LebMetal’s ‘Prog 101’ Free Compilation CDs at the Made Of Metal III event
On: Nov 19th 2011In: NewsBy: admin

After distributing free promotional CDs of Benevolent’s “Divided” EP and Patrick Ziade’s “String Theory” this past year, we prepared a free compilation which will be distributed this Monday at the Made of Metal III event at Nova Pub, Sin el Fil.

From the LebMetal.com merchandise stand, we will be giving away 50 CDs which include 14 international bands with over 1 hour of music. This compilation, labeled as ‘Prog 101’, is an effort to raise awareness of Progressive Rock/Metal artists in order to gather enough audience and fans to negotiate more important international bands coming to Lebanon.


    Here’s the tracklisting alongwith the Last.fm profile of each band:

Neal Morse – Overture No. 4 (Last.fm)
Riverside – Hyperactive (Last.fm)
Steven Wilson – Index (Last.fm)
Leprous – Restless (Last.fm)
Vintersorg – The Thesises Seasons (Last.fm)
Ayreon – Day Four: Mystery (Last.fm)
Myrath – Tales Of The Sands (Last.fm)
Winds – When the Dream of Paradise Died (Last.fm)
Opeth – Nepenthe (Last.fm)
Ark – Just a Little (Last.fm)
Deadsoul Tribe – The Gossamer Strand (Last.fm)
Pain of Salvation – Nightmist (Last.fm)
Cynic – Integral Birth (Last.fm)


P.S: Negotiations have already began with Tunisian band Myrath, so please join this Facebook page and show your support. For all Prog fans, if you want to see your favorite international bands playing live in Lebanon, simply promote the music!

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  • paolo

    Myrath??? Why don’t you get a bunch of tunisian street queens while you’re at it.