Review | Made of Metal at Nova
Nov 24th 2010 Patrick Saad Event Reviews

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It’s been a while since Nova got invaded by a legion of metalheads, and I couldn’t recognize most of these young faces, as I realized that ‘the new generation’ has found its way to local events (one can tell from their excited expressions). Looking back on the event, I’m puzzled to see that cover bands are still attracting large audiences (I guess they’ll always attract the newcomers), as I’m becoming less and less satisfied with local events. The Freak Show showed good organizing skills here: providing proper tags for personnel and press, selling earplugs at the door and managing to get 6 bands before 1 AM. Here’s how the night went:

    • Assault


    The first band of the evening was basically formed by members of local band Scar which I also watched at Nova recently. Their style is very similar to Scar if you take Rammstein out of the equation. Metallica’s “Harvester of Sorrow” and Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction” were the highlights of their performance but I wasn’t quite honestly impressed, especially with the distortion tone coupled with sloppy transitions and musicianship. Still, this is a starting band and I hope everything they’ll improve as they play more shows.

    • Kult


    These guys have been playing for quite some time now (ex-BloodOath) and their setlist included some challenging songs (especially drum wise). Given these guys’ stage experience over the years, I’m really disappointed that they are still insisting on playing covers. It’s about time they show us their own creativity! It’s a tight band in general so I hope they sit down and work on some originals for their next gig because the crowd enjoyed their energy throughout the show.

    • Primal


    Primal is primarily a Pantera cover band with good stage performance and crowd interaction (charismatic vocalist). Their setlist included Pantera’s best from “Hollow” to “Cowboys from Hell” and “Domination” with an additional collaboration from local band Element 26’s vocalist on “Slaughtered”. There’s nothing to be said here except for another reminder for talented musicians to express themselves through their own material because for those of us who have been attending events for quite some time now, cover bands have nothing genuine about them. Best of luck for the band in the future!

    • Ataxia


    Ataxia played many groove metal songs, bringing energy to the crowd for their entire show. Still, as we all know it, groove metal isn’t about technicality, with little musicianship required, and with that noise dominating the sound (mainly from distortion pedals), they sounded a bit repetitive to my ears. I read somewhere that the band plays Brazilian thrash metal, and what I heard was way far off thrash metal in general. I’m anxious to see the band perform a different setlist!

    • Before We Drop Dead


    The crowd was worn out by now and the noise level was at its highest point which really wasn’t good for the band. Although the members are experienced and energetic, they couldn’t get to the crowd with their choice of songs and overall style. I’ve seen better from this non conventional band and I hope they settle on a style and work on it for future gigs.

    • Demons


    The highlights of Demons’ show were Lamb of God’s “Walk With Me In Hell”and Sepultura’s “Territory”, although the latter one didn’t sound too good, especially at the very end. Their energy wasn’t bad at all but again they were facing some real technical difficulties with their 7-string guitarist and that kinda put off the crowd for a while. I wouldn’t mind watching this band again if they spice up their setlist a bit; we’re all bored with the same cliche songs you guys. Best of luck!

    • Although Nova was packed, Made of Metal showcased 6 bands and 4 hours of metal, sadly without any original music to please those who had enough of hearing covers. As for the newcomers, enjoy hearing your favorite songs for the time being, hopefully after your 20th time hearing the same old Pantera, Metallica and Lamb of God songs, you’ll join me and many more in supporting bands who are working on and performing their own songs.

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    • Freak Show

      We Would Like To Thank All Who Attented The Event, We Need Ur Support Every Step Of The Way.
      We Apologize For All Technical Difficulties,
      And Thank You Patrick For The Review

      Freak Show

    • Elie Daakour

      about bwdd, it was the least of our concern to attract the crowd…we play what we like and we know pple dt know anything abt the style coz obviously all they wanna hear is metallica, pantera and all these unoriginal covers that are covered every week. thats a main problem in events these days, so we are playing a quite unique and original style that we members all love. and abt the sound, it will always be like that no matter how hard we try so we as experienced members got use to it and it doesnt matter to us anymore.
      keep up the gd work and thx for the review:D

    • elie daakour

      Plus its not alwayz abt headbanging and giving the horns on milked songs and same style everytime:P

    • Khaled Arja

      hey i am bassist of demons … just want to tell u that 1st 10x 4 the advice man:)
      2nd u know that our 7 strngs guitarist was facing problems with his pedal … and from all the band we promise u all to a better show and setlist ..

