Review | Made of Metal III at Nova
Nov 30th 2011 Rami Rouhana Event Reviews

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Made of Metal III was one of those headbang till you break your neck events… The bands were mostly perfomring covers of international bands with great skills.

I haven’t much to say about the event, it was very entertaining for the people who came to the event but not interesting for the people who missed it. Most of the event was centered around cover bands and extreme music. There was enjoyable moments of course, raging crowd and some crazy acts.

S.K.U.D.D was the first band on stage and the enthusiastic crowd was already cheering. The band had a great vibe and the sound system was very good, giving the bands decent quality, as all instruments were heard clearly.

Kult was the second band on stage performing two originals , dying fetus/nile covers in a very decent manner. They got some Metalheads jumping like raging bulls.

December Dies Alone was the third band playing mainly originals, with a usual great performance of “core” music.

After D.D.A. it was time for Highway 69 which mainly played System of a Down’s greatest hits. The band showed experience in playing music that is commercial but unique and they almost performed the same way SOAD does.

Final band was Wrath which apparently is one of the newest bands and with theyoungest members. Nevertheless, they had a good performance and did not let the other bands outshine them. The king of the event was Kevo Kelougian, performing vocals with almost every band.

For the typical Metalhead going for beer, fun, some headbanging and maybe some moshpitting, this event was GREAT, it had all the required elements and the perfect blend of bands for the crowd to go crazy from start to end.

As an observation, one cannot but notice that the crowd was mostly friends of the bands. Such events rarely attracts curious metalheads to attend and rarely sustains or builds new audiences. The effort the bands are making is a major one, but they must be encouraged by friends first to widen their scope, broaden their knowledge of music styles and tolerate then accept other genres. The bands which succeed in doing that are the ones who really make a difference. The events that are considered “memorable” and enjoyed the most are the ones including well crafted originals.

New bands should always be given the chance to perform live, to build up their skills, and old bands should consider evolving with style and maturing with original material.

As a final note, the fresh new generation of metalheads always enjoy cover bands, the old people in the scene mostly get bored of it (we were young once).

You can check the event pictures on the Facebook Page.

One more thing, us at had a stand at the event, where we distributed a Free compilation CDs entitled “Prog 101”. For more info on that, check this article.

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  • Nick

    We played 2 originals an intro, dying fetus, nile and ZERO behemoth songs.


  • My fault . I am sorry , being unfamiliar with the tracks , I asked the opinion of a friend and he said Behemoth.

    Thank you for the correction Nick.

  • fallen angel

    did you really expect the editorial staff of a prog metal/fusion website to be familiar with deathgrind and death metal ?

  • We are familiar with Death Metal, but not all of it…

    Talking about my self , i am not much familiar with Nile and dying fetus though i have one album for each and have given it more than one listen.

    In my review I did not criticize the performances much , I said they were great. My concentration was on something else.

  • Btw Nick , did anyone mention that the two tracks performed are originals ?

  • Patrick

    First, consider checking the website’s tags, you’ll find plenty of Death Metal related articles there.
    We can’t possibly write the same amount of articles on all genres, some tags will have more articles than others, depending on the writers’ musical taste (for example, a former writer gave a big push to Black Metal and we have no problem with that).

    So if you want to give Death Metal a push, contribute and submit an article.

  • Nick

    No prob.

    Yes, i clearly stated that the 1st original we played was a new one entitled ‘ time to die ‘ and the second was also stated as the recorded one we released a while ago.

  • lebanese metalhead

    in what i can see in the pics only one band was performing :/
    chou the other bands ma byotla3lon souwar bil article aw kif ya3ne yaba nazalna review w raya7na rasna, in my opinion minimum 1 pic of each band or 1 mnbr of each band ( plz take it in to consideration coz the review look like a racist review ) and plz don’t say we have an album on the facebook page u can see all the pics
    1. many ppl don’t have facebook
    2. u are writing a review about the event so when i’m looking at the page on your website , it suppose to feel like i was in the event, and u know pics make 50% of this mission
    3.many ppl dont care about your opinion , the just wana see how the event was going( by seeing the pic on the page and reading the review and reading the comments made on the review

  • @Nick : I am sorry , apparently i missed both announcements. (being on the stand…). I will update that in the article.

    @Lebanese Metalhead : We usally put one pic for every band , this time we made it an exception , because we wanted to take the readers attention to something else .

    If the bands request adding the pics , we will edit and add the pics.

    1. We know that , we used to publish the pictures on our website in a gallery , but no one ever visited.
    2.The posted pics , show enough excitement and event success already !
    3.The review is there , there are pics and comments…