Promotions: Grand Sounds Promotion

  • Grave Plague – The Infected Crypts (2017)
    Release date: 10.03.2017

    “Resurrecting the remains of death metal’s primitive and marveled past, Grave Plague began in late 2015 as a vehicle to exercise the demons of old school death metal into twisting, chaotic, and haunting formation. Inspired by both classic American and European underground extreme metal, vintage 70s and 80s horror, and generally all things macabre and putrid, expect nothing less than death metal played the way only the tried and true remember it …ugly, raw, uncompromising, and untamed!” from original promo

  • Art – Planet Zero (2017)
    Release date: 10.02.2017

    “Planet ZerO is the starting point, at the very end, of an emotional journey, through life, both interior, as intimate as emotions are, and exterior, as the ever returning cycle of life-love-death is, for all mankind ñ thus the name of the album.” – from original promo

  • Sons Of Revolution – Sons Of Revolution (2017)
    Release date: 15.02.2017

    “By recording our first EP we added new shades. Someone says grunge, someone else progressive, certainly not a simple blues standards but something more elaborate and full of contaminations.” – from original promo