Promotions: Doom Metal

  • Mekigah – Autexousious (2017)
    Release date: 21.08.2017

    “‘Autexousious‘ captures similar feelings and sonic spaces to ‘Litost’, with Mekigah’s signature slow tempo. Harsh, bottom end tones set the scene with doom laden soundscapes held together by stripped back drums and bass while guitars spin a whirlwind of random frequencies. These audible hallucinations are recounted by layered nightmarish vocals. The lyrics are derived from manic, abstract & personal poetry, exploring ugly, impatient & self analytical themes.” – from original promo

    Released by Aesthetic Death

  • Ordos – House of the Dead (2017)
    Release date: 27.01.2017

    “In the fall of ’11, yet another band from the infamous rehearsal space in Uppsala, Sweden broke up, and from the ashes, mold and dirt, a new idea and three members rose once again. Inspired by the underground stoner genre and the atmosphere all around them.
    Playing some slow riffs, screaming and drinking to find a new style, the sound of one guitar just wasn’t enough, so the strings were tuned down and a second guitarist got thrown into the dark, weird project. Finally! It started to sound like it looked! Trashy stoner-doom with inspiration from black metal, bluesy psychedelic stoner and everything in between.” – from original promo