    • Abbass Saidi

      I liked BWDD the most. My Kind of music. (:

    • Michel Nakhle

      i was down there at the event and i would like to thank the freak show for the amazing event 🙂 and also thank you ataxia, kult, and demons for the awesome performance 😀 keep up the good work \m/

    • Nick Haber

      You’ve seen in what state the crowd was, and for the record, KULT has originals and played a demo of 4 songs last year, thus wasn’t released to lack of funds.
      A full album will be hopefully recorded by the end of 2011, and next concert will include tracks from it.

      PS: reference to ex-bloodoath ?? bloodoath is dead since 2008. I think our name speaks for itself now ‘ KULT’

    • Mhammad tabbara

      Shitty review,

      I saw nothing Positive…it’s like the writer is trying to impose his negative view on the scene, and he’s from the “new generation” of metalheads -_-

      Patrick how about encouraging the bands, not by saying “waiting to hear originals” or “go play a fixed setlist”…
      yeah everyone played covers, but not everyone played milked songs ( Like Kult, these guys dared all the bands with their style, or Before We Drop Dead, who played gr8 stuff)

      Respect to all bands also…oh and btw, if a band covers a specific type, should we say that must stop, and not deliver wut the crowd wants ? bullshit

    • Andrew Sixx Khoury

      well i wanna say something … Patrick … U’re Right … And I agree that BWDD
      Should settle to a style … well i’ve been screaming my lungs out and trying to
      tell the band about that but i dont know … no 1 listens … However… i know
      that the scene is only used to the same old songs …. the thing is i find it that
      the scene here … well baddoun 100 sene ta yet3awwado 3a style jdid …
      w ken ma3o 7a22 fiya daakour… but in my point of view… BWDD’s fans were
      used to us playing some head-knocking breakdowns…. and they didnt really
      like our playlist …. even our oldest fans…. what i think is that BWDD
      should stick back to its old style …. coz well sadly … this playlist
      included different styles (Metalcore(KSE, PWD), Alternative(Thrice),
      Emo (Funeral For A Friend), Deathcore(IKTPQ), and Hardcore(From Autumn To Ashes)…
      So Daakour… well we’re running out of time(I mean we growing old) …
      why dont we stick back to our old style… Come up With Some Originals…
      and Try to make something from BWDD, b4 we start to care more about our
      future and lose time for this band…. and i think its better for the band…..
      Anw Patrick Thx for The review…

      PS: I got some private reviews(more like Opinions) from many people…
      well everybody liked the old style …
      One of them said: “I came to see BWDD F*** this place up…
      i mean i came to have fun … With all Due Respect to The first to bands covered by u guys…
      i wouldn’t like to see them in a metal concert … i mean i love these bands…
      but i think they need a different atmosphere mainly….
      Well, Andrew if you can tell ur band to go back to its old style … I would be greatful…
      anyways best of luck guys.”

      Well Ppl are into our old style… and i think the less distorting songs we played shouldnt be
      played with the other more distorting ones…

      And Thnx Again!

