Promotions: Folk Metal

  • Цар Стангра – Небесният ковач (2017)
    Release date: 26.05.2017

    “By way of Quebec comes a unique blend of Eastern European-inspired black metal and Bulgarian folk music, presented in the form of Цар Стангра (TSAR STANGRA). Driven by complex songs, exotic rhythms, and multiple orchestrations, the music is as diverse and refined as the culture in which it represents.

    With the impending release of their debut album Небесният ковач (Celestial Forger), set to drop on May 26th, the band has taken great care to deliver a mosaic of melodic music that blends mysticism with uncommon elements found in today’s pagan/folk black metal scene. Inspired by the expertise of such legends as Negură Bunget, Drudkh, Rotting Christ, and Nokturnal Mortum, each and every song is then localized utilizing typical Bulgarian rhythms and harmonies.” – from original promo


  • Pereplut – V Starodavnie Goda (2017)
    Release date: 07.04.2017

    With instruments like lutes, mandolines, harp, hurdu-gurdy and cello, this 8-man band from Russia developed a rich Folk Metal that leans more on the heavy side.

  • Mongol – Warrior Spirit (2017)
    Release date: 29.04.2017

    “Forged in the frozen bowels of Edmonton, Alberta, the folk metal act, Mongol pays homage to the Mongolian Empire of old. Blending heavy melodic riffs with an array of folk instruments and Asian harmonies, Mongol wields a sound as diverse as the nations their historical influences conquered.” – from original promo


  • Valfreya – Promised Land (2017)
    Release date: 13.01.2017

    “The album is a journey through a lot of emotions and situations, giving life to a host of varied songs, each with a different sound and personality. The story behind the album is about Eric The Red discovering America and how he defies the Gods, but pays a hefty price for that defiance. ” says Valfreya about the release. “It’s a step-up in sound quality and has more intricate guitar parts and better-written music that with every listen you can discover parts you hadn’t noticed before. On top of that we have an original sound and songs! We want to give more to people that enjoy good riffs!” – from original promo