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16 Lebanese Bands Tracks You Should Know

15 Lebanese Bands Tracks You Should Know

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The bands’ styles cover everything from Blues Rock, Alternative Rock, Thrash Metal, Prog Metal to Extreme Metal and anything in between.

  • 17 Lebanese Bands Tracks You Should Know

1- Blaakyum – Riot Against Riot

Blaakyum official blog | blaakyum.blogspot.com

2- The Wanton Bishops – Sleep With The Lights On

The Wanton Bishops’s official website | thewantonbishops.com

3- Amadeus Awad Feat. Anneke Van Giersbergen – Lonesome Clown

Amadeus Awad’s official Facebook | fb.com/amadeus.awad.official

4- Turbulence – Richardson’s Nightmare

Turbulence’s official Facebook | fb.com/turbma

5- Mashrou’ Leila – Lil Watan

Mashrou’ Leila official website | mashrouleila.com

6- Who Killed Bruce Lee – ELVIS

Who Killed Bruce Lee’s official website | whokilledbrucelee.com

7- Voice of the Soul – Pendulum

Voice of the Soul’s Official Facebook | fb.com/votsband

8- Nocturna – The Last Fall

Nocturna’s official Facebook | fb.com/NocturnaLeb

9- Shadowalls – I Walk Away

Shadowalls’ official Facebook | fb.com/Shadowalls

10- Qantara – Perfected Seven (Rise Of The Warrior)

Qantar’s official Facebook | fb.com/qantaraband

11- Hatecrowned – Redefining Purgatory

Hatecrowned’s official Facebook | fb.com/Hatecrowned

12- April -Deconstruct

April’s official Facebook | fb.com/Aprilised

13- Madjera – Into The Fight

Madjera’s official Facebook | fb.com/Madjera9

14- Alan Abi – Anyway


Alan Abi’s official Facebook | fb.com/Alanabii

15- Ayat – The Fine Art of Arrogance Part One (The Icon And The Cattle)

16- Scrambled Eggs – See You In Beirut

Scrambled Eggs’ official Facebook | fb.com/SCRAMBLEDEGGSLEBANON/

17- Lebanese Rock and Metal Musicians – Heaven and Hell (Tribute to Dio)

Lebanese Rock and Metal Musicians’s Youtube channel | https://youtube.com/channel/UCb9DkwpvsQ3ej0Fs4BVDk4A