Lebanese Band Benevolent | EP Release (Free Download)
Nov 6th 2010 Rami Rouhana News

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  • From Benevolent

Kuwait-based Lebanese metal band Benevolent have just released their debut EP titled Divided, which features five tracks exhibiting the bands’ heavy, technical, ambient, and balls-to-the-wall sound. The album was recorded at one of the Middle East’s fastest growing recording studios, Sarj’s Studio (www.facebook.com/Sarjs.studio), through 2010, and co-produced by Hadi Sarieddine and Sajid “Sarj” Masoud. Fadi Sarieddine, band co-founder and lead vocalist, added “It was such a great experience! Just looking back at how these songs slowly came to life is such a great feeling! I really feel that we got to experience and learn so much about ourselves as musicians and as people through out this process…and it’s just great to be on the other side with everything done.”

“I hope that listeners enjoy this record as much as we enjoyed putting it together!”

Pre-production took place at the band’s home recording studio. Hadi Sarieddine, band co-founder, comments: “I like to come in to the studio with a game plan. I have to get to know the song before going in to record the final product so that I know what sort of sounds need to go on there, and just generally be able to pay attention to the very little details in my own personal space. I think the process worked out great!”

Divided can be downloaded fully for FREE for a limited period of one month from the following link:



The album’s track list is as follows:

1. Clairvoyant Transmission

2. Purgatory

3. The Tyrant

4. Haunting Shores

5. The Quantum Paradox

The band is currently rehearsing in preparation for an upcoming set of shows across the Middle East/North Africa region, and Europe in support of Divided. Dates will be announced in the near future.

Visit the band’s official pages to keep up with their news and updates:





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  • Patrick

    Respect to you guys.
    Great EP!! Hope everything works out for you.

  • mahfouz

    very nice

  • great post, thanks for sharing

  • Stephanie SaCroix

    Very interesting post, thanks for sharing, I’ll make sure i check out the album =]

  • Patrick

    Thanks Stephanie, check all the Benevolent related searches here: lebmetal.com/?s=benevolent