Promotions: Spain

  • Kabbalah – Spectral Ascent (2017)
    Release date: 07.07.2017

    Twin Earth Records will release Spectral Ascent by Spanish psych/doom trio KABBALAH on July 7th 2017. The band’s mysterious and fascinating sound contains flashes of occult rock, 70s retro and classic psychedelic.

    The band recently revealed a video for the album’s first single “Phantasmal Planetoid“:

    For fans of: Blood Ceremony, Coven, Deep Purple


  • Atreides – Neopangea (2017)
    Release date: 03.03.2017

    Atreides present their second album “Neopangea“. Despite the good reviews received for their debut , the band hasn’t chosen a continuist attitude. Always bearing the power metal flag, this new album will open their full range of influences, from thrash tracks to dark and intimate metal.” from original promo