Dream Theater – The Asto-not-shing lyrics
Mar 21st 2016 Rami Rouhana Band/Album Reviews What do you think?

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This article remained a draft since DT released the “Dream Theater” album in 2013, but with their 2016 release “The Astonishing”, I felt compelled to publish and share a bit of DT’s new lyrical content. I must note though that the album is musically GREAT.

While it is known that Pop artists rarely write their own lyrics, it’s safe to say that Rock and Metal artists almost always write them. Fact is there are lyrical lines that occur and reoccur in almost every music genre, and here are some examples from DT’s self-titled album that do just that:

Under my skin (Dream Theater / Frank Sinatra / Avril Lavigne / Mudvayne / Seether. ..)

The world keeps on turning (Fleetwood Mac / Tom Waits / Stevie Wonder / Napalm Death / Eminem / BBM …)

Over and over again (Tim McGraw / Dream Theater / One Direction / Foo Fighters / Black Sabbath …)

And it makes me wanna cry (Anathema / Diamond Head / Paula Abdul  / Elvis Costello / Iron Maiden / A Perfect Circle / Chris Brown …)

The life I left behind (Dream Theater / Leonard Cohen / Sarah Mclachlan / Little Feet / Green Carnation …)

I am hanging on the edge (Dream Theater / Lifehouse / Sade / MoZella …)

I had to let you go ( Dream Theater / Stone Sour / Michael Jackson / Mika / 5ive …)

find your way back home (Soundgarden / Hannah Montana / Rihanna / Funeral For a Friend / Anathema …)

— And some more —:

feeling that I can`t describe

I`ll never forget your face

my love will never die

I will, never ever leave you

There’s no one else to blame

Wounds that never heal

I can’t face another day

When your backs’ against the wall

A story that needs to be told

You will never be alone


Have you guessed in which tracks these lines were used?

Now some artists use “catchy” phrases in moderation, or they have used them in times when they were fresh (1960’s); other artists like Dream Theater  (on “Dream Theater”) and Anathema (on “Weather Systems”) have recently released albums packed with them, making the lyrical content weak, if not silly.

– Tell us, what are the catchy phrases you constantly notice in Rock/Metal ?

– What are the albums or tracks that shocked you with excessive cheesy lyrics?

– What are your favorite lyrics?

Loving a band too much does not mean you cannot criticize them.

Below you can watch talented Lebanese musicians covering “Moment of Betrayal” from “The Astonoshing”.

I will leave you with quoted out of context lyrical lines from “The Astonishing”.

“Changing the course of history…

Who’s seen the writing on the wall…

Am I not the man who I was meant to be?…

Before we stand and fight…

Now the fires of revolution won’t burn for evermore…

And so I found the strength to carry on…

My heavy heart still bleeds…

But silence quickly falls…

I grew numb to all the emptiness inside But now I’ve found my home…

I have always felt alone Living like a stranger inside of my own home…

Judgement day will soon arrive…

There’s a price that we must pay…

For every choice we make…

No I can’t face this on my own…

Where the stars touch the sky…”

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