Interview with Youssef Nassar
Apr 14th 2012 Rami Rouhana Interviews

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 Youssef Nassar is a rising artist in Photography and Video Clips industry and a guitar player as well. Here is an interview with Youssef to introduce you to his work and future projects. We would like to thank him for this interview.

  • How did you get into photography? Do you have inspiring artists?

Hey! Well, It started back in 2009 while majoring in Radio/TV (film making).

When it comes to photographers, I really do admire Lasse Hoile’s work (Porcupine Tree’s photographer/videographer).

  • What are the major projects you worked on so far? What pictures do you consider as your best and why?

Last year was really effective on me. I shot out of nowhere a tribute video for the song “Normal ” by Porcupine Tree and it turned out to be a success. That video led me into discussing a music video for “Paul Cusick ” (should be shot really soon, waiting for the pre-production phase). Several Local bands are on the list as well.

I can’t really choose my favorite photograph, but if I had to, I’d go with one of my recent works which is this one (check below).

  • Is there a theme in photography which you prefer? Are there things or feelings hard to capture in photography?

Anything but Cliche work. I really love twisted/Artistic stuff. As long as you’re holding your camera, you could capture anything.

  • Do you see a relation between photography and music?

OH YEAH! Music is my biggest inspiration. You could make a whole movie out of a song. I’m talking about decent songs.

  • When did you start working with music artists and why? How much are you involved in music?

Like a year ago. The thing is, we understand each other, because I’m a musician as well. I play the guitar. I always know what I’ll be dealing with and it’s so much easier.

  • Tell us about the exhibition of you photos at Amadeus Awad album release. What relationship do you have with the artist?

Yeah it was a digital screening actually. We’re friends.

  • How did the work with Blood Ink go for the video? Where did the idea come from? How was it all shot?

Blood Ink is a really cool band and we’re friends. People with bad temper, must check the band out! They’re HEAVY. Haha.

Anyway, I came up with the idea and I thought “Hey, we should bring a young girl and do the singing instead “. It was shot in one day. That was a hectic day but it was really fun.]

  • Are there future projects with music artist? Is there a project you are currently working on which would interest the music or art minded people?

Yeah, Actually I’ll be shooting a new music video for another local band as well “Roswell “. And in Summer, I might shoot another tribute video for a song called “DNA” by Blackfield and I have to check out with Paul Cusick as well. Busy days, epic days!

Youssef Nassar’s Facebook page

Youssef Nassar’s latest works

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  • SRJ

    Much respect bro, one of the most talented local photogaphers.

  • nice interview, thumbs up to one great talent!

    just wanted to clarify something about the girl in the video clip (so it doesnt seem just a random thought),
    the song is against corrupt politics & governments,
    and the girl represents the ‘innocent’ face these people hide behind, whereas the ‘people’ are being silenced, tortured, and manipulated like puppets

  • DjejeSawda

    Radio /tv isn’t related to film making in any sort of a sense … you need a lot more than a DSLR and couple of make up strokes to be a film maker.

  • DjejeSawda

    + with all my support to ramy / patrick , their musical knowledge and this website in specific i may classify this interview under the tag of …”VULTURING”.

  • Youssef Nassar

    To DjejeSawda, cool name! Well. Radio/tv is film making. Photography is a passion and a hobby to me.

  • DjejeSawda

    dude in lebanese university – usek – iesav they study cinematography ( which is film making ) in NDU LAU AUST and other american system universities they study radio / tv which is closer to Television ; commercials and visual art and there is nothing wrong about the 2 majors they are just DIFFERENT.

  • Vivian

    I study radio/tv and its ALL about film making and nothing about makeup, they teach us, everything about pre-production, production and post-production and and how to develop them nimbly; in fact we need to make a short film to graduate.