Promotions: USA

  • Toro – Departure (2017)
    Release date: 01.03.2017

    Atlanta’s TORO are pleased to announce that they have released their debut EP Departure. The EP was mixed by Matt Bayles and contains a mix of metal, prog and doom. Founding members Pablo and Bruno met seeking to create a sound that combined metal with Latin rhythms and hook-laden melodies.


  • Void Ritual – Heretical Wisdom (2017)
    Release date: 18.08.2017

    Daniel Jackson creates black metal out of Albuquerque, New Mexico under the name Void Ritual.

    His goal: craft powerful, memorable black metal with a reverence for the genres’s second wave.

    In 2017, Void Ritual returns with Heretical Wisdom which will be released via Throats Productions and Tridroid Records. its first full-length album.


    Stream A Mockery of Flesh & Bone track from the album:

  • Dirty Machine – Discord (2017)
    Release date: 26.05.2017

    Dirty Machine has been heralding the nu metal flag since 2012 and pulls major influences from nu metal-era bands such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Nonpoint, Mudvayne and Sevendust. ‘Discord’ will be available worldwide on May 26th, 2017 and can be pre-ordered at

  • Grave Plague – The Infected Crypts (2017)
    Release date: 10.03.2017

    “Resurrecting the remains of death metal’s primitive and marveled past, Grave Plague began in late 2015 as a vehicle to exercise the demons of old school death metal into twisting, chaotic, and haunting formation. Inspired by both classic American and European underground extreme metal, vintage 70s and 80s horror, and generally all things macabre and putrid, expect nothing less than death metal played the way only the tried and true remember it …ugly, raw, uncompromising, and untamed!” from original promo

  • Signals of Bedlam – Escaping Velocity (2016)
    Release date: 15.10.2016

    “After 4 years of gigging around NYC and the northeast and 3 years after releasing their debut album No Gods, No Monsters, Signals of Bedlam have released their second album Escaping Velocity via Bandcamp, Spotify, Itunes, and GooglePlay Music. Escaping Velocity is progressive rock. Signals of Bedlam have many influences, but the bands that draw them together are Karnivool, The Mars Volta, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and The Dear Hunter.” from original promo

  • Drude – Drude (2017)
    Release date: 03.03.2017

    “The band’s sound is a dense and measured hybrid of doom, hesher and prog that sedates and bludgeons with equal abandon. In a musical environment where attention spans are null, Drude make music that commands attention.” – from original promo


  • Thera Roya – Stone and Skin (2017)
    Release date: 17.02.2017

    “With the upcoming release of their monolithic first full length, Stone & Skin, Thera Roya are preparing themselves to tour on their most important material yet. In a world where we are finally starting to see post metal get the recognition it deserves, Thera Roya will put out one of the genres most worthy records. Forward thinking, overpowering and strangely transcendent, Stone & Skin is the sound of the future.” – from original promo

    Ahead of its release date you can listen to the track ‘Egypts Lights’ exclusively here: