LebMetal’s Top Releases | October 2011
Nov 1st 2011 admin What do you think?

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  • Patrick Saad’s Top Releases of October 2011

  • Yann Tiersen – Skyline

Recommended: Exit 25 Block 20 and The Gutter.

Improving on 2010’s “Dust Lane” Post Rock sound, Yann Tiersen is back with “Skyline”, a masterpiece of engulfing melodies and rich compositions, with Yann’s signature sound characterized by various instruments and beautiful textures.

For fans of: Post Rock and Devin Townsend’s “Ghost”.

  • Lunatic Soul – Impressions

Recommended: Impressions III and Impressions VII.


Lunatic Soul’s third full length and first instrumental release “Impressions” outshines Mariusz Duda’s previous two solo releases with more dynamics, experimentation and songs that focus on creating a journey-like ambiance. The release includes remixes of “Summerland” and “Gravestone Hill” from Lunatic Soul I and Lunatic Soul II respectively.

For fans of: Lebowski and Riverside.

  • Rami Rouhana’s Top Releases of October 2011

  • Iced Earth – Dystopia

Recommended: Anthem and V.

Described as on the best Iced Earth albums, Dystopia fits the description with energetic music, great vocals and quality production. Highly recommended for fans of Iron Maiden.

For fans of: Iron Maiden and Saxon.

  • Voyager – The Meaning of I

Recommended: The Meaning of I and Momentary Relapse of Pain.

Falling in the Power Progressive genre, Voyager amazes the fans again with another great album. Back in the HardRock days, AC/DC proved that Ozzies can Rock, Voyager proves that “Ozzies can prog”!

For fans of: Nevermore and Symphony X.

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  • DjejeSawda

    would u guys change the name of the thread to …top releases of the month instead of top metal releases of the month ?! …enno ma b7ess ktir mouri7a n7ett lunatic soul w yann tiersen hon.

  • DjejeSawda

    Oh and yes Skyline is album of the month.

  • Patrick

    These articles are being tagged as TopMonthlyReleases, so I do agree with you regarding their title; I’ll update them soon.
    As to their content, we have always picked releases related to Rock/Metal in general, and that can range from Experimental Rock to Hardcore Punk, Death Metal, etc. If this wasn’t related to Metal, I would have added some Jazz releases to the list 😉