another good candidate not mentioned here?

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  • SerJ

    I think Danny Carey “Tool”, Would fit nicely 🙂

  • bla5

    eza baddak koun subjective chi chwe ;p or u can change the name of this thing from Article to John Macaluso official campaign …

  • Hahah Bla5 … Akid ana bmacheh el campaign ou khalas DT deghreh bi wef2o …

    Mark Zonder has a good chance so does Bobby Jarzombeck …

    My SUBJECTIVE vote is John.

  • Patrick

    Rami introduced me to John and his playing style and I gotta tell you that it makes perfect sense for him to join DT. Labrie already knows him and his work on “The Radio Waves Goodbye” (I only heard one song on Last.fm) is mindblowing, showing monstrous writing skills, and we all know that Portnoy contributed greatly in DT’s songs …
    I also heard a rumor that Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison might be suitable for the job, but I doubt that he could keep with both bands, their tour dates and frequent studio albums.
    Serj makes sense too … Tool’s drummer is talented as well.

  • SerJ

    what about, Chris maitland ?

  • As Rami said, John Macaluso is the best candidate, coz after Rami introduced me to John and his playing style and the band Ark, I really got into the music and the drumming style .
    John Macaluso is a perfect match for DT , and i think he can give the band much more than what Mike Portnoy offered. TRUST ME!!

  • johnny mac’s great for DT but I gotta say he’s more technique and virtuosity than catchiness and melody, don’t know how useful he can be for DT’s commercial songs with simple drum patterns. it seems to me he just gets the urge to complicate things straight away everywhere in the song. and we all know portnoy’s bangin, simple, straight to the point beats are the shit.

    the perfect candidate for DT in my opinion is either Mike Mangini or Nick DiVirgilio

    mike mangini played previously with steve vai, and you can find his skills incarnated very suitably with DT material in James LaBrie’s elements of persuasion

    and nick divirgilio is the mastermind behind Spock’s beard, yet another monster band in the prog scene, walking parallel with Dream Theater and their success.

    both can take the band in a new creative direction, and both are from the same age bracket and generation as the dt guys. they all grew up to the same music taste more or less.
    so there probably can be some good chemistry goin on there with em.

    peace out

  • Steve R

    What about Thomas Lange, Marco Minneman, Gavin Harrison?

  • Rick

    Marco should be quite good for the job I think !

  • Eric

    I agree Mark Zonder would be an excellent candidate, but Zonder has declared that he hasn’t had a phone call for an audition.

    By the way, his best drumming in my opinion can be found on the Slavior album (http://www.myspace.com/slaviorband). Check it out if you haven’t heard it yet!

  • wilgod3p

    it would mean a third john in the band XD

  • Jose Alberto

    just i hope that new dream drummer ‘will be an same wave od music like the other members

  • Drumhead

    surely John !

  • Andrey from Odessa (Ukraine)

    May be some unexpected decision? But my opinion is Mangini, this guy is just universal.

  • Henry Oliver

    Has to be Nick D’Virgilio

  • Patrick

    Yea Henry I just saw Nick’s performance at the Drums Addict Festival 2008 on Youtube and oh yes the guy got some talent but I’m not too sure about his aggressiveness …

  • dan

    tim alexander

  • Jake

    Travis Barker
    Lars Ulrich
    Joey Jordison
    Neil Peart
    Keith Moon
    Paul Mcartney
    Lebron James

    I doubt they have shot.

  • Remmy

    bobby jarzombek..or macaluso..wud seal da deal i guess…!!! but most importantly..i guesss portnoy shud have a say in dis…!!!

  • Elvis Carrasco

    Danny Carey from TOOL, Gavin Harrison from Porcupine Tree, or (hahaha) Neal Peart from Rush…I don´t think so. Just in our dreams!!! John Macaluso sounds great!! I really like his way to play drums. But I peronally would like Aquiles Priester for DT. Aquiles would give a new way of thinking drums in DT. His way of playing is technicaly perfect, but also heavier in its sound. I go for Aquiles Priester.

  • Drew

    I’d never hear of Jarzombek before DT’s search, but must say he is a beast. He gets my vote, which accounts for nothing.