    • i agree with what’s been said, bands should aim for more originals!
      it was nice to see alot of ppl coming from tripoli to c demonds (a band from tripoli as well)
      gd work from all the bands, specially the younger ones…but again, time for originals

      to comment about the sound issue daakour mentioned, and this is as general advice, and a huge one too:
      most bands expect to go on stage and get a killer sound, 95% of the sound comes from the band itself and their equipment (daakour, u remember andrew’s inital distortion,right?),
      it is absolutely impossible beyond any doubt to get a good sound from a band who hasn’t fine tuned every aspect of their sound, distortion, new strings, tuning, and choice of equipment…so i urge all bands to spend AT LEAST 2-3 hours fixing their guitar&bass sound to match each other in their jamroom BEFORE coming to a concert, and NOT on 10 watt amps, on something LOUD…ive been through countless cases where a guitarist has the perfect distortion on a 10 watt amp, guess what(watt:P)? a 10 watt amp doesn’t have enough bass or midrange, next thing you know that same “perfect” distortion on a 10,000 watt system is nothing but bass and muddy midrange
      most pedals nowaday have a ‘line/amp’ switch, KNOW how to use it and what’s the difference!
      if your pedal doesn’t have such a thing, please get your own amp with you (and no, not the 10 watt one…40 watts at least)

    • Patrick

      @ Nick, Looking forward to attending that next concert.
      @ Mhammad, I AM encouraging them > to play original songs and I didn’t say that everyone played milked song: Kult > “and their setlist included some challenging songs”.

      “if a band covers a specific type, should we say that must stop, and not deliver wut the crowd wants?”
      – Well no that’s my whole point here, the majority of the attending crowd wants and enjoys these milked songs, and that’s fine with me but from the musician’s point of view, that’s hardly innovative in any way … I have no problem with a ‘specific type’ but I’m just encouraging the musicians to discover their own sound that will definitely involve their influences and favorite genres … Thanks for the feedback.

      @ Roy, I couldn’t agree more on the equipment part.

      @ Daakour, I hear you man, it’s never about the headbanging but regarding BWDD, it was just a bit too noisy from where I was standing (not close to the speakers, center position) and I couldn’t hear enough to appreciate the style you guys are trying to play.

      @Khaled, Demons is a tight band. I expect lots from you guys in the future.

    • Fady – Primal

      I Just Wanted to Thank Freakshow And Point That Hollow Was Played And Not Cemetery Gates…
      Horns Up For The Organizers, & All Bands Especially Kult!
      And Just Wanted To Say that If We All Would Play The Same Music, We Won’t Have A Various And Rich Metal Scene.. 😉
      For The Record, Originals Are On The Way!

    • bb

      Patrick tired himself writing you guys a nice decent review .. while it should’ve been “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA wtf ?! the end” … People wasted money on this while they could have heard these songs at home eating a sandwich lol

    • SerJ

      See, thats why i dont go the gigs anymore 🙂

      @bb, wisely said: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF ?!

    • hihihi

      if you don’t have songs don’t go live

    • bands must start somewhere, most if not all bands with albums started by playing covers…
      in every domain out there the learning process starts by studying & repeating examples and previous pieces of works before starting with new ones (math, physics, programming, arts, etc…) music isnt any different
      at least that gives the chance to gain experience and musicmanship & build teamwork, and most importantly know if the members are cut for it in the 1st place
      definitely originals must be the next step, but not necessarily the 1st

    • karim

      @ patrick saad: man what’s yur problem with cover bands! why do u hate them so much! enno why do u want every band to make their own originals? their doing covers for fun w eno maybe they dont have time to come up with their own material!
      + the ticket kella 3a ba3da 7a2a 10$! 😛

      I liked the concert alot, w there was alot of headbanging! w it was kinda fun to hear all these old thrash songs (pantera, sepultura, metallica, Log)!

      The sound was good for all the bands (thx Roy) except for BWDD it was horrible, the vocals were inaudible, and the sound in general was out of tune (general oscillation)! but the last two songs were better i remember, w pple got excited, which led to some headbanging action! yalla better luck next time!!!

