Event Review | Dark Tranquility + Acyl + Amoral + Lehmann Project
Nov 29th 2014 Rami Rouhana Event Reviews

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معكم عبد الرامين رماني، مباشرةً من ألمانيا، بنقل حصري لأحداث دارك ترنكويلتي والفرق الفاتحة

باتريك من ستديو لبمتال: نعم رامين، أخبرنا ماذا يحدث –

!رامين: باتريك انها حفلة مشوقة جدا-

>> Translated

With you now, Abed al Ramin Ramani, live from Germany, broadcasting live the events of Dark Tranquility and the opening bands

Patrick from Lebmetal studios: Yes Ramin, tell us what is happening

Ramin: Patrick, it is a great party!


You could imagine this being the opening lines for this article, due to hangover. Yes, I agree, but you must add to it the excitement from attending that concert and the post-headbanging effect.

On the 22nd of November, I went to Münster to SputnikHalle, an average sized pub in Germany that can host t least 500 people but with a relatively small stage that could fit a 6-people band with only the vocalist capable of dancing around. Along with me there were two metal-heads from Iran and I am mentioning that because when some Germans found out, they were first surprised, but soon liked the idea of us being with them and started offering us beer; That should be the simplest example of German Metalheads’ attitude towards foreigners from the Middle East.

The line up included main act Dark Tranquility with opening acts Lehmann Project, Acyl and Amoral. All of those bands tend to center their music in the Death metal genre of course with influences of Heavy metal, Dark-wave, Oriental Music and others.

First on stage where Lehmann Project, the band was performing tracks from the newly released album “Lehmanized” (I found it too self centered to include Lehman in everything, I am sure the guitars where Ibanez Lehman signature and Bass Guitar Kort Lehman signature and probably the drums were Yamaha Lehman 5000). The music played is really good, I have checked it online before going to the gig, but performing it live was another thing, there was a major set back, having three guitars playing at the same time while one of them was tuned with a far higher volume and it was not leading all the time, so in simple words, the details of the music were not properly heard and thus the crowd reacted slightly and did not seem to excited, until…

Acyl went on stage (after a short set up) and yeah things changed from the first moment, what makes Acyl a special band is there mix of metal with cultural Arabic/Bedouin music and not surprisingly the beats of the orient are supposed to make you dance and everyone was doing so. Yes everyone was dancing to oriental tunes and beats till the Death metal hammer came crashing and the dance continued more towards the headbanging style. It did not stop from start to end, the same waves of oriental to metal mixes and yes the crowd went wild, sang along in a language most do not understand.

Third on stage was Amoral, a band from Finland, who has a history in what they do with several released albums and average to big success in European countries. The band had an album recently released “Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows”, again I have listened to the album online and some of it was really good while other parts where not interesting for me. The band had a good performance live, people were excited, jumping and singing at times but sometimes lacking interest, as I have noticed mostly during the pretty “calm” / “soft” parts that were long at times (people at that point had at least drank 3 to 4 cups of beer, me included).

I did listen and re-listen to the last three albums by Dark Tranquility and I advise any reader to give them a listen, simply because they have well composed/produced tracks, many of get you hooked for several listens. It had to be the Main act of the eve…why? Because it was the biggest / best / loudest / most energetic performance I have seen for a Death  Metal band. The sound was crisp and the blasts were perfectly distinguished as beats rather than a continuous sound of noise. The band really knows how to perform its music live and they are really confident through every track and every moment of the show. If you love Death Metal, Dark Tranquility is one of those “MUST SEE LIVE”.

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