  • Patrick

    @ Elvis, Aquiles Priester is really fucking amazing!
    Thanks for the recommendation 😀

  • Virgil Donati would be good. Vinnie Colauita was great on Sting stuff but equally great on Megadeths The System has Failed album. Also Gene Hoglan or Richard Christy would be awesome picks!

  • Simon

    Check out the Italian drummer Andrea Vadrucci, also known as Vadrum. His style is similar to Portnoys, very similar.

  • Patrick

    @Jason Goad: Richard Christy / Gene Hoglan are too metal for DT 😛 Plus they have their active bands (no time)
    @ Simon, Andrea Vadrucci seems pretty good!

  • i thinks more best drummer like thomas lang, virgil donati, ossa ahmad sungkar(voodoo) indonesia band,

  • Drew

    I’m hoping a bit here, but their delay in naming the new drummer does fit if it is Jarzombek, as he is currently on tour with Halford. Their tour ends Dec. 13th (I believe), which would then make him available for the announcement/press conference……….also interesting side note with DT co-headlining with Priest next year………..

  • Zevy

    Tony Royster Jr. would surely take DT to a high level in music

  • Dani

    Bobby Jarzombek or Thomas Lang.

  • James

    I’d say Gavin Harrison (porcupine tree) would be best suited, but I reckon he’s probably too busy to devote enough time to dream theater… Terry Bozzio?

  • luis

    i think aquiles priester will fit perfect in DT
    he is one of the most talented drummers and ex drummer of Angra another great great band

  • Nameless

    A technical drummer should be the one to replace Mike Portnoy, because DT’s songs are full of odd-times, and stuff like that…
    But too bad Thomas Lang is not one of the candidates…

  • Elvis Carrasco

    Aquiles Priester… A short video of him playing with his particular techique, and in a variety of styles…
    Ladys and Gentlemen, with you Mr. Aquiles Priester


  • Tim

    It interests me that Jordan Rudess is currently working on a project with Marco Minnemann… Hmmm… Isn’t that how DT got Rudess in the band??? Interesting. I also think someone like Mike Mangini, or Dave DiCenso would be good too but they may be too busy teaching at Berklee to tour.


  • Walter

    Aquiles Priester.

  • Kevin

    John Henry Bonham

  • Ivan

    I think all of you forgot a very good candidate,
    Peter wildoer from Darkane is actually James labrie’s drummer and Darkane’s activity is really low nowadays.
    I think is one of the best european drummers now, then, Peter is my candidate.

  • mark staycat

    Simon Phillips

  • Portnoy’s Diehard FAN

    I think that nobody fits as a drummer with DT…
    this band will change greatly, Portnoy was the best

  • Maurizio Fiore

    What about Neil Peart? Hes a hell of a drummer and has the biggest experience! But sure theres Rush so i dont think so…Well Bobby is a monster drummer i think he should be the replacement! Whos with me?

  • Will

    How about Virgil Donoti (http://www.virgildonati.com) or Rod Morgenstein of the Dixie Dregs. Rod has done work with Jordan Rudess in the past, which may suggest that working relationship may help him with the rest of the band. Both Virgil and Rod have the prog background and the chops to play Portnoy’s tracks.

  • I agree with the guy who mentioned Mike Mangini. Couldn’t imagine a better candidate.

  • Cody

    Mike Mangini would be my pick, what about Derek Roddy? He is known for death metal but he even commented he would like to do something more progressive/fusion oriented. Plus with his blinding double bass speed under Petrucci’s riffs we could hear a supercharged version of Dream Theater.

  • joseph

    charles zeleny? he’s worked with jordan rudes in teh pass and he’s from new york ans thats on top of being a mother fuking badass on drums also marco minnemann is a beast

  • hmm.. should we stick with another Mike, or add another John into the band? ;D both of those would be good imo. good luck DT in choosing the best (suitable) drummer to the band!

  • Disposition

    I hope to God John becomes their new drummer. The band listing would be John Petrucci, John Myung, John Macaluso, Jordan Rudess, and James labrie, all starting with a “J”, including three “John”s. Epic.

  • so it will be J5 instead of DT

  • Spenny

    I think Terry Bozzio would be the best candidate to join DT.

