2011 Middle East Revolutions | A Metalhead’s Playlist
Feb 27th 2011 Patrick Saad What do you think?

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This article is inspired by recent regional events in the Middle East (Tunisia, Egypt, etc) which gives truth to the ‘Power to the People’ saying and shows that the Arab World is crying out for revolution, opposing tyranny and standing up to oppression.


I put together this Metal playlist with 20 revolution songs with various lyrical topics such as oppression, war, freedom, brotherhood, determination and resistance amongst others. I am counting on you readers to add your suggestions in the comments.

  • Anyway, some of these songs are my friends’ picks (just to get some variety in there) but I know there are plenty to be added!

1- Sepultura – Refuse/Resist
2- Damageplan – New Found Power
3- Death – Zero Tolerance
4- Kataklysm – Tear Down The Kingdom
5- Megadeth – This Day We Fight

6- Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name
7- Metallica – Seek And Destroy
8- Iced Earth – Ten Thousand Strong
9- Slayer – War Ensemble
10- Kreator – Radical Resistance

11- Sepultura – Manifest
12- Arch Enemy – We Will Rise
13- Turisas – Stand up and Fight
14- Ensiferum – Into Battle
15- Anthrax – Soldiers Of Metal


16- Stone Sour – Silly World
17- Iced Earth – Path I Choose
18- Kreator – Warcurse
19- Mors Principium Est – Terminal Liberation
20- Benevolent – The Tyrant

Waiting for your suggestions!

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  • FuckTheSystem

    You can find a lot of System of a Down songs related to this topic:
    War / Fuck the System / P.L.U.C.K / Soldier Side / Tentative / A.D.D / Boom! / B.Y.O.B / Sad Statue

  • LOL !

    The Trooper – Iron Maiden
    Warriors Of The World United -Manowar
    Fight For Freedom – Manowar

  • The Beatles – Revolution

  • Yves

    Amaseffer – Birth Of Deliverance
    Amon Amarth – Thousand Years Of Oppression
    Angelus Apatrida – Of Men And Tyrants
    Angelus Apatrida – One Side One War
    Bolt Thrower – …For Victory
    Karnivool – Goliath
    Lamb Of God – Again We Rise
    Nostradameus – The Final Battle
    Pantera – Revolution Is My Name
    Primordial – Empire Falls
    Strapping Young Lad – Imperial

  • Hady

    FFF – Megadeth
    Revolution is my name – Pantera
    Just cause you’ve got the power – Motorhead
    Fucking hostile – Pantera
    Where we come from – Nightchains
    White riot – The clash

    Great article !

  • SerJ

    Rage against the machine – Freedom ! the most epic song that suits this township rebellion

  • Rami

    Arch Enemy – Despicable Heroes

  • Sawaya

    Arch Enemy – Revolution Begins

  • ba

    Lybia Generals – beacon in the warfare