Promotions: Canada

  • Divinity – The Immortalist (2017)
    Release date: 26.05.17

    Progressive death metal band DIVINITY have taken their previous EP’s and turned them into a full-length album! This album also features Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid of Soilwork on vocals for the song ‘D.M.T.’.

    The bands comments on release:
    “Closure is such great thing! We’ve finished our 3rd EP for ‘The Immortalist’ trilogy concept and have decided to take all 3 EP’s and turn it into a full-length album.”

    For fans of: Soilwork, Extol, Textures, Revocation.


  • Deity – Deity (2017)
    Release date: 02.06.2017

    “The brainchild of Danny Alessandro (guitars/vocals) and John Massey (guitars/vocals), Toronto death metal duo DEITY has been a long time coming. Inspired by Suffocation, Emperor, Death, Slayer and Immortal and describing their music as ‘relentless, powerful, intriguing, honest and revitalizing’, DEITY has produced a truly special debut self-titled album due out June 2, 2017.” from original promo

    For fans of: Emperor, Suffocation, Death, Diabolic, Gorguts, Hate Eternal.


  • Fumigation / The Path To R’lyeh – Invasion (2017)
    Release date: 28.04.2017

    “Like a Lovecraft-ian novel, death metal knows no bounds. It’s themes are often filled with outlandish creatures and horrors that challenge the everyday monotony of our existence. It’s through these musical and lyrical themes that we are afforded an opportunity to truly be free… to live among the creatures that dwell in our subconscious minds. Straight from the deepest, darkest recesses of the mind is born a partnership of musical aberration, crawling from the murk in the form of Canada’s FUMIGATION and THE PATH TO R’LYEH. This brutal two-some have joined forces on the CDN Records-released split cd, aptly-titled Invasion.” from original promo

  • Mongol – Warrior Spirit (2017)
    Release date: 29.04.2017

    “Forged in the frozen bowels of Edmonton, Alberta, the folk metal act, Mongol pays homage to the Mongolian Empire of old. Blending heavy melodic riffs with an array of folk instruments and Asian harmonies, Mongol wields a sound as diverse as the nations their historical influences conquered.” – from original promo


  • Ninjaspy – Spüken (2017)
    Release date: 14.04.2017

    Hard, heavy, hook-laden music that runs the gamut of reggae, surf, metal and more make up the band’s rule-breaking formula for notoriety.

    “These 10 songs span a decade, so there are a lot of different feels happening from song to song that represent what we got into over the years. It’s like we spent 10 years swallowing everything life threw at us, then we threw it all back up again, and are now able to listen to the blended, half-digested version of it.” says vocalist / guitarist Joel Parent.

  • All Else Fails – The Forever Lie (EP) (2017)
    Release date: 17.02.2017

    ‘The Forever Lie’ continues the Edmonton band’s aggressively dark brand of metal that breaks the traditional ideals of their genre. Drawing comparisons to bands like Killswitch Engage, In Flames and Of Mice & Men, the band infuses their music with a variety of elements that includes experimental, classical, synth lines plus spoken word sampling to accent a unique blend of heavy as hell screams and shiver inducing clean vocals.” – from original promo

    The release is available for download on iTunes, Bandcamp and all major online retailers.


    Release date: 24.03.2017

    “Our new EP is a beast; we are really excited to showcase our melodic side. The four songs should touch a wide demographic of fans, which is what we want. We aren’t looking to be defined as just a heavy metal band, but as a hard knocking punch to get anyone going. We’re accepted by all those who listen to metal and rock. The whole idea of CRNKSHFT’s music is that we’ll be enjoyed by fans across a variety of genres.” – from original promo


  • Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy – Mixed Messages (2017)
    Release date: 10.02.2017

    “This release is like the gateway drug to metal and heavier music in general! We appeal to a very wide range of musical tastes so guys can play us for their girlfriends, and girls can play us for the guys. If you identify another way, you can play us for whomever you’d like.  If any negative response comes out of it, it’ll be the fans that expect every song to get heavier with each effort. What I hope they notice is the constant evolution of our sound. The music itself is getting more and more diverse and progressive, while the song structures are also evolving into bigger, more complex arrangements. I want everyone that listens to this record to feel an emotional connection. I want people to relate to, and hear the MESSAGE in each track.” – from original promo

  • Valfreya – Promised Land (2017)
    Release date: 13.01.2017

    “The album is a journey through a lot of emotions and situations, giving life to a host of varied songs, each with a different sound and personality. The story behind the album is about Eric The Red discovering America and how he defies the Gods, but pays a hefty price for that defiance. ” says Valfreya about the release. “It’s a step-up in sound quality and has more intricate guitar parts and better-written music that with every listen you can discover parts you hadn’t noticed before. On top of that we have an original sound and songs! We want to give more to people that enjoy good riffs!” – from original promo

  • Cancelled Featuring Marc Bourgon (Greber) – Tenebrific (2017)
    Release date: 03.03.2017

    “Hailing from southern Canada, Cancelled is the experimental recording project of Marc Bourgon (Greber). Spawned as a way to pass time during long tour drives it has cultivated itself into a meaningful creative outlet.” – from original promo