  • Dani

    I think the winner is Mike Mangini….
    He is a professor at Berklee College and has canceled all classes for next year.. 😉

  • dan

    danny carey is not in the same league as mike or dt. hello?!!!

  • R. M. Ahmad Habibie (Indonesia)

    i vote for “Andrea Vadrucci” and “Mike Terrana”

  • leonardo

    para mi otro q me re gustaria ver en dream y creo q seria el apropiado es virgil donattis….

  • DTFan4Life

    My money is on Marco Minneman – especially just after checking his website.

  • Modu

    Portnoy or me?

  • Augusto

    Wow, Aquilles Priester, my god, he has a power, a sound really awesome, with Angra he was the shit. he could give to DT a new blood and fire.

  • justsomerandomfinnishguy

    Uli Kusch, Jason Rullo or Brent Smedley

  • Rodolfo

    Bobby Jarzombek plz!!!!! that guy can play anything portnoy did but also got a little more feeling… didn’t u got a little tired of the drums in the budokan dvd?? we don’t need another music robot in the band, there’s already rudess there…

  • JamesD

    out of these 5 drummers, i say Jarzombeck

    but i would suggest Joey Jordison

  • Fz

    I’ve read all of the above….
    My list would be (in random order)

    Marco Minnemann
    Terry Bozzio
    Simon Philips

    Okay….this is not random order haha

  • pail manege

    erap macalino of bangungot should be DT’s new drummer.please?

  • From all drummers mentioned above, I’d say John Maccaluso and Marco Minneman are the best options. But I’ll take the opportunity to mention a fucking genetically modified drummer who will never be DT’s drummer, but would fit like hell in the band: Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Aborted, Scarve).

    Horns up!

  • Furtado00

    My list for possible DT drummer:

    Marky Ramone
    Caroline Corr
    The Rev
    Max Weinberg
    Pete Best
    Matt LeBlanc
    Dr. House
    Bart Simpson
    The cast of Stomp

  • Emmanuel DIaz

    No jodan nadie podra llenar la musica de dream theater como mike portnoy el es el mejor porq al momento de escuchar su creatividad suena hermoso y nada sera lo mejor sin el

  • cob

    To me, no one will ever be able to replace Portnoy..

    But since someone has to, I’d cast my vote for Macasulo. Strange as it sounds, I think his drumming would lend better to Labrie’s voice than Portnoys did though I think he had a better overall fit in the band than John would (25 years of practice, go figure)

    It is sad that Portnoy left and even sadder that the band was not willing to compromise and wait for him. But as these things go, everyone has to do what is right for them in the moment and I think he’d be a good fit.

    Regardless, I cant wait to see what both Dream Theater AND Mike Portnoy come out with next and I’m still a loyal fan to all!

  • Adi wijanarko

    aquiless priester, thomas lang, tony royster jr.
    good candidates, powerfull, completly skill must one of them be the next DT Drummer… bravo DT..

  • Tschimbo

    What’s with Thomas Lang?

  • dude

    Marco Minnemann should get the spot… Of Those 5 up there, Jarzombek is the only one who can truly follow Portnoy, technically speaking, though not denying the others’ abilities… But Marco is a beast… He is more skilled than any drummer in metal honestlyhonestly…honesHelheskilled than

  • eleslovaco

    for me, is two big DT new drummer candidates.. Mike Mangini and Rod Morgenstein

  • Dan

    Really??? Danny Carey??? Now would be the worst time for that since about every metal fan is waiting for the Tool album, that should be released THIS year, & I’d rather listen to a new Tool album than a DT any day.

  • Daniel

    what about Josh Freese. I think his a rigth drummer for the band. What do you think?

  • Drummer was chosen … soon to be announced.

  • Alfian (Indonesia)

    I Think John Macaluso is Good Drummer to Replacing Mike Portnoy Position,.

  • Putang ina nyo


    Bobby Jarzombek is the best among these hunghangs and tarantadong mga puta!!

  • DT… I feel in my heart Jarzombeck is a good fit for you. He play’s with the energy from within!! One of my favorite: Riot – Thundersteel….. Sweet

  • DT O

    We are going to miss Mike !


