Promotions: Italy

  • Ozora – Perpendicolari (2017)
    Release date: 09.06.2017

    “Think of a journey through the time that incorporates the legacy of the past and the substance of it. Without arrogance to create or name ourselves like “pioneers”, we’re only living witnesses and investigators of sounds.” An experimental alternative metal album, even more typical due to the lyrics entirely in Italian language.

    For fans of: Tool, Mastodon, Porcupine Tree, Faith No More


  • Selvans – Lupercalia (2017)
    Release date: 21.04.2017

    On April 21st 2017 Fólkvangr Records will release Lupercalia by Italy’s SELVANS. The album was originally released in 2015, but will now be released on limited edition green cassette.

    Pre-order Lupercalia here:

    The band commented “We’re proud to release this limited edition tape, made in collaboration with Folkvangr Records. ‘Lupercalia’ talks about the italic cults, folklore and spirituality. Despite the geographic distance, Mark has totally understood the message that lies behind Selvans work. This collaboration will surely continue in the future.”

  • Black yet Full of Stars – Black yet Full of Stars (2016)
    Release date: 22.10.2016

    “This album tries to address those dreamy eyed children that feel constantly misplaced [01 Lightborn], and to explain the phases of their journey. The insecurity that this world can make you feel [02 Golden Child], the courage to face your choices [03 Face to Face], the acknowledgment of what makes you who you are [04 A Boy in Chains ], knowing what and who should be leaved behind [05 Lords of Silence] and who to rely in [06 Every Great Man’s Ghost]. Whatever the reached conclusion is [ 07 The Last against the Wolves], at the end of their path, when the storm is over [08 Tempesta], they will get to know that life is just as the sky they now can clearly see: maybe dark, but full of stars.” – from original promo


  • Art – Planet Zero (2017)
    Release date: 10.02.2017

    “Planet ZerO is the starting point, at the very end, of an emotional journey, through life, both interior, as intimate as emotions are, and exterior, as the ever returning cycle of life-love-death is, for all mankind ñ thus the name of the album.” – from original promo

  • Sons Of Revolution – Sons Of Revolution (2017)
    Release date: 15.02.2017

    “By recording our first EP we added new shades. Someone says grunge, someone else progressive, certainly not a simple blues standards but something more elaborate and full of contaminations.” – from original promo