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Jan 14th 2011 Ralph Moussa Band/Album Reviews

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Igorrr is a solo French composer whose real name is Gautier Serre, known for his insane fusion between electronic acoustic science and classical music (especially the baroque era) also introducing a sprinkle of metal distortion and some electronica / breakcore … media labeled as Baroquecore.


He started his musical career in 2004 with a simple demo that wasn’t satisfying for his trip with musical experimentation so he released his 1st full length album in 2006 entitled Poisson Soluble (self-produced) with 8 tracks metal / classical influenced. The astonishing blast beats are noticeable while the melody is clearly a new wave of baroque classical music along weird sound effects.

After Poisson Soluble, a new album had to see the light in 2008: Moisissure, which was also self-produced, with a new musical vision and improved quality and skills; more piano work and some opera voice over. Due to some success, Acroplane Records adopted Moisissure and re-recorded it in 2009. Here is a track from the album that really shows the death metal influence in his work.

Igorrr started 2010 with a new release by Impulsive Art (a double vinyl edition of Poisson Soluble and Moisissure), but he didn’t let 2010 go by without a new release, so a new album entitled Nostril was released with Ad Noiseam (an electronic music label) with 14 tracks of non stop fusion, sound effects and creativity. In my opinion this is where he reached the peak and the perfect formula that represented his various influences.

A high standard work for all classical music fans and baroque music lovers, in some new wave electronic version, metal oriented drumming and percussion. Here are 2 of my favorite tracks in the album but I recommend listening to the whole album for better judgment just because the tracks are so widely varied.

It’s also important to mention that Gautier is the founder of the Grindcore/Death metal/Breakcore band Whourkr.

  • Links

Igorrr’s Myspace

Whourkr’s Website

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Ralph Moussa

2 articles

  • Youss1f

    Double Monk (Y)!

  • SakoS

    After listening to his discography at least 3 times, there’s only one conclusion one can get: This guy IS A GENIUS!
    The way he managed to combine complex drum patterns, blast beats in many songs, the classical baroque music, which is incredible, and guitar riffs at some parts, is just phenomenal!
    He just became one of my favorite artists!

  • asdasd

    Drumkit from hell anyone ? 😛

    Fl studio anyone ???

  • SerJ

    Cool music, a bit weird I must say.
    Double Monk (Y)

  • Jad Jawhari

    ULTIMATE RESPECT to every metalhead that is expanding his horizons and listening to electronic music and appreciating it. Igorr is amazing, I’m glad you brought up the subject (Y).

  • ralph

    hihi glad u liked it btw i am not a metalhead …music wise is music wise …labeling absorbs music’s effect to enter a brain …

  • Jad Jawhari

    I didn’t necessarily mean you :p. I said to every metalhead so if you were a metalhead you would’ve had my ultimate respect :p joking :p. I don’t know if you attended last night’s event at hamra, kirdec played some amazing breakcore.

  • SerJ

    Ralph’s a Punk 😛 he cool tho … kellna men7ebbo 😛

  • hihihi

    shu ya3ne music wise

  • ralph

    ktir eshya bass enta ma bta3ref …

  • SerJ

    hihihi, kif wa2ta t2oul: dude money wise (n) Aka, ama3ish cash ta2edhar today.

    hek ya3ne.

  • khalil awad

    trippy shizzz

  • amer-elhomaissi

    So it isn’t just me who’s loving this guy’s music? I made about 20 people listen to his music, and none of them liked it. It’s only me and my friend who gave me his music that liked it. One of my favorite artists indeed. Though I prefer his work alone over his work in Whourkr.

  • Taz

    Word, amer.
    That’s a very good review Ralph!
    Listen-up: Ad Noiseam = Nicolas Chevreux = We had Enduser, Bong-ra and soon to be, Niveau Zero. Ra7 njibo la Gautier 3al Lebnen.