    Mike is the best ! Macaluso would be second best ! 😛

  • Progo Progo

    The best band !

  • Steve

    Jhon !

  • we want to know who is the new drummer ! We want the next album out now !

  • Ronnie

    In my opinion no one will be able to replace Portnoy, but I think whoever is piccked will be able to fill his shoes, only temporarly.

  • Ethereal

    MP is NOT replaceable… I’m sorry but I can’t imagine DT without MP… His dad gave the name to the band!!! the rest should just carry on with another drummer as well as another name…

  • Sleepless

    The ONLY one, the BEST replacement is Gavin Harrison from Porcupine Tree – He won the Modern Drummer magazine readers’ poll for “best progressive drummer of the year” consecutively from 2007-2010.

  • Sean

    Thomas Pridgen!

  • HD

    The take-home message from the comments in this article is that Mike Portnoy is obviously the most overrated drummer in metal.

    There’s a good number of drummers who can not only replace Mike Portnoy, but also make you forget that he ever was in the band.

  • GJE

    @Sleepless; Please not Gavin Harrison from Porcupine, he must be with Porcupine Tree! Great Band!

    I don’t now who is the best for Dream Theater, the will now what to do.

  • Marco

    to me the best drummer for DT would be Bill Bruford. He could show the world what MP would have liked be able to do. Simply the best.

  • Dave

    I think one drummer who could make the cut is Jason Rullo from Symphony X..Listening to their songs, his style does fit what Dream Theater has sounded like drum-wise.

  • VetleRattlehead

    What about Jimmy DeGrasso? He’s technical as all hell and has a long history of studio recording.
    He’s played with Suicidal Tendencies and Megadeth, I think he’d fit right in with the rest of the band.

  • mike m

    being a huge riot fan 4 years jarzombek is clearly the best drummer on that list.

  • Dorkmaster Flek

    @HD, I don’t think that’s the case at all. There’s no question Portnoy was an extremely talented drummer, and there’s also no question that there are quite a few other extremely talented drummers who would be capable of replacing him on the kit and living up to the standards of excellent drumming we’ve come to expect. However, the big question mark is how well the new drummer will fit into the dynamic of the band as a whole, especially while composing. Portnoy and Petrucci together were largely the driving force behind DT musically throughout their entire career. His absence will be felt in the music. Whether that’s better or worse, we have yet to see.

    My major concern comes with the actual running of DT as a brand in day-to-day operations. Portnoy literally eat, breathed and slept DT for over 20 years. He organized official bootlegs, kept up with the fan clubs, and perhaps most importantly, managed their rotational setlist policy which made DT one of the most impressive and diverse live acts I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen DT live regularly since I started listening to them about 10 years ago, and I’ve probably heard at least half their entire catalogue over all the shows. I can’t say that about any other band I’ve personally seen live. Most of them tend to repeat hits and stick with a small selection of new material. Say what you will about their music, but I feel their live shows were really beyond compare in my experience.

    Whatever the outcome of this situation, the DT we knew is dead. What rises in its place has yet to be seen, and I’ll certainly be watching with great interest.

  • Carlos Coutiño

    I think so Jonh Macaluso should be the new dreamer. He sound very clean and with power. Welcome to Dream Theater, sorry Mike we miss you, but is your desition

  • Mike is the best ! Macaluso would be second best !

  • timmyboytimmy

    if jon will DT , all their members will start with letter J > haha>. good if not , say my best pick also

  • Shelia Lingg

    can somebody confirm that ?

  • Clearly the new drummer is Schizoid Man! There’s a question mark above his head, not because we don’t know who he is, but because he’s wondering how he’s going to pull off all those insane Mike Portnoy drum parts.

  • Camilo Castillo

    Mike Portnoy All the time! ..Cause DT admite all his excuses!!
    I think mike can return 2 the band easy!
    DT for all!!

  • Tico

    Mark Zonder +100000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Jared

    Macaluso seems like he would fit into Dream Theater nicely, however, having 3 Johns in the band could be very confusing!!! 🙂

  • jeff tember


    still be jeff ^_^

  • jeff tember

    still mike


    Hello humans, I am Ziltoid , The Omniscient. I have come from the omniverse, If there would be two omnisciences, I would be both!! So, I´m gona tell you the infinite truth. Many can play DT songs, but no one have Mike´s mind… so… he will return to DT. Amen.

