Promotions: Sweden

  • Wormwood | Ghostlands – Wounds From a Bleeding Earth (2017)
    Release date: 10.05.2017

    “An album inspired by the unrelenting Scandinavian north, the vast and mystical space and old folk tales. An ethereal cascade perfectly blended together to form a unique soundscape.” – from original promo

    For fans of: Månegarm, Vreid, Amorphis, Winterfylleth, Enslaved, Unanimated.


  • Ordos – House of the Dead (2017)
    Release date: 27.01.2017

    “In the fall of ’11, yet another band from the infamous rehearsal space in Uppsala, Sweden broke up, and from the ashes, mold and dirt, a new idea and three members rose once again. Inspired by the underground stoner genre and the atmosphere all around them.
    Playing some slow riffs, screaming and drinking to find a new style, the sound of one guitar just wasn’t enough, so the strings were tuned down and a second guitarist got thrown into the dark, weird project. Finally! It started to sound like it looked! Trashy stoner-doom with inspiration from black metal, bluesy psychedelic stoner and everything in between.” – from original promo