Promotions We call them quickies

  • Black yet Full of Stars – Black yet Full of Stars (2016)
    Release date: 22.10.2016

    “This album tries to address those dreamy eyed children that feel constantly misplaced [01 Lightborn], and to explain the phases of their journey. The insecurity that this world can make you feel [02 Golden Child], the courage to face your choices [03 Face to Face], the acknowledgment of what makes you who you are [04 A Boy in Chains ], knowing what and who should be leaved behind [05 Lords of Silence] and who to rely in [06 Every Great Man’s Ghost]. Whatever the reached conclusion is [ 07 The Last against the Wolves], at the end of their path, when the storm is over [08 Tempesta], they will get to know that life is just as the sky they now can clearly see: maybe dark, but full of stars.” – from original promo


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