  • steve r

    Other drummers may have more technical skill but Mike is just PERFECT and such a HUGE part of the DT MACHINE!!!!!

  • steve A
  • Brendan

    Pat Skeffington from Scale the Summit. hands down.

  • rick

    Mickey Dolenz.

  • rick

    Or tthat Cowsill dude!

  • weckl

    menurut sya diantara Marco Minnemann & Aquiles Priezter..

  • Pen

    Lars Ulrich would fit the bill perfectly!

  • Andrew

    mangini all the way.

  • John M.

    Nick D’Virgilio possibly

  • isaias Bisio


  • nelson

    No body can change mike at Dream theater…..

  • Ryan

    I think a great candidate would be Thomas Lang. if you haven’t heard of him check him out. he is definately one of the best drummers in the world, hands down.

  • DM

    Brann Dailor (??!?) is mentioned on the list of five candidates, and Minneman/Lang/Mangini/Bozzio are not?


  • Javier Calderon

    I think, Aquiles Prister Ex-Angra and actual memeber of Hangar could be an excelent choise… if u don’t belive me.. check out this video


  • fuerchter

    i would love to see bobby in dt. i already liked spastic ink a lot and i think he fits dt’s style. besides that he is not in a band at the moment 😀

  • matias

    aquiles priester ex-angra fits perfectly

  • Juho

    The current drummer of Symphony-x should be adopted into DT.. 😉

  • micheal coursey

    Hmmm. Seventh Wonder’s drummer left near the end of the year……exit seventh wonder….enter dream theater?

  • John Dis

    you guys are arrogant as*****! portnoy is dt, dt is portnoy. there can be no dt without mike. it doesn’t matter who you hire. for such accomplished talented people it’s amazing how little you get it. best of luck figuring it out.

  • Richard Graham

    The rumor out of New York is John and Jordan have been seen with Mike Mangini. Will he be able to fill Port’s

  • Richard Graham

    I have seen DT 38 time in 24 years and Mike and John r a team that can not be separated. The brilliance that they have created will come together again. DT might fill Mike’s spot for an album but he will return home. Mike and John are DT and for fans like me lets hope they work it out.

  • PC

    Interesting comments all. However, what needs to be considered is who is available? who has the technical chops and personality for the band? Also someone who has toured with DT that they have seen in action outside of an audition: Chris Quirarte

  • DT4ever

    Most of us think the drummer (MP) made Dream Theater.
    Maybe Dream Theater made the drummer. Mike Mangini is an incredible drummer. When he gets in the DT nation spotlight maybe he will become as big or bigger than Portnoy. Time will tell. Big mistake MP ??????


    I hope the new drummer is totally different to MP.
    This is a perfect chance to re-define DT.
    Portnoy is amazing, but there are tons of drummers that can offer different things now.
    good luck DT!

  • Hector Barrera

    I have always felt that Mark Zonder would be a great replacement for Mike, however, John Macaluso does have the chops!

  • what about justin bieber?

  • Jimmy Bain

    NEIL PEART!!! haha jk
    all those guys are pretty damn good.

  • JGraham

    There are alot of GREAT drummers that would be in the DT camp, personally 2 come to mind: Mike Mangini, and John Macaluso. Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann and a surprise, Thomas Lang were 3 other good choices

  • Karim Koreitem

    You guys might want to check this out :

  • Officially ! Mike Mangini ,the new DT drummer !

  • Gerson

    Bobby es el mas indicado para esto, ya q tiene mas experiencia q todos los ya mencionados y la verdad es mas virtuoso, sus obras lo respaldan¡¡ Spastic Ink es una obra de mucho peso para la humanidad musicalmente hablando¡¡, no he visto cambios mas perros q los de el…Ejemplos…Mad Data Race, Multi-Masking, A chaotic realization of nothinf yet misunderstood, esas 3 obras de Bobby Jarzombeck son mas pesadas q todo lo q han escuchado, no nadamas es velocidad, es Ingenio, es Progreso!!