Review | Get Outta Your Mind
Mar 6th 2011 Karl Sawaya Event Reviews

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“Get Outta Your Mind” was an event by HD Management at Nova – Sin El Fil. The general atmosphere of the event was “Core & Rap”: 15 year-old couples dancing in between bands, background rap music, and newbies/posers headbanging with a 1 sec latency to the drum rhythm (especially during breakdowns). Many metalheads were outside and didn’t attend the event, and unfortunately there were more kids (under 18) in the pub than adults. As usual the sound was a bit crappy, although the management was good. The event was to begin at 8:30, but it began around 9 since some attendees entered late. All photos were taken by Franck Oueis.

The event began with Shake Well Before Use. I admit, I do not listen to punk, and that it’s music that isn’t technical, and meant to be fun but there are limits to that. The band’s songs were repetitive and short, and the vocalist (girl) was inarticulate. I was expecting some style. Don’t get me wrong, the members are good at what they do, but their originals were simply not enjoyable.

Shake Well Before Use

Shake Well Before Use

Next came Relics of Martyrs, the Jordanian band. I can safely say they were very good musicians; they played thrash/death metal originals with nice solos that had a middle-eastern feel. The vocalist/growler had a recognizable low pitch growl and they all delivered a good show with a heavy presence on stage. It sucked that the one of the lead guitarist’s solos was interrupted for a couple of seconds due to some wiring problem. Finally, they ended their performance with a cover of Amon Amarth’s “The Pursuit of Vikings”. Best of luck to them.

Relics of Martyrs

Relics of Martyrs

After that came Before We Drop Dead. These guys’ reputation precedes them. They played their style very good, playing originals and covering Parkway Drive and Killswitch Engage. Their show was great with a good stage performance that kept everyone headbanging. I’m not a core fan, but it was obvious that the band was well prepared and by that gave a good show.

Before We Drop Dead

Before We Drop Dead

Element 26 were supposed to play, but they were replaced by Highway 69. The latter covered SOAD songs at their best, too bad they didn’t play for long. The vocalist kept a good contact with the audience, not to forget the great drumming and guitar play. It’s a shame few people were left in the event.
The event ended with Demonz, a band from Tripoli. The guys covered Lamb of God songs. But as much as I hate to say this, there was no synchronization whatsoever between the drums and guitars, especially on the breakdowns. I know LoG riffs are hard, but one has to come prepared to a gig. Anyway the members have some talent but definitely need more practice. It’s the only thing they lack since their stage presence was pretty good.
All in all, the event wasn’t too bad: management was good and so were half the bands. What could’ve been done was to play metal or core songs between the bands, not 50 Cent, The Game, and Lil Jon 😛

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  • DinGo

    Karl, as much as i appreciate your critism,however, you said it yourself, you don’t listen to punk.
    Punk is a genre which has short/fast songs where some of these riffs are repetitive, so they are supposed to be like that. If the music isn’t simple, then I guess we did a wrong job here.
    Nice review anyway.

  • Its HD managment Karl ! You should expect R&B Harout Style !

  • Le NeeZz

    Shou hal comment el 7elo Rami 😛

  • Le NeeZz

    who’s Harout !?

  • Da32oor

    there’s nothing wrong with putting r&B just for fun…i guess lots of metal artists usually enjoy other styles just for fun…plus nova events are messy, noisy and we got SICK OF IT ALL…as bwdd we have lots of techincal riffs and melodies that pple ct hear clearly:/
    As for punk, im not a fan but its abt attitude more than being all that technical…they sounded repetitive yeah but yet again thats the style and they put on a nice show.

  • Amr Attieh

    thanks to everyone who made this happen and thanks to the people who reviewed us
    im the vocalist of relics of martyrs and we are really thankful 😀
    One last thing, how can we get the photos?

  • Harout HD

    As da32our said there’s nothing wrong with putting some hip hop and R&B tunes In the concert cause as we all know metal is not the only genre we guys listen to… And I’m 100% sure of what I’m sayin people… And as u noticed I name my events after some rap song titles sooo personally I don’t bout opinions 😀 with all do respect karl but every single event that HD is going to do there’s going to be a lot of rap music put on aight guys, so people can dance and headbang at the same time aight… Yalla peace out A town 😀

    PS: 10x for the review Karl 😀

  • knefeh lover

    rapcore all the way

    nizkit in da bizkit

  • Sawaya

    Hehe, actually i liked the track “Outta your Mind”, downloaded it when i came back from the concert 😛 but i wasn’t expecting to hear rap music in that kind of event.