    • Andrew Sixx Khoury

      Ok so roy … You’re right about what you said;however, the pedal I was using was Amazon’s Pedal … Well My Pedal ba3ed ken 3ande calibration for some things but I lend it to a friend … which obviously did something to the store button ===> I can’t save my changes sadly…. Bass the thing is I calibrated the effects on both pedals b4 on a line 6 spider II head/cabinet…(taba3 broken records) which (needless to say) is not 10 watts … I’m speaking a 100 watt if not more…. Nevertheless, I use a guitar which is the same as that’s if not better than ur own band member’s axe… However ma ken 3ande wa2et ktir zabbet el pedal taba3 amazone … and I even used the same effect that he used in “Unleash The Force” …. Engraved’s sound was the best … and I recall Elie Amazon Using my axe on his pedal and the sound was awesome…. I used the same effect he did …. So dunno …
      @ Karim … The noise sound shitty on the first 3 songs because Our effects were calibrated to play metalcore; however, BWDD’s playlist consisted many styles (Emo, Indie, Deathcore, Hardcore..) so I know the sound was awful … anw come December 23 and changes in the band will be made and then give me ur opinion….
      Well the problem is that there was disrespect to the first 3 songs we played from more than a person … well that might be due to the people’s perspective towards music… I mean they all like to listen to the old milked songs that many of us have seen live more than a 1000 times… so they should be a bit open-minded towards music … Get to know more styles … listen to many types of music and at least appreciate the work of the bands who have put their blood, sweat, and tears to make it a successful record… And Thanks

    • Patrick Z

      Roy, is it possible for you to emulate a guitar rig sound ? Instead of using a conventional pedal, one can use a guitar rig placed on your board or pc, then you can control the sound without a problem.
      That should solve the sound system problem don’t you think ?

    • Patrick Z

      Never mind, same thing, you gotta connect it to an amp either ways

    • you could…you could put an amp simulator so u dont have to connect to an amp either, but it sounds digital at times
      + you will need to have a computer running, and let’s say it decides to crash in the middle of the gig ?
      also, you will need a soundcard for the pc as well
      that’s just alot of equipment (and we’re ignoring the software price, these alone original are over 600$)
      so you already have a sound card + pc which anything decent would cost no less than like 1200$
      that money can be invested in 1 hell of a good amp (& mic)!

      the mixer i use actually have amp/cabinet simulators…and ive used them on numerous occasions where trust me, otherwise, the sound would be horrendous (compared to an improvement to make it bad/half-ok)

      one alternative option is get a DI box with amp/cabinet simulator, it will firstly fix the impedance (pedals/guitars are meant to be plugged into an amp – hi-z – not a mixer, a DI box adjusts that) + would simulate an amp/cabinet and gets rid of the BZZZZZZZZZZSHHH sound you get when u plug a guitar directly into a mixer if the pedal has no ‘mixer output’ BUT it still wont sound as good as an amp with a mic (considering it’s well configured)

      ps: andrew, about your amazon thing, i have never come upon the settings uve used in this concert, so definitely there was something different

    • FADI BK

      Patrick , in the padal (multi effects one) u have 2 out puts // one “OUTPUT” for the amp/cabinet//// the other one”AUX OUT” to plugin directly a sound system or MIXER////

      so l guitarists l kiram they have to plugin the jack in the””AUX OUT” hole if they wana go directly to the mixer

      halla2 if they don’t have a digital pedal ,and they have a’ stump box ‘ yjibo ma3on l amp ma3on 🙂

    • hihihi

      @roy: no, they can practice all the covers they want at home until they come up with original material to be played live. (not saying bands should have a 100% original set at their first live appearance but if they have nothing original they shouldn’t bother playing)

    • Jad Jawhari

      I completely agre with hihihi, I don’t know why a band bothers to call itself a band if they don’t have any originals :S. I mean, these are called cover bands and not BANDS.

    • Patrick Z

      A band can do whatever it wants, it’s up to the listener to decide whether to attend or not.
      Don’t force people to come up with originals, let them take the time of composing something “good” to the ear.

    • hihihi

      they can take all the time they want. then go live.

    • hal

      honestly i recommend all Lebanese bands performing at NOVA to bring their 15 watt little amps and take their sound from a microphone that would be perfect ….not sooo practical but still the closes to perfection on a sound system like nova’s …