Event Review | Sroud 3a Broud at Nova
Nov 30th 2011 Patrick Saad Event Reviews

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After attending Made of Metal III this past Monday, I looked forward to something different than watching cover bands playing Lamb Of God, System Of A Down, Metallica, Metalcore and Extreme Metal. The idea behind Sroud 3a Broud was to go to Nova pub and “chill” while enjoying some standup comedy, a couple of Rock bands and jams that featured 5 bassists, 2 guitarists and 3 drummers.

Too bad stand-up comedian Anthony Hamawi couldn’t make it to the event, we were looking forward to his set. Anyway, the first band on-stage was “Sroud“, a 3-piece acoustic band with 2 guitarists and a violinist. They played covers of Ray Charles’ “Hit The Road Jack”, Radiohead’s “Creep”, Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” among others. The female vocalist had a nice soothing voice and violinist Rudy Fares (also one of the drummers of the night) helped making this band suitable for background music for dinner pubs and indoor restaurants, something that the band should definitely aim for (tip: try performing at that restaurant just next to Nova pub – it so happens that I noticed a pianist and female vocalist performing live music there that night).

Second band on stage was “Eruption“, a Rock band which played some classic hits from the 80’s and 90’s along with some originals. Armed with nice riffs and good ol’ Hard Rock, the band put on a good show that night. The only slightly awkward demeanor was the vocalist trying to communicate and pump some life into a crowd that came to chill out, not to party like there’s no tomorrow. Their originals were spot on with the Hard Rock feel and the vocalist had good potential in his vocals, which he later demonstrated in a high pitch demonstration, but the only two things he has to figure out is the type of songs which fit his voice and how not to get overexcited when performing.

The surprise of the night was when a beatboxer went on stage and improvised some crazy vocal beats, which clearly showed great talent – now that wasn’t something you normally get to see at Nova.

Certainly the night’s main acts, 3 bassists whose main influences are Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller and Jaco Pastorius showcased their skills with an extended jam in which they exchanged funky double thumb rhythms with interesting licks with 3 drummers (one at a time). Unsurprisingly, the jam had some good as well as some messy parts, largely due to the lack of communication between the musicians involved. Sometimes a bassist would keep soloing on his own, taking up the spotlight and not letting room for others to present ideas, while the drummers’ performances ranged from ‘playing it safe’ to ‘overplaying the other musicians’ – nothing that more jams wouldn’t fix, along with considering some tricks and skills that I think are vital for any jam, like switching tempos from fast/slow and vice versa, changing musical keys and knowing when to properly end a song (not by abruptly stop playing all together).

Another jam featured guitarist Fadi Yabroudi who played Jazz Fusion licks which I found to be very interesting, especially when accompanied by a decent drummer and a bassist who knows his Jazz. I encourage Fadi to pursue a Jazz Fusion project, I bet he’d make some people very interested.

Finally, bassist Roy Nawfal went on stage with guitarist Fadi Bou Khalil and drummer Simon Khoury and played a nifty progression that turned out a bit experimental from Fadi’s side with interesting pedal effects and layers.

Overall, Sroud 3a Broud was less or so a good event, different from the usual Metal events we’ve been seeing at Nova. Perhaps the jams weren’t so tight, but the musicians performed well, and I’ll be waiting for similar events in the future – it’s the best way to spot talented musicians in the local scene.

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  • fadi bk

    Hamawi couldn’t make it coz he have to be at work in Comedy club at 10pm – the event started at 9:45

  • Patrick

    So we should blame the late soundcheck then, too bad.

  • Alex

    hehe didn’t expect those critics! but we’ll make sure we make the right choice for the right songs that cld fit the event’s mood! as we had to expose some originals that seem to be”crowd life pumping” !

  • Patrick

    Eruption’s originals are good, the critics I spoke about are some minor glitches that myself and other attendees talked about after the show, they are the differences between good and really good.

  • Elie Akl

    This is Elie Akl lead guitarist in Eruption. Usually i don’t replie to critics and reviews but there is some points i’d like to talk about. First of all thank you for ur critic, i respect that. Second of all, when Mr. Naufal contact us to play at this show, i’m pretty sure he knows Eruption’s style and the type songs we play. We are rock n’ Roll band and this is what we play like it or not, ill make sure next time please tell us what u want to hear, we got some good love songs and ”Sroud and Chill” kind of thing. During the concert if u noticed that, they were some poeple sleepin’, some people didn’t even listen to what other bands we’re playin’,thats a pretty good fail for this show. BUT if u noticed too, when we got our asses on stage and play, everything changed the crowd sang along with us and they were enjoyin the show, and let me tell u this, we came to party and let the people have fun, so ill make sure next time ”The Party” continue till tomorrow and the next day and the day after tomorrow! Now about Mr. Alex Zein Critic, i dont know if u know something about the 80’s or 80’s vocals, his job is to get overexcited when performing, cause we dont fake our proformence and we dont stay half a hour standing in our place like other bands do, so Check some 80’s videos and see the bands performence while on stage… And for his voice we know the best thing for him to sing, and we know we got a good frontman. So for next time, this is us, a rock n’ roll band, and we dont need crictics to tell us what to do or not! Thank you..

  • Bala Akl

    its no youse elie, this critics just dont now how good your proformence was

  • Patrick

    Thanks for your opinions Elie and Bala, attendance was under 50, with less than 10 people actually standing front-stage throughout the event, most of those 10 people are friends with Eruption who came to cheer them, and they left after the band finished their set (that’s why things were a bit lifeless).
    I base my critics on my personal experience as well as the opinions of several attendees who regularly attend events, including the organizers and other musicians.

    Of course, you’re free not to consider any opinions, and good luck with the band.

  • Sum Doode

    I guess I have to agree with Patrick on this one. One because he is wearing an Opeth shirt, and any cultured metal lover knows they are just f***ing awesome. But on a serious note, i agree because the event is called “SROUD 3a brou” and not wave your hands in the air and throw your fists 3a broud. That night had more of a chill out mood. Eruption are a good band with solid originals, i’m not trashing them. But their attitude was a bit over exaggerated. At least in my opinion

  • Patrick

    haha thanks for your feedback Doode, I hope the message comes across.