  • Andrew Khoury

    Well, the review is pretty damn good. we’ve always been suffering from the sound, but the thing is i recall playing many times on the stage where Roy Naufal was on sound, and yet, we were comfortable playing on the stage. Now,the only thing that’s keeping the sound crappy is that the sound checks are not well done, i mean 20 min are not enough for every band to calibrate their effects to the sound. Sometimes the sound technician might come in handy if calibrating the eq and the gain from the mixer is possible, but sometimes we have to change level, gain, eq in our pedals so that the distortion wouldn’t be neither too sharp nor very deep.

    In my opinion, Roy Naufal has always been good at doing sound checks, calibrating and maintaining a good sound quality. Now, Roland is a bit good but still lacks practice and expertise. I got shocked when relics of martyr played since it was a long time since i’ve heard a clear sound coming from the amps. This was due to their friend Mazen Ayoub AKA Muffin. We asked for the help of Mazen but Roland didn’t allow him to help us. It pissed me off, but we couldn’t do anything more.

    Moreover, while we(BWDD) were playing on stage, someone stepped on my pedal’s expression pedal which made my parts inaudible for a while until i looked down to see that somebody tampered with my pedal.

    Nevertheless, i mean the people coming to nova are becoming a bit annoying to the bands because i’ve seen it more than once happening. i mean you see people turning the monitors to another side where it will become hard to hear what you’re playing. They move the monitors aside to headbang. Some of them even moved the monitor away just to stand on the tables that were put to support the monitors weight.

    In addition, putting rap music in a metal concert isn’t wrong. I dunno why people in Lebanon hate the idea, but if you check most of the concerts in the US, in Europe, and the rest of the world, you would see that they put some rap songs, RnB songs many times between the band. they even put scene rap, and electronic scene music in such concerts. So thats not a big issue. Even if kids under 18 attended the concert, it doesn’t matter. We all were once and we all attended concerts. Most of us were more educated about this type of music more than the current generation, but with time, they’ll have a clear idea about it.

    When BWDD played in Memory of Imad, may his soul rest in peace, i saw more than 150 people there. Some of them, in my POV, didn’t even know the guy. Most of them were laughing and giggling when slides about our fellow brother imad were being displayed on the screen. For me and my band, it was hard for us to play there to a point we tried to hold ourselves from dripping tears out. Halla2, 7assab ma ana bfakker w akid fi 3alam betwefi2ne. Many People attended the event “Memory of Imad” because it was for free and there were bands playing many of imad’s favorite songs. I’m sure most of his friends who made it to the event came to see imad maybe for the last time but i recognized new faces of which i know that weren’t friends with Imad nor did they meet him. So what i’m trying to say that many people never support nor give hope for the bands. They want everything to be for free.

    Once again, may Imad’s soul rest in peace. He will be missed by many.

    Anw Thnx For the Review, Karl.
    Keep Up the Good work

    ‘Nough Said.

  • knefeh lover

    Earn your support, make demos and send it to record labels

  • ashraf lababidi

    hello cv?
    well i was in the concert.. that concert was pretty good… all the bands we rockin were rocking the fucking stage especially the headbanging on Demons and BWDD … bass ana 7assab ma shefet ennou demons ma 8albatou ktir… just when the drummer faltet mennou l stix 3a keter l headbanging like i think… bass u didnt write that demons were owning most of crowds… anw all the bands were great 2 …

  • ye

    ehehehehe mousta7illl 2eno kell l bands mne7 ma 3ada demons ye cz demons jaw ken kello 2elon bass hon bi lebanon ma bye7termo 8ayron badon tobyid l wech ydal che8al w get out my mind dom ta7 dom

  • Antonio Sawan

    Demons, stop sending your friends to write something good about you or/and stop creating accounts and commenting on a review that has nothing to do with which band was better. It’s just a review as you see. It’s not gonna get published in a magazine. thanks

  • Fadi

    Will any of these bands be joining GBOB?

  • Chris

    Rap is for losers! Point…
    Metal To The Bone!