Review | Bandage & Friends at The Quandrangle
Mar 8th 2012 admin Event Reviews

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Pubs tend to develop a musical personality over the years, largely due to its general theme / ambiance and especially for its hosted events. The Quandrangle pub in Hazmieh has Blues written all over it, and as I remember from visiting it a few years back, the wall was crowded with Blues / Jazz legends’ pictures with local musicians after having played on this particular stage. Lately the pub has been attracting the Rock crowd as well, like yesterday’s event featuring Bandage with over 10 participating friends / musicians, a 2+ hour performance which peaked when Blues driven group led by guitarist Jay Wud and harmonica / percussion player Fares Soukhoun took the stage; more on that to come.


Having set the LebMetal merchandise stand, we waited for the event to start at the foretold 10:30 mark while Lebanese bands’ music was playing at the pub, but the show started 10 mins late due to Bandage’s drummer Toni’s pizza lust (apparently The Quadrangle’s Pizza is a hit), nonetheless the event was successful and entertaining.


Bandage went through a set of Rock hits with guest appearances every couple of songs, from drummers to bassists, guitarists, vocalists, harmonica /percussion players, you name it. The sound system was good, every instrument was clearly audible and the place was packed with people enjoying their time, pizza and beer.


Aside from great covers like “Lemon Tree” by Fool’s Garden and U2’s “Elevation”, Bandage played some traditional ‘pub Rock hits’ for artists like Bon Jovi and Him, probably to accommodate to the large list of guests. However, the crowd seemed to be enjoying the show, especially when guests Jay Wud and Fares Soukhon got up on stage and kicked of with The Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues”, setting the perfect mood for the rest of the night. These two guest musicians went on to perform several tracks during the night, with extended Blues jams and Jimi Hendrix covers: it was simply captivating.


Finally, Bandage & Friends was a good event featuring lots of musicians and a variety of Rock and Blues tunes in a pub that will host more Rock events from now on like the upcoming “Will Rock For Beer” event! Best of luck to Bandage and to all the musicians who took part in the event, especially to Jay Wud whose upcoming album should be out this Summer 2012.


Here’s the setlist along with the guest musicians of this event:

It’s My Life (Guitar – Alain Ibrahim) (Drums – Simon Khoury)
Wicked games (Bass – Pierre Abi Khalil)
Seven Nation Army (Bass – Serj Pa)
Light My Fire (Fares Sokhon – Harmonica) (Jay Wud – Guitar)
Roadhouse Blues (Fares Sokhon – Harmonica) (Jay Wud – Guitar)
She Drives Me Crazy (Guitar – Cliff Makhoul)
Lemon Tree
Come Together (Jay Wud) (Fares Sokhon – Harmonica)
I Want To Break Free (Guitar – Cliff Makhoul) (Tony Ghanem – Keys)
Feel Like Making Love + Elevation Medley
Gone with the Sin
Here I Go Again (Drums – George Najarian)
Enjoy the Silence (Ashley Jor/Nat – Vocals )
Forever and One (Guitar – Alain Ibrahim) (Diva Khoury – Vocals)
Stand by Me
Something Got Me Started (Fares Sokhon – Percussion)


Check out the entire Bandage & Friends on our Facebook Page HERE.

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  • SRJ

    Nice event, really enjoyed it.

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