Sexual language and Sexual sound ‘effects’ in Rock/Metal Music (+18)
Jun 29th 2011 Rami Rouhana Miscellaneous

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If you are under 18, please leave this page. This article is for over 18 years old readers.

Because Metal music talks about anything and everything, sex is one of the topics frequently present in Metal. Metal musicians like to break the taboos and forget the unreal shame of talking about sex. They consider sex to be part of human nature and an essential part of every human’s life. Still sex is not always represented like that in Metal music. Every artist finds his way of expressing sexual desires, sometimes in an ironic way, other times torture.

Metal fans as most of music listeners like Romance related topics which are part of sexuality. By listening to hundreds of metal/Rock tracks, I passed by some tracks that address sexuality and ‘female orgasm’ to be exact. I will be listing those tracks and other tracks suggested by staff members.


Dea Pecuniae by Pain Of Salvation (Prog rock): At 1:50 second, a female voice is heard in the background imaging a sexual relation with Mr Money who has everything he deserves.

Home by Dream Theatre (Prog Metal): At 7 minutes 50 seconds, again there’re some female sexual screams.

Silent Sorrow by The Flower Kings (Prog rock): At 7 mins 5 seconds…

Black Shining Leather by Carpathian Forest

Rocket Queen by Guns & Roses

Sexdictator Lucifer by Belphegor

Pleasure Slave by Manowar

Pussy by Rammstein

Enlighten us with some similar tracks that you know of, or just bring our attention to another element frequently occurring in Rock music.

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  • Jean-Luc Maragel

    Metallica – carpe diem baby’s lyrics(in my mind) is a disguised metaphor for sex.. “SPLIT sky” “BITE the nail” + u have words like “squeez -suck -shake it”… maybe I’m wrong, but art is subjective, and that’s how I see it.

  • Rabih

    An extensive number of Led Zeppelin songs !

  • SmOK

    its a nice topic, bass enno hayda yalleh tole3 ma3ak… men ba3ed 2yrs 😛

  • rok

    Scorpions-Rock you like a hurricane, tease me please me, rubber f***ker… 😛

  • Michel

    how could you forget : SCREAM by AVENGED SEVENFOLD ?!!

  • Carmina

    Michel (I recognized you) they didn’t forget it, they don’t know it or don’t care or don’t consider it Metal :p Anyway, lots of songs by Black Countess (which are a heavily sex oriented band if you judge by their lyrics), including Red Carnations And Bloodstained Lingerie and A Memory Of Coming Nightmare (the latter one being composed only of intricate piano as well as moaning and heavy breathing sounds laced with screams, ending with a two worded sentence: “Lick Me”). Also, Rusty Fork Lobotomy by Bleed Before The Skies for those who enjoy Core and Deathcore.

  • Carmina , I sincerely do not know it . Do I have to ?